The Office of POOFness Weekly Report: Update from POOF, Susan, DJ 9-25-22


” The Office of Poofness “


Greetings and Salutations,

Things are going to get harsher and much more fragile.

When things happen that you can do something about it, do it. But if you can’t, affirm the truth that you are fine at this very moment .

Do not borrow trouble, Do Not get caught up in the panic, Steer clear and make the effort to be a critical thinker and a strong voice for knowing this too shall pass…

Money as you know it is changing, the final form isn’t yet visible and the efforts to chill out and to take away will be exceptionally close. Please note that.

Reset your mind to be open to opportunities and stop any form of hoarding that isn’t essential. Steer clear of the fanatics and at


the same time, make way for the truth tellers to share their input. Get ready for upheaval but then pray that it doesn’t happen. Some of it will, in spite of all you do.

No one is Immune to this at this time and age. You were told many years ago to know this was coming and now that it is here, that prediction is playing out.

You were also told you would Survive It.

Remain at Peace and Listen..

This too shall pass..

Love and Kisses,




September 25, 2022

From Kryon Book VII – Letters From Home – Page 324

An Exercise

We wish to give you an exercise that is metaphoric. Good visualization is important here. There is a crate on your lap filled with gifts—the solutions to your challenges that you have right now are there.

There are energy potentials for your future that are there. There is life change. Spirit knows who you are, and we are in the now, you know.

We see what you can do, and, to us, the potentials using these solutions are as real as your reality of time is to you. There is a crate on your lap with the solutions to your problems, and you created it.

It has your name right on it. The invitation for those receiving this message is that you can open it very easily and watch that lid pop open.

Spiritual solutions from home will flow out and glisten with their diamond light and their Godliness as they attach themselves to you. They are old and have been waiting for activation through intent.

They represent a friendly energy—an energy that you have expected as a healing—that you asked for when you asked for instructions on what to do next.



through Lee Carroll, the Original Kryon Channel (via

P.S. To explore this topic more fully, you can download From Kryon Book VII – Letters From Home through Kindle.


Things are progressing, hang on and hang tight..




Recently tons of information has been pouring in regarding the GCR/RV/Historical Asset Redemption/QFS/NESARA/GESARA. This information is new but not new. Over the many years I have been involved with these initiatives the information is somewhat repetitive with a few new narratives being added or updated along the way.

In the past couple of weeks up to and including the writing of this post this is what’s floating around.


All 209 nations are said to be asset backed now

U.S. banks have already changed over to the USN.

The new global reset is said to be scheduled before the end of September (2022).

NESARA and GESARA will be announced before the end of September (2022)

The U.S went gold backed on Sept. 14th 2022

Generational trust accounts ( you can’t count the zeros in them) are being downloaded into various master accounts.

The QFS (Quantum Financial System) is now active, having integrated into the different tiers of banks.

The legacy financial instruments are being dissolved and replaced.

The current administration is attempting to take the USD to a digital currency (Not a good idea)

Trump is still president and in charge of the U.S. Military and we must wait on his actions before anything will happen ( this will not be in secret and visible for all to see)


Take your money out of the banks, new laws state that once you deposit the money it belongs to the bank. (no such law exist)

There will be drastic food shortages in the near future so store up on your food supply.

The U.S. is to receive its own financial benefits (it must first pay its own debts that include Adjudicated and Fines penalty programs)

The bulk of this information explains it as happening now because of the end of the “Fiscal Year” ( Oct 1st to Sept 30th)In reality the “Fiscal Year” is a U.S thing and started with an act of Congress but 65% of the planet still operates off the Calendar Year (Jan 1st to Dec 31st). None of the above can be verified by the common person. These brush fires have been lit multiple times over the years followed by plausible excuses why it didn’t happen. Then new time frames and dates are mentioned and the cycle starts over again.

If everything stated above were to happen all at the same time, in the short period of time as mentioned, the world would fall into total chaos. This will be a process and the transitions will take place over a logical period of time for it to integrate properly.

This will happen because it has to not because we want it to. When it does there will be no gray area. It will be evident for all to see. There will be zero speculation or having to put the dots together to figure it out . Control your expectations, think positive but above all else be realistic.

I have said it before “ don’t tell me about the pregnancy SHOW ME THE BABY.



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