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MilitiaMan » September 10th, 2022

Shafaq News/ The Kurdistan Democratic Party (KDP) said that dissolving the Iraqi Parliament is a joint decision that should be taken by the political forces and parties in Iraq.

Responding to a question about Muqtada Al-Sadr’s call for his Kurdish and Sunni allies to work to dissolve Parliament and run early elections, the KDP spokesperson, Mahmoud Muhammad, told reporters, “until now, no dialogue is conducted on this issue, but we preferred such problems to be solved through dialogue to reach a joint decision.”

Muhammad pointed out that forming the next federal government and addressing the problems is the way to “end the current situation.”

Earlier, Salih Mohammad al-Iraqi, who runs a Twitter account named “the leader’s advisor” and is widely believed to be al-Sadr’s mouthpiece, quoted the maverick clergyman saying, “Our opinion on the return of the Sadrist bloc: it is strictly and forbidden.”

“If we return, our Sunni and Kurdish allies must approve the proposed solution, and I don’t think they will… So if this happens, there is no need for us to return, they would withdraw, and, then, the Parliament would be automatically dissolved,” he said. 
Iraq marked its most extended post-election deadlock as infighting among Shi’ite groups, in particular, prevented the formation of a government.

About ten months after the October 2021 election, lawmakers tasked with choosing a president and prime minister looked no closer to an agreement, bringing the country to a record without a head of state or cabinet.

The outgoing government of Prime Minister Mustafa al-Kadhimi continues to run the country. However, if parties cannot agree on a new government, Kadhimi might stay as caretaker until new elections can be held.

Iraqis say the situation is exacerbating a lack of services and jobs even as Baghdad earns record oil income because of high crude prices and has seen no significant wars since the defeat of ISIS five years ago. LINK

Yesterday noted below,  we have data that says the court has made recommendation to dissolve parliament. They told us that since the HOR (House f Representatives) was in violation of exceeding the constitutional periods, (For over 10 months.) they would be illegitimate in anything they do except one item, and that is dissolution of the HOR.

They mention there was an apparent agreement that took place behind closed doors and it was to dissolve parliament.

Then we now see in the above and below that if they are illegitimated then there is no need to return to Parliament, thus, they would withdraw from Parliament and they would be automatically dissolved.

By that, it is seemingly done already and we may just be waiting on a formal announcement of such actions from Kahdimi. He will likely inform everyone about his position and declare a time frame for early elections.

I like where we are and what we are seeing. With that done in accordance with the constitution, they’ll have legitimacy in the eyes of the region and globally. A very good and necessary thing to have!!! imo

Aside from all that, it sets the stage for the so called “Caretaker Government” that will have the powers via the EFSL to complete old laws on the books. That includes the Oil and Gas Law. We have been relatively recently been reminded of that by a friend we all know in previous work in this forum. The oil and gas law is a key item the citizens require within the reforms.

That is exactly what Kahdimi will do imo, that is see to it they get their reforms so they can have their constitutional rights met. I suspect that we hear an announcement in short order. Automatic is immediate.. ” There is no solution except with a solution.”  The solution being dissolution!!! Oh ya.. ~ MM


The Sadrist Movement: Any session of Parliament will be illegitimate

8th September, 2022

The leader of the Sadrist movement, Ghayeb al-Amiri, confirmed that any session of Parliament would be illegal according to the Federal Court.

Al-Amiri said in a statement, “It is true that the Federal Court did not dissolve Parliament, but it implicitly recognized its illegality.”

He added, “Any session that will be held will be illegitimate, and any outputs of the House of Representatives will be illegitimate,” adding that “what is issued from the illegal is definitely illegal, except for the dissolution of the parliament itself.”

He concluded his statement by saying: “There is no solution except with a solution.” LINK


Al-Hakim: The Federation threw the ball into the parliament’s court and sent a message to dissolve itself

8th September, 2022

Political analyst Muhammad Ali Al-Hakim said, on Thursday, that the Federal Court had thrown the ball into the parliament’s court and delivered a veiled and indirect message to dissolve itself within the constitutional frameworks.

Al-Hakim told Al-Maalouma, “The Federal Court’s decision threw the ball into the parliament’s court and directed the dissolution of itself based on the violations and exceeding the constitutional periods that took place in this session.”

He added that “the court, in the second item of its statement, has conveyed a veiled and indirect message dissolving itself within the constitutional frameworks based on the violations that occurred during this session, meaning that the Federal Court is not responsible for dissolving the House of Representatives and there are no constitutional articles that allow parliament to be dissolved without reference.” mechanism”.

