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Bruce’s Big Call Intel Thursday 9-1-22

Call Transcribed by WiserNow

Welcome -Welcome, everybody to the big call tonight – glad everybody could make it back in. Well, we made it all the way to September 1 and we’re glad that you joined us tonight on this Thursday night so we’re going to take it and give you the very best call that we can produce for you tonight. Looking forward to it, and hope you’re looking forward to hearing it from all over wherever you’re tuned in all over the globe.  Welcome, welcome to the Big Call.

All right, guys, well, let me tell you where we are from an Intel perspective.  As far as I can tell now, we were under the impression that today could be a launch day for us that we would get some notifications and possibly start today. Didn’t happen – not quite sure why – sometimes we find out why and sometimes we don’t. We know there was sort of a one last thing that we’re waiting for – and the one last thing could have been one of two things.

There was something that did start that we didn’t find out about till yesterday – and that was the quantum financial system was to integrate or begin the integration with the global financial system and global banking systems at midnight, Pacific time, last night – That was 3am in the morning, this morning, on the east coast. So that got started today.

Now – we were concerned because we knew that the full integration of the QFS into those various global banking and financial systems would take approximately 10 days to complete – and we thought – oh my god now what – are we waiting for that? And the answer is no, we’re not waiting for it.

We found that that connection, that integration of the QFS was for countries to be able to trade goods and services on par with each other in the future – and so that was for trade purposes – not for our exchange – not for our redemption of Zim – so it has nothing to do with the RV per se -or our exchanges, which is great.

Now, where does that put us? Well, what maybe this is the one more thing – we thought that might have been but it wasn’t really. It did get done last night at midnight, Pacific time. But one more thing could be the fact that Iraq was supposed to bring in a Hashemi as the commander in chief, dissolved their parliamentary form of government today and make it official – bring in a Hashemi as the commander in chief of Iraq.

Now, what has happened is and we heard this directly from our contact in Iraq today. This did not take place today, but it should take place tomorrow morning. I don’t know why it didn’t happen today. I don’t know why.

I don’t know if anything else is contingent on it – but it seems that it should take place tomorrow – and the thinking is, if it does, then we could be off and running for the weekend.

So we believe that will take place because the person we talked to said if it doesn’t happen and I’m talking about the Iraqi form of government dissolution of the institution of Hashemi as commander in chief in the Republic, which is the new form of government that they’re going to –

They’re dumping the parliamentary form of government and bringing in a republic, very similar to what we have – a restored Republic. Okay, so they’re kind of modeling that after us, okay – in some form or fashion.

So what we’re hearing is if that does not take place tomorrow in Iraq, probably in the morning, then let’s just use the term “all hell’s going to break loose” – and the people are going to be ticked off and showing their anger on mass.

Now the military are in Iraq, is behind the people. So they’re behind what the people are trying to do. I believe it’ll get done – if push comes to shove. It sounds like that’s where we are – that will get done. I don’t know why it didn’t happen this morning in Iraq, I can’t answer that.

I don’t know what the motivation was not to do it today. But it should occur tomorrow. If it does, does that put us on a path that gets our notifications out?   Does it happen tomorrow?

These are questions because we don’t have obviously the closure on this yet. What’s interesting about this whole wait for the blessing for the GCR for the revaluation of all these currencies.

What’s interesting is we don’t know the end from the beginning. You know, things like well, we found out about the QFS integrating with the global banking and financial systems. What we thought that had already taken place. Well, it basically had but not for the purpose of trading between countries on par with one another, where their actual training values would be one to one.  And that’s what that new integration is all about.

You know, if we go back we didn’t know about the integration of, of asset backed Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies that needed to be asset backed and that was done and they found an exchange mechanism to use that or the Q RP to do exchanges of crypto coins.

You know, every time we think we’ve got it all there seems like there’s more to do.

And I don’t I think this is all part of the process. But I know it’s hard on us. It’s hard on me, It’s hard on all of us that are waiting for this blessing to come in.

But all I can do is give you guys what I’m hearing and these are high up sources overall. Doesn’t mean you know that they’re perfect because they’re not. But the information at the time appears correct. It appears good, good to go.

However, we know that this is a moving target, information changes, new things seem to pop in, you know, we have timelines. They have timelines, with certain things that we think have occurred and certain things that we think need to occur.

But even those timelines have changes in them so all we can do is take one day at a time really, especially now that we’re getting toward the very end of it.

One day at a time, and stay with your plan A but be ready to receive this blessing under Plan B and I only call it Plan B because of blessing. That’s why it’s Plan B. Plan A is what’s getting us there is what’s taking us to this point.

And you know, we know that all of the countries in the world have announced that they have asset backed currencies, some are fully gold back. Some are using other assets, precious gems, precious metals, oil, natural gas, etc.

Our currency – our USTN or USN is going to be or is now 50% backed by gold. The other 50% is other assets, our oil or natural gas or intellectual property our palladium, platinum silver, etc. Okay. So, you know, we believe Canada was the last one to come on board a few days ago.

And I think as a Sunday, actually, yes, right. Today’s Thursday, that was four or five days ago that everybody came to the party and they’ve all started trading on the forex and so on. And thanks for now.

We heard that the 15th of September would be the start date for tier 5 to begin exchanges who are tier 5? These are what we call these are the people like people that have currency that are not really keeping up with calls or the big call or blog sites or so on. They’re not really informed. They’re not going to know to call the toll free number, which we assume is a one 800 Number. When we got it, they’re not going to know about it. They’re just doing their daily lives. They might have by currency 10 years ago, they put it in a drawer and forgot about it.

