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MilitiaMan » September 2nd, 2022

An economist reveals the size of the currency issued by the Iraqi Central.

3 – Foreign institutions hoarding the Iraqi currency for several reasons, including the remote investment in the Iraqi dinar in the hope of a rise in its price in the future, or for reasons related to trying to control the local currency in order to pump more currency into the local market, which leads to an increase in inflation, which is a small possibility, but it is possible.

What I like about this article is the timing of it and that the bullet point takes us into consideration. There is also something the economist left out. That is the money they have destroyed in the past. We had video of them destroying perfectly good large notes.. So, with that in mind the economist bringing the note counts up at this time and now we see that CBI obliging Banks to activate procedures for verifying import licenses for participants in the hard currency window for the purpose of importing goods and commodities by no coincidence at all. imo..  ~ MM  LINK

The Central Bank decides to activate the procedures for verifying licenses to import goods and merchandise

Fri 02 , Sep 2022 14:16 

Baghdad/ – The Central Bank of Iraq decided to oblige all banks to activate the procedures for verifying import licenses for participants in the hard currency sale window for the purpose of importing goods and commodities.   LINK

Sounds like there are more things afoot tonight.. Hard currency sale window. All banks are now having to oblige the procedures for verifying import licenses for their participants. They’ll want to know who, what, where and how much.. $$$$$ lol ~ MM

ATPinfinity » September 2nd, 2022

Why such an announcement on Friday FOR Muslims AND after Banks close on Friday, global business?

MilitiaMan » September 2nd, 2022

Well, lets take a WA Guess. lol A BIG CHANGE IS COMING!! imo lol Those meetings with the World Bank, Bank of International Settlements, Basel III Board of Directors, IMF, AMF, International Institutions, etc., all know that the IQD is to take it’s rightful place in a basket. ~ MM

ATPinfinity » September 2nd, 2022

And I suppose they all celebrate Labor day to not over do it?  LABOR DAY ALL BANKS US CLOSED  

MilitiaMan » September 2nd, 2022

Yes, they are and I’ll bet the timing of things lately couldn’t be more aligned and timed accordingly, too..~ MM

A constitutional expert clarifies about the vacancy of the position of the Prime Minister: The resigned does not resign!

Based on the foregoing, the caretaker government may not and has no right to resort to Article (81) of the Constitution, which talks about the vacancy of the position of the Prime Minister and the call for new elections; As there is no vacancy for the position as required by this article in the caretaker government, it is essentially a finished government, and that vacancy is only achieved with the constitutional government with full powers. If the caretaker prime minister is absent or is unable to perform his duties, his deputy will take his place, and there is no way to implement Article (81) at all.

2nd September, 2022  LINK


An expert on the Iraqi constitution presents a proposal to address the political blockage


“The formation of this government does not depend on Article (76/first) of the Constitution; Therefore, it does not require the election of the President of the Republic before it, nor does it require the nomination of the most numerous bloc, but rather the consensus of the parliamentary blocs. Although the explicit text does not help us, the general legislative mandate of Parliament can be relied upon as a basis for its composition; As long as it is transitional and not permanent; Thus, we get out of the dialectic of the largest mass.

The parliamentary blocs pledge to support this government, and not to obstruct it during the specified period of its work.

During this transitional stage, Parliament will move away from enacting entrenched controversial laws, and limit itself to important and urgent agreed-upon laws – as much as possible – foremost among which is the General Budget Law.”


Al-Hakim: The policy of breaking the bone will lead to the formation of an emergency government with American blessing

He added, “The insistence of both parties to follow the policy of intransigence and breaking the bone and the crown of arms, the escalation is coming if the two parties do not make major concessions for the sake of Iraq and the Iraqis and put the interests of the homeland and the citizen above their personal and partisan interests, and otherwise it is not excluded that the next scenario will be the dissolution of the three presidencies and the formation of a government With the blessing of the United States of America and with the support of the Security Council and the United Nations.  LINK


The Federal Supreme Court in Iraq had postponed, on Wednesday, the decision on the request to dissolve the House of Representatives submitted by the Sadrist movement, to today, Thursday. 



Some food for thought from the expert in these links provided above.

I imagine yesterdays (Thursday) discussion with the Federal Court covered the items necessary for to or not to dissolve the parliament and or presidencies. Either the court does it or the USA and with the UN may do it.. 

With the demonstrators on the street at the Supreme Court areas, I’ll bet that meeting yesterday in the court was about the dissolution. They may only tell the public next Tuesday, but, that doesn’t mean that those in the need to know category are not informed and what took place..

Those people are there in the streets, and they are holding placards, and it is my understanding they are telling those affiliated with Iran in the Judiciary to get out, and  let Iraq be free.

I also bet there are things from that meeting in the Court that are not yet public that will have a profound impact on what we are waiting for.. A good thing.. From the above Kahdimi is not going anywhere. Article 81 is not going to apparently apply. Keep in mind Kahdimi only warned of vacating his position. lol  imo ~ MM

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