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Bruce’s Big Call Intel Tuesday 9-6-22

Call Transcribed by WiserNow

Welcome, everybody to the big call tonight – It is Tuesday, September 6th, and you’re listening to the big call and think about that for a minute. Welcome, everybody. I’m glad you came in tonight we’re gonna have a really fun call. We look forward to imparting some really cool information to you. I know in my segment, I’ve got some good stuff.  So we’re looking forward to this one tonight. And you know, we didn’t know we would have it, but at this point, we’re looking good. But then again, this could be our last call. We don’t know. We’ll see.

I love the testimonials.  I love the research on aging. I love the fact that we are. We have a chronological age and we have a biological age – and hopefully our chronological age is moving along where our biological age is younger and younger and younger. And we control that – we can have influence on that by keeping our immune system super healthy and super able because anything that comes against us, God created a an immune system that we have, as long as we keep that defense that defense mechanisms up – we can we can stave off a lot of things that would come our way – and obviously autoimmune disease is one of them. All of those – So I think that’s really terrific.

I love the idea that we are winding the clock back and even doing this prior to the Med beds if they’re not that far from coming out really very, very closely. They’ve already been out for 3000 of them or more and throughout the country and they’re ready. They’re ready to go. So we should get the Med beds to be rolling out for everybody – not too long after this RV or plan B blessing comes out. It’s set to time with that with the actual RV itself and possibly with NESARA

So to continue on with this – We’ve got word that the NESARA is supposed to be announced and maybe initiated this Sunday on September, the 11th 9/11.

So that’s going to be really interesting to see how that happens if it does happen on Sunday, which is what we’re hearing and what the ramifications of NESARA are going to be visa vie the debt relief the Jubilee  that we’re expecting. I don’t know how soon that’s going to roll out in terms of repatriating funds to us for interest paid in.

For example, student debt, right. That’s kind of a topic right now. Student debt will be forgiven. But you won’t get back the principal that you paid in, but you will get back the interest that you paid.




And I understand the interest will actually have gained interest – In other words  the interest that you paid in will have earned interest for three and a half percent per year.

And you will be getting that  back – I’m not sure if it’s three and a half percent applies to everything else that I’m gonna mention but it also this debt relief is Jubilee into NESARA and GESARA, globally, will include monies that we paid in on credit card debt – for the interest that we paid on credit cards, interest that we paid on bank loans, interest that we paid on mortgages, anything else that you can think of that’s a legitimate bank paid loan, you’ll get that interest back.

And we’re also looking to receive in addition to that, get our tax money back that goes way back. And that’s federal income tax. I don’t know if it’s gonna include state I’m gonna say not I’m gonna say include federal.

That will be added up totaled – they’ve already got the numbers, they know what they’re doing with that. And it’s also going to include retribution for what was traded on our birth certificates, our marriage certificates, death certificates, if applicable, and divorce decrees.

So there’s quite a group that have certificates that were traded like bonds on us, that we will get the benefit of back to us. And a lot of it is substantial – money is substantial.  So it’s not currency kind of money like we’re talking about, but it is quite a bit for the people who are not involved in the currencies and the Zim like we are now. So that’s something that a lot of people will look forward to.

Social Security is gonna go up for seniors 62 and older, It’ll make sort of a big difference to seniors – and I think they’re going to top out at either 4500 or just below 5000 a month on that if you’re in the upper echelon,  – and even if you’re not, you’re getting lower, like 1000 or 1200, you’ll get more maybe more like double what you have now. So it’s gonna be it’s gonna be really amazing. Now that is supposed to start to NESARA supposed to be announced on September 11 – that’s this Sunday.

Now let’s talk about dates while we’re while we’re here and I’ll get back to where we stand in a minute.




The 15th of September, which is next Thursday, a week from this Thursday, next Thursday. The 15th is when all countries, currencies will be announced to their countrymen and women.

All countries currencies have to be asset backed – some of them are gold backed entirely some are partially gold backed using other precious metals like silver, platinum, palladium, all those other jewels, diamonds.

You know there’s a diamond crust about six feet down in Iraq – in the sand. There’s a whole six inch crust of diamonds that they found when they’re going deeper for oil. Now it’s just amazing that the wealth that is in that region that God put there early on, very early on. So what I’m saying is when the 15th rolls around, what was I saying about the 15th?

Yeah, the currencies worldwide will be announced as gold backed or asset backed, including our USTN or United States Treasury notes and the actual US and digital version of our currency.

Okay. Now, the other thing that’s kind of interesting, let’s pause for a minute between the 11th which is Sunday, and the 15th, which is the following Thursday – next week – there’s a period of I’m going to call it possible financial  —  don’t want to use a word that’s not appropriate – Let’s call it “financial system change”.

And what do I mean by that in that four or five day period from the 11th through the 14th?