That’s who we call the John Q Public. tier five. Those people are supposed to be starting because they won’t be using redemption centers like those of us with Zim will – but they’ll be going in and using the regular tier one and tier two banks to do exchanges.  That’s fine. That’s supposed to start on the 15th.

Now, today’s the first Tomorrow’s the second of September, we may need that entire full time – but I don’t necessarily think we’ll be exchanging alone by the 15th – It could be that the public starts on the in the regular banking system, and we’re still using redemption centers, but not for too much longer – probably. They’re planning to do our exchanges for between 11 to 14 days.

Well, they might just get it all done by the 15th depending on the demographic of where you are – if you’re in a high population area, like for example, I’m going to give you Florida because they’re the ones that have the most zim in the country.

Number two is Texas. Number three is California. And number four is I’m not quite sure who number four is. So these states – Yeah, we have plenty redemption centers – and they’re going to be opened basically up to – not every one – but up to 18 hours a day. Up to 18 hours. That would be three, six plus hour shifts. Six and a half by half an hour. Six and a half hour shifts. That’s what I would anticipate.

In some of the larger areas at least 30% of redemption centers will go 18 hour days. The ones that are a little more rural or a little bit smaller populations. They may go 12 hours.  You know they may not go anywhere near as late – but they are geared up for us they’re ready to go.

They’ve been doing exchanges and practice exchanges a long time ago. They’ve learned some of the new systems including monitors that have two screens on them – one screen that they operator sees behind you and then the one screen that you see in front and they can manipulate things on that screen- bring up various things and various values.

So that’s been done. As far as I know, the new USTN currency is in the banks in drawers and in the vaults, but it’ll be brought out when they’re ready to introduce it. My gut is they won’t introduce it till the public starts on the 15th – I don’t look for any big announcements on this for the public, or for us because why else would we be under an NDA?

If you’re a zim holder you’re going to be under an NDA – non disclosure agreement. You’re not going to be talking about this to anybody, anybody. And if you have some people that you’re doing projects with, or close family members that you want to exclude from your NDA, you need to let them know that in writing on a piece of paper that you submit, so they can use that addendum to your non disclosure agreement – so that they know if you’ve got this person or that person or that person that you plan to talk with about your projects, and about the implementation of those projects. You have them on your agenda for your nondisclosure list, so they’re excluded from your NDA.  Okay. They’re part of the process.

There’s probably a bunch of things that I could go back over. I think most of you guys have kept with the Big Call for a long time. I guess it was Jennifer that came on – what was it two weeks ago or six weeks ago? Anyway? Maybe not quite up to speed. But the point is that we’re going to get very good rates that I’m familiar with, but I can’t talk about on the call – and that’s the least of our concerns. Absolute the least – don’t worry about it. It’s not important – you’re going to be in great shape.

Now. Here’s the slight caveat. If you have done your world class presentation, and you’re a zim holder, you’re going to be looked at differently – when you present your projects as a presentation in five to eight minutes.

You’re going to be seen differently compared to somebody who doesn’t have a project written down – When you present your project they’re going to evaluate your capability and your value for the zim based on the fact that you’re doing projects. Doesn’t matter how many 1 2 3 4 whatever number of projects you’re doing, it’s not about the number or the quantity. It’s about the quality of the products you’re doing and the longevity of those projects.

How long are you going to see that project through? Do you need to get into a med bed so you can be around 50 100 200 years to see that project to completion.

And if you are somebody that wants to do that let them know that let them know hey, I want to I plan to be around to watch these projects that I’m initiating come to completion. I want to see some results. I want to see the implementation of these projects, you know, 50 100 200 years down the road and the med beds can allow you to do that with age regression.

Now, without going deep into that they’re going to look at people that have issues, medical issues. You’ve got a leg missing you’ve got a prosthesis, you can’t see your eyes like me – You’ve got some situation that requires medical attention. You’re going to be seen as somebody that gets on the list quickly. You should get in and take care of that pretty quickly.

And there are about 3000 Med beds that are out already throughout the United States. And you don’t have to go more than 85 miles at the furthest to get to one. Now obviously in metro areas they’re going to be more there and it could be closer trip for everybody. Okay, so don’t worry about that either.

Now, I know there’s a lot to this, but I tried to make it simple so we can all get, you know, bring everybody up to speed so to speak from those that are new, like Jennifer just came into the party, and there may be newer people than her that are coming to the party. But it’s all going to be good. It’s all going to be good. I think you guys are going to have fun. I think it’s going to be the most fun we’ve ever had. And it’s going to be amazing of what we can do to help level the playing field across the globe to help humanity.

Not just throw money at things, but create real projects. that will that will effect real results. And I’m excited about it guys. You can tell by my voice. I’m very excited. Yeah. Do I want it to start like this weekend? Yes. Do we know that? It will? No, we don’t. It’s just to nail it down. It has been so tough, especially today.

Okay, but I’m believing that if Iraq does what they’re supposed to do tomorrow, since they didn’t do it today maybe that’s the one more thing. Maybe that’s what we’re actually waiting for?

I don’t know we’ll see. But anyway, I just wanted you guys to know that tonight. Guys we need everybody healthy as we move forward. Okay. And then when the med beds come, it’ll be great. It’ll be we’lll age regressed and whatever we need to go back to within reason. And it’ll be fantastic. It’ll be everything we hoped it would be and more – All right looking forward to it. And let’s go ahead and pray the call out.

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