“2 Conflict Currency Ideology Groups Only End When 2 Different Currency Types Appear” by Mid Mess Fair – 9.1.22


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2 Conflict Currency Ideology Groups Only End When 2 Different Currency Types Appear

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There are big conflict between people, group, nations about how currency should me issued, printed, managed. But there are 2 major currency group types in general

– Group 1: Money, currency issued, managed by the government/authority, thus the “leader” people will be the one decide who how the money being used, printed, issued. This team represent the communist (group).

– Group 2: All people are equal, thus money must be printed, shared equally, thus no anyone have “rights, power” to decide to give money to whatever project. You can say this team is the capitalist (personal).

What is “correct”, what is “wrong”, they are just waste of time to debate because both are “correct” and “wrong” depending on the “society environment” and “personal thinking”.

Why don’t just create, make 2 different major currency types that can co-exist in peace and harmony like yin yang.

The current world monetary system are running and working like the currency group 1 already.

So all you need to do left is create a new currency type for currency group 2, not only the currency type but also a complete new additional banking system as well.

In order to know what the “correct” features for the currency group 2, you need to analyze the current features of currency group 1 in advance, so you can know what is the “opposite” features.

Currency group 1 features:

– National within a nation, managed by national government.
– “Free money”, can printed endless money out of nowhere.
– Only certain “leaders”, top people have “rights, power” to decide which entities/projects they will give money to.
– People can only earn money via doing daily job, services, businesses, mostly require you need to “join” certain group/organization in advance.
– The banking system is based on B2B model because the wealth is belongs to the banks once the people deposit their money into. Thus you have all kind of loan, borrow, bank card, and many different service.
– The lifespan of this currency depend on the “destiny” of each nation, will only gone disappear when that nation collapse.

After you have the currency group 1 features, you can easily create, design the features for the currency group 2 like below:

– Regional, continent or global, managed by the people from all places around the world.
– “No free money”, must have some kind of strict printing rule.
– Nobody have “rights, power” to give that new type money to any people, group, entities.
– People do not need to join any group/organization to earn new currency money because they can only earn it via passing some kind of “test” competition/quest such as question, physical exercise, sports etc. Here will be a great solution for human development.
– The new additional banking system will based on P2P model, thus wealth belong to the depositers, not the bank, so there won’t be any commercial service such as loan, borrow, bank card, etc.
– There will be “lifespan” of money, currency such as 10 years 20, 30, 40, 50 to 100 year or event more depending on the “currency printing rule”.

There could be more features but above are the major one that I can think of after about 40 minutes thinking.

Above the the major ideas and new framework solution.

If any entities, people can agree then they can send it to top world leaders, the lord to see whether accept or not. Then can move to the “final production” work the debate about the each “feature” and implementation process.

Best Regard,
Mid Mess Fair


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