One thing is, the fiat money that we have now might be a little bit less available in the actual banks – and in the ATMs, because during this time, they’re getting ready to make the change over to our USTN physical folding money you put in your pocket – that is supposed to occur on the 15th – the new money  – on a week from Thursday.

Now, in that period from the 11th to the 15th – we’re gonna get announcements on the NESARA – we’re gonna get, who knows what else? We might get some disclosure coming in that period of time, I believe, and it might be interesting to see what happens from a cash point of view.

Now, here’s the other thing I’ve been told – during that time – If we buy something on our credit and debit card, let’s say we go to the store  and we’re just buying something or buying groceries or whatever – we use our debit card or credit card to do that – My understanding is between the 11th and the 15th – In that period – those charges will not accrue to our bank account until the 15th – so there’ll be stacking up out there but won’t be debited to our bank accounts until the 15th.  Well, that’s interesting.

It’s what analogy was, it’s kind of like playing hooky for a few days and not getting caught. So I don’t know if I liked the analogy because I didn’t play hooky – but I would say that that’s an interesting time for us as the switch over to our new money is taking place – so with the NESARA and GESARA they both require these asset backed currencies that could – could get announced along with debt relief starting on the 11th, which is Sunday.




And we’ll see how that goes. Okay, we’ll see what happens.

Now – Let’s cut to where we are. We had information coming in last night – Today – Couple of times today, that the bottom line is the Treasury is supposed to contact the lead bank – And my understanding is they were supposed to have done that just prior to this call tonight to tell them when to release the emails for us.

And my understanding is they were supposed to have done that just prior to this call tonight to tell them when to release the emails for us. And the additional information that we got this afternoon and this evening, pointed to bondholders in tier three and currency holders in tier four A and B that’s us – the Internet group – should be notified with emails that should show up tomorrow morning –

Now this is not me calling it – this is me telling you what I have heard from bond holder paymasters – and another tier one bank  – international bank.

Now that’s only two confirmations of tomorrow morning for our notifications by email, But I’m sure that we’ll get more and it may not be needed  if these show up in the morning.

So the theory is based on this that we would get notified, get our toll free number, call the call center on that number – Put in your zip code if it’s automated. You put in the zip code of where you want to exchange, not necessarily where you live, but more likely, where you would want to do your exchange – if you know that and then you would if you’re a zim holder you’ll be directed to a live person at the redemption center.

That zip code would correspond to you say well, how do I know that? How do I know what where the redemption centers are? You don’t need to know. But I’ll tell you this much. In the last three months, Wells Fargo and the Treasury have been working together to increase our redemption centers in the United States to 16,950.  That’s right – 16,950 redemption centers in the United States. That would include Alaska and Hawaii.   So that’s, that’s a bunch. That’s almost 10,000 more than we had before.

So they’ve been setting them up like crazy over the last three months. Also, there’s been a lot of cleanup, and it continues to go on a lot of cleanup over the last few months. And weeks – and I think they have things where they’re comfortable with the security and you know the fact that they’re going to have an eye out for any shenanigans that might take place in 98 counties in the United States that will be under some form of martial law. We’ll see – see if that happens –

Now I like the fact that we’re getting pretty strong information on the timing of this.  I think that we might see some changes politically this weekend.

I think we’re going to see a very interesting September with think we’re gonna see more and more disclosure – disclosures may start really with NESARA.  But I think they’re going to use the EAS the Emergency Alert System to bring out some of those disclosure items, and then they’ll go to television and it may not be in the same month – it could go a little later that we see things in more detail on television that we would see online – or in, you know, whatever, whatever the form disclosure is.




So it’s going to be a really interesting fall – especially working our way up to the midterm elections, which may not happen.  We’ll see. We’ll see what happens on that because remember, we have gone back to a restored Republic – and there are going to be some changes that will be made politically, that may change a lot of what we’ve had in the past. We’ll see they’ll be open to that possibility of change that could be very good for us.

So I’m excited about the possibility of getting notifications along with the bond holders tomorrow morning. We’ll say never I’m not calling it I’m just saying what this is what I’m hearing and it is from very high up sources.

Okay, so we’ll, we’ll see if that manifests – and if that comes through for us, that’s what I’m hoping. Oh you know, I could go all the way over and through the exchange thing.

Let’s hope that this is exactly what happens. I don’t ever love new Intel necessarily. But I love what we have to be true – and to come forward as truth. That’s what I love. And I’m looking forward to that for all of us.  

All right – So this is gonna be a great week I believe for us, you guys. Let’s stay focused – stay grounded and be ready for just about anything all right. So I love you guys. It’s been great. Thank you, Bob. Thank you, Sue. Thank you GCK Pastor Scott, JD, everybody else out there. Thank you guys all around the globe for tuning in.  Anybody that’s transcribing the call or doing call notes, thank you so much for that -the beautiful thing that you’ve done in giving that to our community. So I want to pray us out right now. And then we’ll go from there —

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