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Samson » September 4th, 2022

An economist predicts the emergence of a new global financial system

09/04/2022 12:07:43

The Russian economist, Anton Tabagh, said that the current system of monetary relations and trade settlements has been in crisis for a long time, but the recent geopolitical events may take another dimension and form.

The expert said in a press interview, “The current financial system has deteriorated for a long time. The stagnation in the volume of trade exchange and freedom of trade has worsened since 2012, and the financial system is collapsing due to the requirements of regulators and anti-money laundering, and more recently also because of sanctions. Taking into account the recent events that if it takes place outside the financial sphere, this process can take another complete form.”

The economist expressed confidence that the new system is in the process of taking shape.

“If you look at history, something similar happened already in the second half of the nineteenth century, when currency blocks and customs unions were created, restrictions and fees were imposed on transactions outside these blocks and unions. Now we are seeing this at a new stage and a new technological level,” he said.  LINK


“Moscow Is Awash With Money.” A French Press Report Reveals Russia’s Oil And Gas Revenues

4th September, 2022

French journalist, Francois Lenglet, said that Russia earns 3,700 euros every second from selling oil and gas.

The journalist indicated, during his intervention on the “RTL” channel, that the sanctions did not have a negative impact on oil and gas revenues in Moscow, but rather increased their growth. He explained that after the imposition of sanctions due to the conflict in Ukraine, Russia’s income from fuel exports increased by 40%. Thanks to Western sanctions, prices rose, sparking speculation in global markets.

The trading volume is a little smaller but at much higher prices, which means making a lot of money,” Lenglet said, adding that Russia is “literally awash with money.”

 He also noted that while Russia is making money from sanctions, Westerners need to save money and fight rising inflation. He said: “European countries have paid Russian President Vladimir Putin more than 86 billion euros since February 24. It’s 3,700 euros every second.”

The journalist concluded: “I have been speaking for a minute and a half, during this time more than 300,000 euros passed from Europe to Russia, and this does not count for other countries.


Earlier, Hungarian Foreign Minister Peter Szijjarto said that his country would not be able to provide gas for itself without supplies of Russian blue fuel. He explained that buying gas from Russia is not a sign of political support, but rather “the reality of the region.”  LINK

Iran announces the discovery of copper reserves of one billion tons

4th September, 2022The Executive Director of the National Iranian Company for Copper Industries, Ali Rostami, announced on Sunday the discovery of copper reserves estimated at one billion tons in the northwestern region of East Azerbaijan.

Rostami said, in a statement reported by “Fares” and seen by “The Information”, that by carrying out drilling operations that reached more than 28 thousand meters in the “Songun” copper mine in East Azerbaijan, new reserves of copper were reached, rising from 4 billion to more than 5 billion. billions of tons.

He added that the economic value of the newly discovered reserves amounts to more than 50 billion dollars, and that efforts are being made to start the National Copper Company for development projects in this area quickly.

Rostami noted that with the new discovery, the proportion of reserves at the Songun mine increased by more than 25 percent, considering that the enhancement of resources by one billion tons is rare and huge, although it is estimated that the discovered reserves are more than one billion tons.  LINK

The National Bank of Cambodia issues a commemorative note

4th September, 2022

The National Bank of Cambodia put into circulation a commemorative banknote of 30,000 riyals.

Where the National Bank of Cambodia informed the Central Bank of Iraq that it was officially put into circulation, along with the current official banknotes, a commemorative banknote of 30,000 riyals on 10/18/2022. LINK


The UAE is moving to invest in a tourist area in the Kurdistan Region

4th September, 2022

The Emirati Consul General in Erbil, Ahmed Al Dhaheri, visited the administration of the independent “Soran” region and met with local officials in it to get a closer look at the possibility of investing in the tourism sector in this region, which includes many tourist places and picturesque nature in the Kurdistan Region of Iraq.

The supervisor of the administration of the region, Halgurd Sheikh Najib, said in a joint press conference held with the consul, that Soran is a large tourist area, indicating that this is the first visit by the consul to the region, in which we talked about the goals of establishing the independent administration in Soran.

