“Anyone? Anyone? Bueller?” by Logan B – 9.24.22


Entry Submitted by Logan B at 9:19 PM ET on September 24, 2022

Does anyone have anything to report of any significance today? This was supposed to be a day that no one would ever forget. As I write this today is pretty much over for you in eastern North America. 

The sky didn’t turn purple. There wasn’t a worldwide project bluebeam holographic alien attack. No nuclear explosions or WWIII announcements. No worldwide bank closures. No NESARA or GESARA announcements. No EBS. Power is still on except for a few hundred thousand unfortunate souls in Eastern Canada from hurricane Fiona. Internet is still working. Thank goodness. I haven’t received my Qphone or Qcomputer yet. Move along. Nothing to see here, folks. 

One thing I did read about that is supposed to be happening right now is a Draconian fleet has made the 300 million light year trip from Draco to extract all their brethren from the solar system and take them home. Does this mean this is an indication that we are significantly closer to our ascension? The low frequency Draconians will not survive a high frequency shift to Sheen as the Alliance call it. The Draconians technology is so far ahead of us regular people it’s ridiculous. They managed to get a faster than light message in almost real time from here to Draco for help and the fleet made the trip here to get them like it’s a morning commute to work for us. 

I regret that I listened to Neil Keenan’s video that he released today. Over the years I was always amazed by Neil complaining that he is constantly having to keep cabal members from trying to steal our money from the Global Collateral Accounts said to be worth in the quintillions. I would think why doesn’t he just liquidate that money into accepted digital currency and give it to the people like the owners of these accounts want him to do and that would end his constant battle of keeping people from stealing it from where it is. It turns the reason he hasn’t given us our money is because he considers that money to be his alone and only he will determine what happens with it and what he has determined is that he alone will concoct humanitarian projects that he alone will administer and we will all go to work for him and be deliriously happy about it. The people that have helped him and worked with him over the years will be handsomely rewarded though because they are the only ones who deserve it. We apparently a bunch of mamby pambys who sat around on asses and did nothing while he did all the work so we deserve nothing even though long before he came into the picture the only reason this wealth was hidden in bunkers and vaults in the Philippines and Indonesia was someday it was supposed to be given to humanity. 

The man is more evil than the cabal he has been fighting and he doesn’t even realize it. Doctors have told him he will get diabetes from a recent poisoning attempt on his life and I perceive this to be his bad karma coming back to him. Hopefully the owners of the Global Collateral Accounts will see their folly of naming him Amana and will get rid of him. So I guess this is a bit of news today that may have worldwide implications but only a few people will know about it and the only people who will care are the drooling few that are waiting for Neil to make them rich.

So that’s it then. The world is not coming to an end nor is it starting a new beginning today. It’s just another Saturday.



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