“Who Starts the RV?” by Logan B – 9.17.22


Entry Submitted by Logan B at 3:41 PM ET on September 17, 2022

Ever since since this idea of an RV started the question of who is it that makes the ultimate decision to start it? The answer is someone or something that is called the Chief Programmer of this 3D hologram matrix that we currently live in. There are many subprogrammers that offer code as to how this hologram should look, feel and what happens within it but it is the Chief that ultimately decides what code will be used and what will be discarded. So that means that until he/she/it decides to start the RV it simply won’t. Up until now Lucifer was the head screenwriter of what we call this movie and he was strongly influenced by satan. The way this Sims game is played is that whoever is winning the battle between the Light and the dark gains the most influence on what the Chief picks as the code that will be implemented. For millions of years the object of the game was to gain favour to a factor of 66.6% (sound familiar) and be declared the winner. From then on most of the losers code would not even be considered. Currently the Light are decidedly winning and will hopefully be declared the winner soon. The dark will not surrender until a winner is declared and even then they may still not quit but their influence will be dramatically reduced. 

We need to understand that an ascension to 5D at this point would not guarantee a 100% Light filled happily ever after. Darkness currently exists on every D level up to 13.5D. Beyond that darkness reduces until 14D where absolutely no darkness exists. Source is now done with the game and is slowly raising the frequency of this universe to 14D and beyond. Whether you are aware of it or like it or not this 3D matrix will ascend to a 5D, 6D…14D matrix and there is nothing anyone can do to stop it. Source asked our free will higher selves if we would accept help from beyond 14D beings and we agreed. These beings cannot be influenced by the dark and without question will carry out the Source’s wishes. I won’t say how they are helping because you probably won’t believe it. I have trouble believing it myself but I do believe that above 14D nothing is impossible providing Source is okay with it. 

I have always believed that an RV GESARA will hasten our ascension for everyone from years to weeks. The problem is is the Chief Programmer ready to enter the RV code or has this code even been presented yet.


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