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Bruce’s Big Call Intel Thursday 9-8-22

Call Transcribed by WiserNow

Welcome, everybody to the big call tonight. It is Thursday, September 8th and you’re listening to the big call, wherever you’re tuned in from, whether it’s live or whether it’s on the replay. All over the globe. Thanks for tuning in. Good to have you with us. And looking forward to a really fun call tonight. Got a lot of good information to pass out. So we’re looking forward to everybody staying tuned.

Let’s talk about where we are from an Intel point of view. I got some interesting things today. First of all, everybody knows that Queen Elizabeth officially passed away today, sometime this morning – and we got word of it somewhere around noon today, I guess, Eastern Time.

This was sort of a calculated move because the queen had been passing fast for about three, two months two years ago, and they were just waiting and waiting and waiting till the right time to introduce that to everybody. So they’ve got that introduced. And what’s interesting is that now takes us, the United States, China, a number of countries throughout the world and frees them from the British Rule.

We call the bar the British Admiralty Rule, you know, for our, for our law – lawyers and attorneys. So this is actually British rule, which now the world is freed from and that was, that’s a very good thing that that occurred today –

Now, with the passing of Queen Elizabeth you have 10 days of mourning. Mou r n ing – mourning. That mourning, I believe, starts tomorrow.

And I know that the burial will occur at the very end of that period of time. It is not 10 Days of Darkness. The Cabal had put that out earlier and you guys have read that even on some of our posts that that were made on sites that we read about 10 days of darkness – that is a misnomer.

Now, this is something that is conceivable. Our 10 days of disclosure, which you guys know I’ve talked about that – 10 days of disclosure, it may parallel those 10 days of mourning, because the timing is very close to what we’re hearing. It may not be quite, you know, day for day for day, but it may end up happening sort of in conjunction with those 10 days of mourning.

Because what we’re hearing from bond paymasters, and these are some of the upper guys at Wells Fargo. We’re hearing that from two different people that we’re looking at this for us notifications coming out tomorrow. And one in particular, one paymaster in particular talks more specifically, he talked about tomorrow but he talked about 9am to noon, East Coast time for this come out in that in that time window.

Now, again, as I said Tuesday night, I’m not calling it. I’m just hoping that particular piece of Intel comes through, but they’re only two so far and I wouldn’t call them huge confirmations but the two are good sources that seem to know what’s going on and they seem to know that we are ready –

Now – What’s interesting is there’s a timeline and many, many of you have probably seen a few timelines about this process that we’re in – WE know that there’s been cleaned up of the underground tunnels in Taiwan, in the Ukraine – under Israel, those were three super hotspots.

Those from what I understand were completed pretty much last Saturday and Sunday – might have had something since then in Taiwan, but really I think they’re all pretty much cleaned up about the same time. So you’ve got that happening.

You’ve got the changeover of the currencies. Remember we talked about it Tuesday – we’re gonna have the new currencies for all 209 countries – asset backed and announced to their people as part of GESARA starting on the 15th which is a week from tonight – 15th of September.

Now, the other thing we were talking about was the I’m going to call it a change not a collapse but a change of the financial system starting approximately this Sunday, which is 911.

And during that time, between the 11th and the 14th there could be some changes in how business is done with credit debit cards with cash, because during that period, we anticipate the new USTN currency, the folding money we would put in our wallets – Okay, that currency would be introduced – that it would be brought out into our banks – into big box stores – into ATM’s. So that starting the 15th which would be like I said, week from tonight we would be able to use the digital USTN with credit and debit cards, but also have the bringing out of the physical money –  The cash if you will, USTN currency that we would have to spend just like we have our US. D fiat currency now.

Now the fiat currency is going to be usable for somewhere approximately three to six months. We don’t think it’s going to be super long before they pull all of the fiat money back in. Obviously they’re starting to do that and that would start heavy duty, I think between the 11th and the 14th.

