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Bruce’s Big Call Intel Tuesday 9-13-22

Call Transcribed by WiserNow

Welcome, everybody to the big call tonight. It is Tuesday, September 13th  – and you’re listening to the big call. Thanks, everybody for listening in from wherever you are located all over the globe – Yes, not only the US but all around the world, in whatever language you’re listening to us in English and you may be getting simultaneously translated into your own native tongue. So that just applies to in certain countries – certain languages – but thanks for listening everybody – Glad to have you

We’re going to be on daylight savings for a little while longer – Bob did you happen to check to see when daylight savings comes off of us in October? I think it’s October but uh, yeah, maybe it’s all the way to December. I mean to November I don’t know.

But I want to stay on daylight saving time. What is it Bob? I think it’s in November because November 6, Sunday, the sixth of November. Okay, that’s good. We need every minute of daylight we can keep.

That’s really important – and maybe one day we’ll get completely off of this change back and forth, back and forth – and we’ll stay on what is currently daylight savings time. I think that’s a plan – to do that. We’ll see if that happens. That would be a lot better, I think.

All right, guys – let’s talk about some intel. Let’s get into some intel. It’s interesting because boy, we’ve had times when our sources were dried up, and they’re not really staying in touch with us. We’re just having difficulty getting return emails, text – calls, et cetera. But what I have to bring to you tonight, I think is important and I think it’s good.

Let’s see let me go to the first thing is we are looking at as you guys remember from previous shows, the 15th of September, we believe is the time we’re going to get into NESARA and GESARA announced to us – that’s Thursday, two days away, right?, September 15th – two days away.

So here’s the scenario that we’re looking at – that helps support that – Around the globe, all the countries we have 209 countries that have their asset backed currencies, brought out and announced on or before the 15th of September – in other words in two days.

Now, from midnight tomorrow night – that’s Wednesday, from midnight tomorrow night till 9am in the morning, Thursday – That is the window when all of these countries’ currencies are supposed to come to the fore – as asset backed – new currencies – with new values. Okay.

So that is a very positive thing because – see – that alone – that piece right there is one of the things that’s part of GESARA – the Global Economic Strategic and Reformation Act. Okay. So that’s a global thing – okay, that we’re looking to have actually brought out and announced in some form or fashion

So that should be happening in a couple of days – And we should have all the time all the globe should have asset backed, some gold backed, some partially gold backed, but all currencies asset backed by the assets that are represented with in that country’s borders.

Now, we have Iraq, who has brought out their new Iraqi dinar and we had three confirmations all from Iraq, that they have been using that new currency and exchanging Iraqi dinar since Sunday in the Middle East. And by the way, the term for the new Iraqi dinar in the Middle East is the “Golden Dinar”.

That is the currency that is going to be used between all of the Middle Eastern countries as sort of the go to currency for the Middle East, doesn’t mean the other countries won’t have their own currencies – But the golden dinar is recognized as so strong, that it’s going to be used as a currency. That’s why for example, Iraq had deposit into Iranian banks – already, and there was some question as to what was going on in Iran.

Well, what was going on was Iraq was depositing in or in Iranian banks – Iraqi dinar – that’s what that was about. That was clear we got that straightened out.

What we understand also is that these confirmations were where the Iraqi dinar has been exchanged through tier 4A NOT B, which is us – tier 4A in mainland Europe – In the Middle East – and in the Far East since Sunday, and Monday.

Sunday is the first business day in the Middle East in Iraq. So it’s conceivable that it happened then and then Monday, which was yesterday, and today, throughout Europe and the Far East.

Now, obviously the banks were closed in London through yesterday because of the 10 days of mourning for the Queen’s passing – and I don’t know if they were open today, but I was assuming that they would open on Tuesday. I haven’t heard that confirmed.

There’s so much going on right now about the Queen and the wealth of the estate of the Queen at $37 trillion – and all the huge amounts of assets and things that she accumulated.