And he added, “In the presence of local officials, we had an extensive dialogue with the consul about the projects and programs of the Soran region,” stressing that the Soran administration and the regional government are making efforts to pay more attention to the tourism sector in Soran, and to provide all facilities to investors who wish to work in this sector, especially the UAE, which it has a great program in this field. 

In turn, the Emirati consul said during the conference, “Today we worked to find a formula of understanding with the supervisor of the Soran region administration to develop an investment map so that we can work together in the future,” adding that the UAE is interested in investing in the Kurdistan Region.

The administration of the region, which is located north of Erbil Governorate, includes four districts, which are: Khalifan district, Saidkan district, Diana district, Sarshmeh district, and about 346 villages. East Mount Hendren.  LINK

15 years imprisonment for an employee in Al-Rafidain for embezzling bank funds

09/04/2022 09:20:05

The Rusafa Criminal Court, which is competent to look into integrity issues, issued a fifteen-year prison sentence against (an employee of Al-Rafidain Bank) for committing a money laundering crime “to embezzle the bank’s money.”


The media center of the Supreme Judicial Council stated in a statement that {Euphrates News} received a copy of it, that “the court issued a decision to confiscate two properties belonging to the criminal and return them to the Rafidain Bank.” 

He added that “the verdict against the criminal comes in accordance with the provisions of Article 36 of the Anti-Money Laundering and Terrorist Financing Law No. 39 of 2015”.  LINK

Source: Dinar Recaps

Samson » September 4th, 2022

Anbari official announces the discovery of 9 new oil and gas fields

4th September, 2022

The director of the Jubbah Municipality Department in Anbar Governorate, Qatar Al-Obaidi, announced today, Sunday, the discovery of new oil and gas fields that are not indicated by the Ministry of Oil in the regions of western Anbar.

Al-Obaidi said in a statement to “The Information”, “The Oil Exploration Company of the Ministry of Oil conducted exploration operations targeting the desert of Al-Baghdadi district in the district of Hit, west of Anbar, which resulted in the discovery of 9 new oil and gas fields that are not listed by the Ministry of Oil,” noting that “these fields contain large quantities of oil derivatives, minerals and phosphates, and the targeted areas are still subject to exploration operations.

He added, “Excavations are still ongoing, and it is hoped that the results of the excavations in those areas will be announced within the next few days,” adding that “the security forces have fully secured all the areas in which the excavations are being conducted, in addition to the explosives handling teams neutralizing the remnants of the ISIS terrorist.” 

It is noteworthy that the Ministry of Oil, a short time ago, sent new seismic teams to the western regions to conduct exploration operations for oil and gas fields.  LINK


Source: Dinar Recaps

Samson » September 4th, 2022

Kurdistan Retirement releases salaries online next week

4th September, 2022

The Directorate of Retirement in Kurdistan Region announced on Sunday that it will start disbursing salaries on Monday of next week.

The Director General of Retirement Hazem Goran told Shafak News Agency that the directorate will start distributing the salaries of retirees according to the electronic system on the twelfth of this month.

And he indicated that “the directorate has completed all the tasks entrusted to it to activate the electronic system, and we are now waiting for an agreement with the banks on a specific mechanism for distributing salaries electronically through them.”

He pointed out that “paper files will be completely dispensed with and replaced with the new electronic system, which will greatly facilitate the delivery of retirees’ salaries, taking into account their ages.”  




