“Enormous Things are Happening” – MarkZ Weekend Intel Stream Highlights 9-24-22


Weekend news with MarkZ 09/24/2022

Some highlights by PDK-Not verbatim

MarkZ Disclaimer: Please consider everything on this call as my opinion. People who take notes do not catch everything and its best to watch the video so that you get everything in context.  Be sure to consult a professional for any financial decisions

Member: Good Saturday Morning everyone……Welcome to the Weekend!!

Member:  As much hype as the next few days are getting, if nothing happens this time we all will look like dreamers

Member: I think we are all dreamers……and this time dreams will come true.

MZ: It may be a little hectic here today…they are trying to install back up power. If you see people walking around…just ignore it.

Note: Lost video for a short while…..


MZ: I’m back……things are a bit dicey here today

Member: Tired of hearing “things are happening”… we want to see things happening…

MZ: I think enormous things are happening. On the bond side …most of my bond people say money will move Monday morning . …but, it could be as late as Tuesday before they have spendable access to it. Fingers crossed that this is it.

MZ: I’m hearing similar things from group leaders coming out of the Reno area overnight…..the chatter has been great- we just need something a little more concrete.

MZ: I am getting many rumors I have not been able to vet yet that Iraq did indeed pull the trigger this morning and they are trying to keep the world in the dark for a few days with a lockdown. I am trying to confirm it. I do not know if it’s true yet, but, I have gotten this report from many different places.

MZ: So we are very much sitting on the edge of our chairs this morning….going into the next 2-3 days.

MZ: Let’s pray this is it….I’m tired of all the ups and downs too.


Member: I heard that as well about the dinar……praying this is true. 

Member: I was told almost 17 years ago that once Iraq revalues their currency they wanted 3 days to celebrate before the rest of the world knows….

MZ: I was told they wanted a minimum of 3 days but are hoping to keep it under wraps for 10 days.

Member: No way can they keep this under wraps for 10 days with today’s technology and the internet….imo.

MZ: Treat this as a rumor for now until we get confirmations from boots on the ground….

Member: . Mark you might have to jump on plane next week to exchange!!

MZ: I have been getting reports and videos of lots of military movement in many countries around the world.

Member: Many Military Helicopters been flying over during the week, mostly.

MZ: We are getting reports like that from everywhere. I think something is afoot…….

MZ” I think this is big…”Chinese President Xi Jinping is under house arrest as 80 KM long line of military heads to Beijing”  We are getting this from multiple sources. It appears this actually has legs, but need more confirmations…….could this be our first major arrest we have been waiting for ?


Member: Saw that last night, what’s of concern, I thought Xi was a white hat

Member: Xi is good guy as far as I’m concerned. just part of the movie?

Member: 1st arrest will shock the world.

Member: IMO Xi is being taken out of harms way. He is supposed to be a good guy.

MZ: With the lockdowns in China…I have to question whether he is a good guy or not. I think we will have a lot of interesting news coming out today.

MZ: “ Bank of England says paper banknotes only good for one more week” This is not Nesara/Gesara…this is not the reset….They have developed a tougher polymer note …you can still spend cash…it will just be made of plastic instead of linen now. They are phasing out the old and will be using the new…..for security. Most countries have been phasing out linen notes and moving to polymer….much harder to counterfit.

Member: markz I am a currency trader – one of the major trading platforms used globally has just been banned in Europe and has now been removed from Apple app store even in the US

Member: Military friend reported that a string of banks closed in Australia!

Member: Reports of credit union problems today..

Member: Impending financial crisis incoming? Banks all lockin up??


Member: So is the market closing next week?

MZ: Not officially……..

Member: Monday I fully expect The Stock Market to take a big hit

Member: Will banks be trading next week?

MZ: I don’t know. Once this goes I hear the banks will be closed and only handling redemptions  and bare, basic necessities. But we have heard that before so trying not to get to excited just yet.

Member: I am on the big island in Hawaii. Will I have to fly to the mainland to exchange?

MZ: No. I hear there will be 3 locations in Hawaii to exchange .One will be on the big island.

Member: Good morning millionaires… heard we are good to go Tuesday

Member: I heard today is going to be a big day…..we will see.

Member: Today is 9/11 on the Julian calendar!! Big event expected today!!!!


Member: So what’s the big happening today Mark everyone has been waiting on for today??

Member: Ed of Ocala has said that the 24th could bring significant news, not fake news…

Member: Come on Nesara/Gesara!!!!

Member: Juan O Savin says there is no Nesara

Member: maybe Juan says no Nesara just to throw off the baddies (I hope)

Member: Bo Polny has a huge post in Times Square big screen- Vengeance of our God beginning 9/24/22 with a Bible versus Isaiah 61 below it.

Mark Gets a phone Call from a member “Unredacted Truth” : 

Caller: I have been hearing for 2 months , and it was just confirmed by a friend of mine who is very high up in the military that Putin is claiming he is willing to “go nuclear” and they are setting up tons of troops around the Ukraine and other places. So my military friend has told me from the white hats plan ….it is going to look like a nuclear blast …and people will be in major fear …I wanted to pass this on. There may be a boom…to make people think Russia has nuked us….be prepared…God is in control… ….its not really a nuclear blast, but the media will pitch it as that….. This will be the end of the take down of the bad guys….Almost all the bad guys have now been taken down.

MZ: Wow- that is a huge update…..thank you . Are yu hearing anything on the timing of when to expect this ?

Caller: I believe it could be within the next few days….and possibly today.


MZ: I am hearing a lot of rumors about later this evening.

Caller: I would say to folks to not travel today…..just in case.  God bless you all.

Member: damn im out of popcorn i didnt think this movie would last this long . i need to see the credits .

Member: Mark Huge thanks as always for all the latest news & updates. Feels now we are closer than ever to our notification to exchange.

Member: Thank you all for the exciting and encouraging news……..sitting on the edge of my seat with you all……


CBD Gurus join the stream at the end…Please listen to the replay for their information

Note from PDK: Please listen to the replay for all the details and entire stream….I do not transcribe political opinions, medical opinions or many guests on this stream……just RV/currency related topics.


The next stream is Modnay at 10Am est……..Unless.


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