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Beautiful Way To Implement The New Global Industry Based Currencies

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I have shared the idea about global international currencies based on each specific industry not long ago and many of you like it but I have not yet share the implementation process. So I will reveal it in this article today.

The question is should it be only 1 industry or mix of industry ?!

Energy + Foods in 1 single new world currency or 1 for energy and 1 for foods.

The reason I take energy and foods industry as example because they are the most 2 important things all nations are care about now.

In my opinion:
– 1 world energy currency.
– few to several international foods currency based on regional/continent such as: Americas, Europe, Africa, Asia because the climate, culture, foods, people are not the same.

The best way to kick off is the 1 world energy currency note. Then move to foods currency, digital tech currency.

All new official international currencies will have 2 part: reserve and in-circulation.

Reserve amount: cannot be using for anything except for storing, have unlimited life span.
In circulation: can be using for trade but will have limited lifespan such as 10 to 20 years or whatever number.

Each people have their own ideology about how to implementing.

But energy and foods are have direct link to natural resources and climate change, weather.
So it show only allow people who have any bank notes that have some trace of metals to exchange.
The amount will be limited such as:
– The maximum each “qualify” bank notes will be 1 million new energy point.
– If you want to increase the new energy point/currency, you must do the question test that related with Earth planet, climate change.

For all the Zimbabwe ZWR, all that old bank notes will be welcome and will receive face value, but the cap is 100,000 to 1 million new world energy point/currency.

If you anyone wish to increase the amount to much with their note to as big as 100 trillions, then they must do the either the questionaire test and/or interview test. And the test will be take place in offline location all around the world in all kind of language.
Due to privacy and protection, I won’t reveal anything about what kind of question will be here.

1 new energy point/currency will be exchange for fixed amount of oil/gas/coal based on the “pure” and agreement the holders, owners of all those natural resources.

The reserve amount note will have big number from at least 1 million point/currency. The using in circulation notes will have smaller number but will still much higher than the daily trading, so it will start from 10,000 to 999,999 point/energy. And because there will be lifespan in each circulation note so after each circle, the quantity/number could be change to many different number from 1 to 9, thus will make diversity unlike the boring 1, 2, 5. You could see 20,000 131313 777777 456789, etc.

That is about the new world energy currency. The online digital currency should have questions related to the COVID pandemic event. The world foods currency should have question/challenge relate to daily life exercise, thus require real life activities or some sort of competition. Some other type of possible official international currencies such as machine, cloth fashion, etc.

Well they are too complicated and waste of time to think and talk, so I won’t discuss more here. If my idea about the new world energy currency about are great, then it will be used.

Best Regard,
Mid Mess Fair


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