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There are 3 avenues for us to see our expected end.

1. The Framework manages go get the meeting initiated, without interruptions from Sadr and the people. As we learned the beginning of the year with just the president voted in, the government is considered established and the rate is released. $

2. Halibossi, Barzinni, and Silah, get Sadr and the people to accept the proposel of dissolution, early elections with changes in the government structure within 45 days and Kazimi and Silah stay in office. $$

3.All efforts fail in Iraq and the UN and EU, with the US support, come in the beginning of Oct with Kazimi and Silah staying in office and they restructure the government with/without early elections. $$$

We have no reason to be down in the dump. WE win all the way around.

As usual, thanks for your take on things, yada! It’s also good news that the CBI yesterday was openly stating that the dinar was stable at this time.

The Dinar may be stable, but the government isn’t!

Yes Kaseyko. Fact that the European countries are set in circulating the dinar, all that has to happen now is turn on the hose.

Candykisses, interesting article you shared, “The trio is coordinating its policies behind the table..the Kurds and the Sunnis will not abandon their alliance with al-Sadr” Another article Tish shared stated there is gulf between the initiatives of Al Albidi and Maliki, both leaders in the Framework. Albadi is for what the Sadrist are proposing, dissolution, new interium goverment and elections

I Believe there will be enough to vote to dissolve parliament when the time comes because of their differences and amount each can muster in support

Does anyone know the Kuwait history ?  Did they take years to revalue their currency ?

No Markster, less than a year. Fact is, it was standard for countries to reissue their currency’s after being devalued but Iraq’s was unique because the many hands in the cookie jar and thievery that continued after Sadam Hussein.

Opening of the seventy-seventh session of the United Nations General Assembly in New York

Mawazine  News

The 77th session of the United Nations General Assembly began in New York under the theme “Solutions through Solidarity, Sustainability and Science”.

And the media reported that the Secretary-General of the United Nations, Antonio Guterres, and the President of the 77th session of the General Assembly, Chapa Kuroshi, supervised the opening.

On Monday, Kuroshi pledged to build bridges and make the association’s work more impact-oriented.

He added, “My role will be to build bridges and make the work of the General Assembly more oriented towards achieving the desired effect. I plan to pursue an integrated agenda for peace, security, human rights and sustainability, which are three goals that reinforce each other. We must support all of them, otherwise they will all fall.”

KDP: We are working on a joint committee to develop a program for the next government

Baghdad – Nass  

The Kurdistan Democratic Party (KDP) on Wednesday announced new details on the ministerial program of the next government.  

The head of the Kurdistan Democratic Bloc, Vian Sabri, said in a statement to Kurdish media followed by “NAS”, (September 14, 2022): “A committee has been formed between the KDP, the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan, the Shiite parties and from the sovereignty alliance by the Sunnis to develop the work program of the new Iraqi government.”    

Sabri added that “the Democratic candidate so far for the presidency of the Republic is Reaper Ahmed, and we prefer a Shiite consensus to the post of prime minister, despite the insistence of the coordination framework on Mohammed Shia al-Sudani.”  

She pointed out that the program of the next Iraqi government is very important for the Kurds, because there are many issues related to the Kurdistan Region that must be worked on in the next government, most notably the budget and the distribution of revenues.  

The Patriotic Union of Kurdistan revealed on Wednesday that there is a rapprochement with the Kurdistan Democratic Party on several files at the internal levels in the region and Baghdad’s entitlements.  

The head of the PUK bloc, Harim Kamal Agha, said in a statement to NAS Kord (September 14, 2022): “Our dialogues with the Democrat are proceeding through a joint committee formed after the meetings of the President of the Patriotic Union Pavel Talabani with the leader of the Kurdistan Democratic Massoud Barzani and include outstanding files such as the administration of oil, the regional elections for the Kurdistan Parliament and the entitlements of the Kurds in Baghdad, including the post of President of the Republic.”   

The head of the bloc added: “We have not reached an impasse and there is progress and communication and we are close to the agreement.”   

Tishwash:  Al-Kazemi: The infrastructure in our provinces and throughout Iraq is not fully available

Prime Minister Mustafa Al-Kazemi acknowledged on Wednesday that the infrastructure for public services is not fully available in all regions and cities of Iraq.

Al-Kazemi had visited this morning, Karbala Governorate, to follow up on the implementation of the plan to visit the fortieth day of Imam Hussein.

Upon his arrival, he chaired an expanded meeting that included officials of the security and service departments and formations in the Karbala governorate, in the presence of a number of ministers of the security and service ministries.

Al-Kazemi said in a speech he delivered in Karbala on the occasion of the fortieth anniversary of the visitors and officials of the security and service departments, that “Karbala receives a large number of visitors, on this visit, as well as on the tenth of Muharram, and with all this, the infrastructure in our provinces and throughout Iraq is not fully available. However, the cooperation of people, institutions, the governorate, and the holy shrines play a major role in overcoming obstacles.”

He added, “We wish we had better conditions than these, to provide better services,” adding, “You know the conditions of this government and how it came. Until now, and 28 months ago, we had only a six-month budget. However, we moved forward and crossed the wounds. We only endured in order to serve our people as well as the visitors.”

Al-Kazemi also stated, “We have challenges that we turn into opportunities for success by evaluating past mistakes and experiences, in order to avoid them in the future, and turn this visit into a part of our heritage and history, and provide the best services not only to visitors but to the areas that visitors pass through, on the streets, and roads, and providing electricity.

He continued, “With all of our cooperation and patience, and avoiding any clash or negative political developments, it will be reflected in the future on building better conditions than the current one.” link

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