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So what they said at the gathering was later written in the scrolls: The young angel, glimmering called order; “what is money anyway? we shall hear you.” One among them said, “it is a medium of exchange for goods and services, far superior to barter”. Everyone nodded. And another added, “and every country should have its own coin of the realm.” More nods. And then a rich merchant of some repute stated with matter of fact assurance, “Coin will not spoil; and gold coin will not corrode. It is a good store of value, no? And it is scarce, and can be easily hoarded, for a time of famine or a time of war. With gold, we will not starve and we can buy our protection from the callous horde.” All nodded assent. “Let us use gold then. Agreed?” All nodded again and clapped as well. Even the elders. One of the younger scions asked, “what about the diamonds and the rubies and the other precious gems; can they be money for us? After all, they are even more scarce.” They all looked forward to hear the angel’s response. “For that, we must ask the archangel who cometh.”

At this announcement, all in the group bowed their heads, and then looked at each other in amazement. Cometh now? A few silently mouthed the word “archangel,” as they caught each other’s eye.

“But what about silver”, said the woman elder with the laurel crown, she who came from the large island in the west of the inland sea. “It is good too, and also scarce, but not as scarce as precious gold. I think it can be a friend of the common man and the merchant. It will tarnish, yes, but it will corrode only slowly. It is good for small trading, no?” That is rare forward wisdom indeed,” said one of the other elders in their midst. “Gold will be held dear, and it will be often safely buried; and so then what will we use for money each day?” Silver, ah yes; that is a good plan. Gold for the rich man and silver for all others.” The elder from the great river lands then spoke up, “and 30 silver coins can equal 1 gold coin, yes; agreed?” Much clapping ensued, but then abruptly stopped as a great luminescence filled the hall.

They all fell to their knees in great awe, afraid to gaze upon such light directly. But glance they did, and some fell softly mumbling, with eyes full of tears.

The great archangel stepped forward and smiled sadly. “I have heard today and it shall be so. But know my children of this water planet; this gold and this silver you here establish will guide the great works and farming of humanity, true enough. It will help you tabulate and do your additions and subtractions and be a great convenience. But you cannot see all that it will become. For people will use it, one to control the other. I will soon grant kingship and it will last for the Age entire. Know this too: every man and every woman will feel the weight of the yoke, for the coin is that yoke. Your medium of trade will make war, murder, and theft your legacy, and your children’s legacy; and on through the zodiac above. The diamonds, rubies and indeed all the precious stones are reserved for kingship until such time as you understand their true power, for they are light and harmony together and cannot be handled by the common man. But, all will learn that need to learn.”

The archangel paused and sighed.

“I know your hearts are today benign. You all have pure hearts and have never known want. There is no scourge to plague those who are here. You have all needs met, and you quarrel not. You are they that see the great goodness that resides in the heart when it is surrounded by the true Light of Source. But….verily I say, there will come a time when a small piece of paper will stand in for these coins of gold and silver. And all the generations will see the evil ones make war, murder, and theft, in falsity. They will be told – it is the same as coin. Seven of every ten breathing will become a chainless slave or bonded servant before the next Age ends. I see the Time my beloved, and it is a curse and a joy that I must blend in my heart. You cannot see today for your brain is clouded by the air, the water, the salt and the sun. Great machines will harness the electrons of the inner orb and make a light for the night that is not the moon or the stars. No, you here cannot conceive it at on this day. Great mines will see machines plunge deep into the ground to pull out this gold and this silver. And when the new Age is nigh, I say this day to you, there will come to this world a tiny flat wafer smaller than your own navel. And it will store an echo of this gold and this silver. Thus, know that you are bonding the coin, the paper and the wafer to your children. They will sag with the great weight of something so light. And the echo of the coin, the paper and the wafer will be seen on a tablet that shines with lustrous color and hums like the hive of the bee. The great tribulation that must come is far away in Time. But know this: if your seed ever forgets its true story, the suffering will come. Pray it does not.”

Truly awed, the young angel bent the knee before the great archangel. He humbly bowed his head like the others. The great one bid him rise and embraced his valued brother. There was a slight smile on his face, but it was yet still tinged with sadness. “Your group is very good, brother. You have done well. I am pleased.”

One of the elders spoke up, his voice somewhat shaky. “What will happen to our nations of the far times ahead, oh great lord of the celestial path. How can we here make the Wheel of Destiny help us to save them?” 

The archangel listened and thoughtfully gazed up at the sky. “This is the planet of rock and water and these parts are locked in an embrace for an Age. You do not know it, but you are the Third Age. The others are no longer here. One still exists, but not here. The other was lost forever. You all will see to it that your great Age prevails to spawn the new one; for you have that knowledge and you have that power. We will teach you; if you will but listen. There is a song I can sing to you with a harmony that resonates strangely; if you will but hear it. There is a book I will give you, and your many generations will fill it with history. There is also fire here and it both sleeps and rises. There is ice here that becomes as great mountains and then melts again. There are creatures here from another time, even before the first Age. They too were once greater than you now think, but today they are but small. You and they will live here not forever, but for a long long time…ultimately transmogrified.”

“Be at peace dear ones, and never study war; never kill one the other, and never forget who you truly are. Perhaps there will after all be a great lament. It is such with rock and water planets, still possessed of fire. Your children’s children will have to try to sustain, for yes they will be scattered and they will be tested. But rejoice this day for I tell you this place will be blessed with life that abounds, with vast numbers that exceed even the stars of the night sky.”

Some of the elders began to weep, for it was terrible to hear.

“Weep not children, for here is a special paradise for you and all of your many merits have gained high grace. Your hearts are pure and your thoughts are pregnant with Light. Your powers make goodness from the air and make all shared Peace and Love. You here before me are deeply cherished, as are your families all. You are the seed of great nations both here and in the Air. You are in fact welcome in all our worlds. There is a Time that your Time must learn; there is an Evil you must conquer; there is a bastion of Hope you must uphold; and there is a Fire that will well up from below and burn. Universal laws will see lost people dragged down to the brink of the fiery pit. Avert your eyes from such travail. Mercy comes only to those who show mercy and turn back to the Light. Know that all who love our great harmonies of Source and those who will join our great Music will never perish.”

“I believe this world will be one of the best worlds we have ever made to ascend and that is why I am here dear ones. I am with you and I will defend you. I find great joy as I perpetuate unimaginable joy. I learn much as I wander and birth and die, and when here can teach the multitudes. And I will endeavor to create new worlds to prove the Love and Harmony in a myriad of ways as I embrace our beloved Ya’shua and sing the praises of the ascended masters of old. I am, and as I am, so then in Time you will be too and you will Know.

Restive Sage


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