Al-Hakim explained, “It is not excluded that there will be an agreement that took place behind the scenes and in the dark rooms between all the political parties to dissolve Parliament in the first sessions after the session.” LINK

Clare » September 10th, 2022

PMF artillery destroys 6 ISIS targets in Diyala


A security source in Diyala reported on Saturday that the Popular Mobilization Forces destroyed 6 ISIS targets in the northeast of the province.

The source told Shafaq News Agency, “The artillery of the crowd, based on monitoring and control information, handled movements of ISIS on the outskirts of Hamrin Lake and Wadi Qalab 55 km northeast of Baquba.”

The source confirmed that “the artillery bombardment resulted in the destruction of 6 ISIS targets, without indicating the size of the losses in the ranks of ISIS.”

The security forces and the crowd launch from time to time strikes against ISIS positions and movements in hot spots far from the military units.  LINK

Zeeman » September 10th, 2022

the iraqi air force did an excellent job taking out some terrorists sadly i cannot say the same about forming the gov. imo  

MilitiaMan » September 10th, 2022

There may be some light at the tunnel today from Sadr on that matter. There was a face book post from Sadr that was on the line of he resolved his decision and is coming back to Parliament to have a session whereby to vote on the President in support of Saleh and Kahdimi. Did he do it today? I don’t know.. But, Imagine there was good reason form him to decide to come back. Is that because the dark room deals were struck yesterday? We surely will soon find out. Hang in there. imo ~ MM


Mark » September 10th, 2022


MilitiaMan » September 10th, 2022

I have the same feeling and understanding.. It is not only about Iraq, but, it is about Iraq. Many currencies are at play, as we all know that the IQD will likely fall within a basket at the AMF within the BUNA platform system electronically..

The BUNA article today supports that within 2-3 weeks there will be more currencies  going on-line with it and they will benefit from doing so.

As Petra likes to say.. “All boats rise with the tide.”, and they will. Once the IQD with an international calculation is applied and it is 100% IMF Article VIII compliant and placed into the basket and cleared electronically within the electronic digital platform that value will be reflected in the balance sheets of the the other countries that have IQD.

Just as the IMF SDR basket will rise in value. Many SDR Basket currencies own shed loads of IQD.. I mean trillions in some cases.. o, when you say it is bigger, your not wrong at all.. IOO.. ~ MM


Samson » September 10th, 2022

“Bunni” Platform For Arab Payments, Owned By The Arab Monetary Fund And Standard Chartered Bank, Celebrates The Launch Of The Instant Payments Service In The Euro Currency

10th September, 2022

The inclusion of the euro in the Bunny platform will strengthen economic ties between the Arab world and Europe, as well as with international trading partners

The Buna platform (the payment system operated by the Arab Payments Clearing and Settlement Regional Corporation, owned by the Arab Monetary Fund) and Standard Chartered Bank today held a ceremony at the headquarters of the Arab Monetary Fund to announce the full operation of cross-border instantaneous payments in the euro currency on the Buna platform.  

The service has now been activated by a number of participating banks from various Arab countries, with an expectation of greater participation in the next few weeks to benefit from the feature of the instant settlement of cross-border euro payments on the “Bunni” platform, in order to achieve compliance with international best practices and international standards.

The full operation of the Euro is another major step in the journey of the Buna platform to promote cross-border payments and develop innovative payment solutions for businesses and individuals. The cooperation between the Buna platform and Standard Chartered Bank represents a joint strategic effort towards opening the door to opportunities for greater economic integration within the Arab region, and strengthening economic, trade and investment ties with the European continent and other major trading partners.

On this occasion, Mr. Mahdi Manea, CEO of the Corporation, commenting on this important step, said: “I would like to thank Standard Chartered Bank, which shares with us the goals to improve the level of cross-border payments services, and thanks to our shared vision and fruitful cooperation – the instant settlement of cross-border payments in the currency of the Euro is possible through the Buna platform.

This is an important achievement towards building effective global bridges for payment services, and the participating banks will benefit from our efficient, secure and reliable central system to improve the level of their payments in the important international currency Euro.” He added: “I would like to take this opportunity to thank the European Central Bank for following with interest all the key stages that led us to this success.”

On her part, Rola Abu Minh, CEO, said for Standard Chartered Bank in the United Arab Emirates: “We are pleased to witness the launch of this unique initiative that contributes to supporting our clients specialized in the field of cross-border payments and harnessing Standard Chartered’s international network and global capabilities.

We are also pleased to work with the Arab Monetary Fund in providing these innovative solutions and we look forward to participating actively the largest in providing the bank’s extensive experience in the field of payments clearing.  LINK

Source: Dinar Recaps


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