“Message from Sananda: The Blessings are here and Now!” by Reda – 9.7.22


Entry Submitted by Reda at 8:49 PM ET on September 7, 2022

Beloved IDC Readers,

Light Family 

Blessings are Here and Now!!!

Message from Sananda
By Ngari

What to do now?

Hello my loved ones! I am Sananda and I want to guide you on how to act, now that we are in full Planetary transition.

The first thing is to stay calm and know that you are being taken care of all the time by the Company of Heaven.

We will never allow anything bad to happen to you. As Saint Germain has already reported, we are beginning the “disclosure”.

From now on, all the dominoes begin to fall, one by one

And the TV isn’t going to show anything that’s really going on. That is why the forces of good have decided to shut up once and for all the screens of their televisions

Obviously after disclosure, they will be replaced by screens just like the ones in Star Trek, with quantum internet, quantum computers, quantum phones. All quantum!

These rotten new energies coming into the planet are rewiring your DNA so that the new Homo Galacticus begins to be born.

Therefore, access the requests of your physical bodies and give them what they ask for: rest, lots of water, positive thoughts, healthy food, and contact with nature.

Save the words. Avoid arguments. Stay grounded, calm and in the high vibrations.

Know within yourself that your world is safe. That nothing exists outside of yourself. That all that you perceive as real outside of you is simply an illusion. It’s not real!

They will soon be discovering their new gifts. They will be able to use other senses beyond the five senses of the physical body.

And they will be able to verify that they are already in another state of consciousness, higher.

With your new vibration, you will even be able to perform your own miracles.

As we already reported, the blessings are upon you. And when you receive them, do not forget those most in need.

Try to promote your humanitarian projects and implement them as soon as possible. Everything is already arranged, in such a way that there will be a great synchronicity.

The right people appear to compose your work teams. The workers to occupy the jobs that are going to be generated appear as if by magic. Overnight, what seemed impossible, will be built and ready to be used.

As you must have guessed, yes, your galactic brothers will be helping you, with their incredible technologies.

Don’t be scared! Everything is going to happen very fast. And when you least expect it, one beautiful day, you wake up in the morning, and the Healing Centers and they will be with their respective MedBeds, ready to go into action.

The new homes will already have free energy, new materials, replicators, home automation, and a long list of great new features.

In short, they will form a full-fledged galactic society, with all that that entails.

Do not think for a moment that you will return to the world as you have known and lived until here. Because nothing will ever be the same.

Do a deep and constant mental gymnastics to expand your consciousness.

Discard everything that no longer serves the person you have become

Drop the stones. There is no reason to load them. And above all, be cheerful and happy, like a child with Christmas presents. Enjoy everything new, it’s here to stay!

I am Sananda, and I am so proud of all of you!

Thank you Beloved Sananda, Beloved Ngari…

We honor and love you infinitely!!!

Nohemi Zuniga

Love love love

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Blessings, love and light to you! 



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