“A Fair Balance Distribution of New Official International Industry Currencies” by Mid Mess Fair – 9.8.22


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A Fair Balance Distribution Of New Official International Industry Currencies

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The current world monetary system cannot continue, there must be a big change. It must be official international currencies. But since there are too many different team/people with different interest, so it cannot be 1 world currency, thus it must be minimum few to several new official currencies.

The best possible solution is the global industry currencies. There are 3 most high value goods products are being trade on the world market: energy, natural resources, machine.

So the new international financial system should be:

– World energy currency: hold, managed by the Middle East + CIS.
– Natural resources currency (minus oil, gas, coal): hold, managed by the Asia + Africa.
– Machine currency: hold, managed by the West Europe + Americas.

With above formula, all team must rely on each other.

Example: Machine need natural resources (metals) as ingredient to make/produce and require “energy” to operating.

If any team think others are “cheating” to unbearable point, they can “play” and stop the system they are holding/owning to force the rest play fair.

– Regional food, cloth currencies: hold, managed by the best people from each regions/continents.
– Continent digital currencies: hold, managed by top tech companies in each regions.

The optional currencies which mean nations will be allowed to trade freely, including option allow using national currencies if they think are fair and “good” for their people. But the default rules will be: using regional/continents currencies of the producers/maker’s location no matter trade within that zone or with other outside zone.

All the new official international currencies will be also be use for travel, in-person trading.

When a new international monetary system can be established like above, all the national currencies issued by the central banks will be freely without any restriction.

Above are pure solution for economic system, but if want to add human development evolution feature, then there should be some kind of question test, physical challenge, competition, etc. like I have shared brief details before.

Ideas first then other matter like design, technology, etc. are easy to implement if all groups agree so.

Best Regard,
Mid Mess Fair


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