So there might be some limitations on how much cash you could get during that time. So I’m going to suggest that it’s a good idea If you’re somebody who uses cash to go ahead and get it by Saturday – By Saturday,

So the other thing is because of what’s happening it might be a good idea to – because of the change – because of things that are going to be starting – It sounds like either Saturday or Sunday 911 – You might be wise to pick up a few extra things. Make sure you’ve got water, make sure you’ve got enough groceries, just – just in case anything happens to reduce the amount that you could pick up normally.

Okay. And I just would recommend that would be a good idea for you. I don’t think there are going to be major disruptions in the traffic of goods and services during the spirit, but it might be something to just keep your eyes open for – you never know,

It may be – as I mentioned earlier on the call – it may be that one of the first things that was talked about on the 12 days of disclosure might be the truth of what really happened on September 11, or what we call 911.

Because we need to know what the truth is on so many things that have happened and that may be one that comes out early on. And I’ve heard as early as possibly Saturday – we might get our 12 days of disclosure to start.

Okay, I don’t know guys. It’s hard to say. But I really believe we’re looking at a real onslaught of new information and change for us. Now – Obviously, if we did get notified tomorrow by emails and we were able to set our appointments – We could start as early as tomorrow afternoon evening, and certainly go through Saturday and Sunday – If we get started -Tomorrow,

If that would happen we go right on through and we would have a major major change in our lives when that happens. Okay. It’s really a major, obviously it’s a life changing thing for all of us, but not only for us, but for the people that we affect with our humanitarian projects. And our concept of leveling the playing field, not only in this country but globally with what we’re able to do with our projects.

 Obviously we’re looking forward for this to go and possibly it does come in to us tomorrow. We think most of everything we can think of that had needed to happen. Before this goes from what we can tell it’s happened. Remember I said something Tuesday about the green light from Treasury to Wells Fargo to take place at approximately eight o’clock on last Tuesday night? Yep, it took place. we got confirmation of that at 830 in the morning yesterday, Wednesday morning. So really, the ball is in Wells Fargo’s court  from what we understand right now.

And remember, they want the bondholders to go when we go to tier three bondholders and tier four currency holders like us in TIER 4B, you know, we’d go together and it’s like the expression we’ve all heard where we go one we go all – and I think the plan is for us to still go together in a shotgun start. So we’ll look forward to that. And hopefully, again, not calling it and hopefully Intel is good, and it holds up and we get a start tomorrow.

This is it. We’re coming down to it. And we could very well have our disclosure our 12 days of disclosure starting we’ve heard – We’ve heard, just say that, starting with 911, which is Sunday, today’s Thursday. So we’re right there. We’re right there on the precipice of a lot of things happening.

So I want to thank everybody, for listening again, the big call. Thank you, everybody. Thank you, Sue. Thank you, Bob, as contributors to the big call. Thank you, JD for all your help. And for Pastor Scott for you for GCK with his beautiful artwork, for the presentations that he’s done for us.

And really, it’s just, it’s just a big deal of gratitude to all the listeners that have stayed with us for 11 years. It’s been a really good ride and I hope this is the end of it. I really do. No offense. I mean, I love doing the call, but I’m really ready to move to Phase Two. Aren’t you guys? Aren’t you ready to move on and get some things change? You know, for you in your life and for humanity? I am – I’m ready. I think you guys are too so let’s do this.

I want to thank everybody that’s been a contributor and helper to the big call out there – getting the word out. Thank you If you are somebody that’s transcribed the call like pink roses did for years – and thank you for those that are listening in other countries and other languages. Thank you for those that have taken the big call and done simultaneous translation into some of these other languages around the globe.

We really, really appreciate you and thank you everybody who’s tuned in whether you’re listening live now or whether you’re listening on the replay, link or replay numbers – but I want to thank everybody so much for being part of the big call. I’ve really enjoyed doing it. And hopefully, this is our last one in the future. Anything that we do would be if we have the numbers, and we get started with our plan B.

Everything would be by podcast in the future sent to you out as a recorded link – and then you get that in your email – you click on it, and you’d listen to what we have to say whether it’s Bob and I or not. We’ll see how that goes. Okay. But that’s gonna be really good. And I want everybody to be available for that. So let’s pray the call out, and let’s see what develops tomorrow and through the weekend, could be really a great time for us.

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