MilitiaMan » September 4th, 2022

So they are waiting on an agreement with the banks for a specific mechanism to distribute salaries on the 12th of this month.. Interesting way of putting it. “Specific Mechanism ” They will have it all sorted electronically and on the new system.  ~ MM

Samson » September 4th, 2022

The General Secretariat : Automation of outlets has raised the value of revenues for three years

4th September, 2022

Today, Sunday, the General Secretariat of the Council of Ministers announced governmental coordination to address obstacles to e-governance, while it identified five positives for the port automation project, including the increase in annual revenues

A spokesman for the General Secretariat, Haider Majid, told the Iraqi News Agency (INA), that “the General Secretariat of the Council of Ministers, in its capacity as the supreme committee for managing e-governance affairs in Iraq, continues under the direct supervision of the Secretary-General of the Council of Ministers to take all its technical and administrative measures in coordination with all institutions.” The official website for managing e-governance and establishing special programs that contribute to simplifying the administrative procedures taken by service institutions in particular and the rest of services in general

Majid added, “There are several programs that the National Data Center is working on, the most important of which is the work to cancel the issuance of paper-based health certificate books and transfer them electronically under the directive of the Prime Minister, and the center begins to work with institutions after all logistical supplies and equipment are prepared from computers and the rest of the devices.” And also the introduction of cadres working on these programs in training courses and workshops, whether within the General Secretariat or in the relevant institutions, stressing that “all these procedures are aimed at simplifying and facilitating the procedures provided to citizens and reducing effort and time

He pointed out that “the General Secretariat of the Council of Ministers is the supreme body supervising the management of e-governance, and it is the coordinating body that manages all the programs implemented by the National Data Center,” noting that “there are many programs that will be presented to citizens, including simplifying the procedures for issuing authenticity of breasts, books and correspondence in what between the federal government and the Kurdistan Regional Government

He pointed out that “this process was heavy on citizens due to the delay in completing transactions, but it entered the program and switched from paper to electronic, and a phone number (5599) was allocated to receive citizens’ inquiries on the issue of breast health, as well as to inquire about the mechanism of work of the Euro-electronic portal and services that she presents


He explained, “The issue of services interruption from time to time is subject to the quality of the Internet services provided (its weakness and strength), and certainly there are direct treatments and coordination between the Higher Committee in the General Secretariat, the Ministry of Communications and the concerned authority

Regarding the automation of border ports, Majid said, “There is a work team at the ports and customs working under the direct supervision and follow-up by the head of the Border Ports Authority, Major General Omar Adnan Al-Waeli, to automate the tax and customs receipt,” noting that “this issue has several positives that are reflected in the work of the ports.”

The border, which is the elimination and reduction of cases of corruption, changing the gender of material, forging certificates of origin and import, in addition to increasing revenues to the Iraqi state, where the percentage of revenues in the years (2020 – 2021 – 2022) reached nearly one trillion and nine hundred billion dinars, which is a very large revenue achieved by the authority in this duration, and the issue of automation was the main factor in these procedures LINK


Cabinet Secretariat: 1.9 trillion dinars revenues from border crossings within 3 years  LINK


OurCoin » September 4th, 2022

MM you gotta like this one!    IMO     

MilitiaMan » September 4th, 2022

I do . The borders will support the value of the currency aside from oil and other minerals, tourism, etc.. ~ MM


Samson » September 4th, 2022

Twenty-Nine Cases Have Been Filed Against The Iraqi Oil Minister… What Are Their Details?

4th September, 2022 An informed source revealed today, Sunday, the total number of cases registered against the Minister of Oil (Ihsan Abdul-Jabbar) in the Integrity Commission, stressing that they amounted to (29) criminal cases that were referred to the judiciary.

The source indicated, in a statement to Earth News, that “the Integrity Commission referred (29) cases against the current Minister of Oil and the former Director General of the Basra Oil Company to the judiciary, after the Commission completed its investigation procedures in all cases.

He explained that “the cases that are still under investigation amounted to (7) cases, while (3) cases were referred to another investigative court, indicating that the number of cases that were closed by the judiciary reached (19) cases.”

And he concluded that “the cases in which the Minister of Oil is accused were divided between accusations of overstepping his powers, job negligence that caused wasting public money, leaking documents and disclosing the secrets of the party in which he works, tampering with tenders and imposing companies as a secondary article in contracting with some international companies, as well as collusion with Foreign companies, and refraining from implementing the decisions of the Federal Court regarding the delivery of oil exported from the territory of the Kurdistan region.”  LINK

Source: Dinar Recaps


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