Alright, so we won’t get into that in depth – but we are hearing that besides what’s going on with the dinar the United States banks are banks declared bankruptcy last week and had to restructure by midnight tomorrow night. They had to restructure under the restored Republic because they went bankrupt under the USA Inc. or the USA Corporation, which is defunct – Okay – and no longer but they reorganize and restructured and had to get their paperwork in line and all of that for the restored Republic, which we’re now in.

Now – There could be – it could be that we have a big day, Thursday.

Let’s talk about bondholders for a minute – the bondholders still have not had access most of them to their 1% – they’re hearing the paymasters are hearing that we should be notified tomorrow. Another one says tomorrow or Thursday.

I think Thursday is a very significant day for us because of NESARA – and GESARA and because of the asset backing of all these currencies that need to be “announced” on Thursday.

So we’ll see how that pans out. It doesn’t mean we’re absolutely there this week. But it looks like that’s what they’re trying to get to – we’re trying to get to where we get our notifications and our start of exchanges.

I’m gonna say any day, we’ve been told by some sources it’s so close. It’s extremely close. It’s you know, how do you take that? Does that mean? 12 hours 24 hours does it mean tomorrow? You know, does it mean Thursday I’ll say this much schedules for our exchanges – and Zim redemption went out yesterday – at five o’clock in the afternoon.

It went out to all redemption centers. All redemption centers responded back to Wells Fargo that they had received them but guess what? They cannot open those schedules until Treasury or really Wells, since the redemption centers have code and access code to open those schedules.

So we’re gonna have to see when that code is released, could be released overnight and received in the morning – tomorrow – could be received, you know, we don’t know. We don’t know why don’t want us to know. So the fact that they all received their schedules but can’t see them yet – tells us they’re waiting on that sort of one more thing – and that is the release from Wells Fargo to open those schedules and adhere to those.

And most of those schedules I think will be at least 12 days straight – As a permanent schedule – 12 days in a row. And it would if it starts this week like tomorrow or Thursday, it would go right through the weekend – twelve days straight.

Now Will there be a 12 days of disclosure, running parallel with our 12 days of exchanges and redemption of Zim?  It’s my theory that they will that we will have that running parallel with us. Now don’t be confused. There are no 12 Days of Darkness. That’s a misnomer. That’s something that cabal put out.

There are 10 days of mourning for the queen.

But what we’re looking for is 12 days of disclosure and 12 days of solid exchanges and redemption of Zim going on. That’s what we’re looking to. And the only thing we need is when do we get notified – because we know we’re starting either the same day or the next day. We know the exchanges are already happening on dinar and other parts of the world – and it’s just up to us to get started next.

So that’s exciting for me. I’m pretty excited about all that and I think that’s really pretty much everything we had and everything that we felt like we could bring to you tonight.

Okay, so let’s see what happens let’s see what happens with notifications. And we will literally take it from there.

Obviously we’re not going to continue doing these classes and calls  – we will not continue to do them if we have the toll free numbers – If we have the ability to set our appointments and go in – that’s where we are right now.

That’s where we are – We’re really looking forward to this going – and that should be a kickoff for us. Looks like by Thursday based on the fact that NESARA and GESARA are supposed to be announced on Thursday.

So we’ll see what happens you know, we can’t call it we just have to be available for whatever intel we are getting. And hopefully we’ll get more confirmation as the night goes on tonight and as tomorrow reaches us.

So that’s what I wanted to say. That’s what I wanted to bring everybody tonight. I hope everybody is ready – hope everybody’s presentations are done

All right, and everybody Thank you for tuning in to the Big Call. Thank you for listening for 11 years. We never know if this is our last call or not. We hope it is but we won’t know it until tomorrow or Thursday. So stay tuned to us.

We love you and we want to thank Sue and Bob and GCK behind the scenes and obviously Pastor Scott and Jeanne for their continued support in the prayer and praise report areas and let’s let’s just continue to stay in faith for this to come to fruition. But let’s do that. And let’s pray the call out.

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