“Building the Legacy of the Transition” by Restive Sage – 10.1.22


Entry Submitted by Restive Sage at 10:58 PM ET on October 1, 2022

As has been shared, Starseeds see knowledge and earthly attainments as a vital link to service, and ultimately, to planet-wide enlightenment. We thank you.

We all have long wanted our countries back and our planet back. Now, the tumblers in the locks that can release our chains have mysteriously fallen into place. Victory means progress. Victory means new leadership we can truly respect. Victory means that a world has been saved. And true Victory also means that every person must reassess their life in the sunshine of a new and very special Time. There are great opportunities in abundance. The Light we can attain, which we are heir to, is to be experienced both without and within. Old ways can be dropped when necessary, and the path to ascension can once again be our global zeitgeist. As it is ascension, for those who may have forgotten, that is the natural path, the true path, the celestial path.

I believe if humanity would have Love; it must learn to acknowledge Love. It must learn how to show Love and where to find Love. There is, yes, most certainly, a path that can be followed. Whether acknowledged or not by the masses, it should be followed by those who seek it. The end of the path is worth the journey, no matter the trials and tribulations along the way. We come to Earth, we live and we die. And so we also make our way to many planets not near as stark and dangerous. Or as challenging. 

As we feel new rays fall upon us in the dawn of a new day, we finally can feel Hope.

In civilization’s long history, there has been a syndrome of far too much power entrusted to far too few. When there exists elitist groups allied to secret societies, serial warmongers, imperialists, high-end sociopaths, and money manipulators, important decisions are made at a level within which we have no real voice. The various -isms – that have plagued modern times have not served us well. To say we have a voice in our governance in recent times is to be woefully naive. Those nations that have flirted with “democracy” and its related political concepts of the modern experience, have witnessed a mode of governance that barely survived the tides of history. And yet we people of the world somehow cling to its promise. Perhaps it is because we have seen it as our only hope. The proper governance and leadership we need, however, should be participants in the Victory and the Light and believe in adherence to Universal Law. Or there will not be progress.

Power must serve humanity in the end. Humanity has learned (almost too late) that power begets more power; power begets laws made for the advantage of the few over the many; power begets a banking system that goes far BEYOND a service-level organization. Money itself has influenced how we see, and even define, people. Rather than see our fellow’s character, their capacity for loving relationships, their loyalty to goodness, their adherence to decency, and their quest for human dignity we judge too often from another direction. Money too easily becomes a control mechanism when there is false leadership, and it has historically been divisive at its core. 

Thankfully, colonialism is finally now moribund and almost completely dead; and humanity can finally look to a brighter future. Nations will finally gain their just rights at the international level. Soon, they will no longer be pawns in a chess game for the elite. Might has been wielded so cruelly in this world for so long…can we even forgive ourselves…that we shudder. We are beyond embarrassed that, for too long, our predecessors, and we ourselves, have seen it as almost normal. For who acceded far too faithfully to the proclamations of power of the elite in the first place? Who voted for leaders with a hidden agenda? Who listened to their ministrations to be patriots in wars that they manufactured and profited from… over and over again. Who fell for their atavistic jingoism? Who believed their distorted and self-serving history books? Who supported them because they “appeared” good enough and loyal enough to represent the people’s best interests? We have learned all too well how a dedicated and secretive elite can steadily gain greater and greater control of a planet. We have learned how they can sit atop a pyramid of lies and distortions that resound through the centuries. We have seen how a planet’s people can become weary, browbeaten, and humiliatingly cowed by systemic political and economic abuse. In what universe is a minority that small supposed to be allowed to “herd” people like sheep? In what universe should a planet’s people have their minds controlled by a mass media that has a corporate-rooted agenda? In what universe should corrupt and short-sighted leaders somehow rise to the top and make life-and-death decisions for whole nations? In what universe should mega-banks emerge to control the creation of money and gain board-room control of the largest and most influential corporations? Is it really a matter of war eternal both on-planet and off-planet? 


And yet, now, after moving heaven and earth, we have seen a new wave of Love emerge for Gaia, courageous, faithful, and determined to make things right. I pray it builds trust. I pray that it nurtures a uniting aspect among the peoples of the world. I pray that obstacles to peace will fall away. I see a Golden Age before us, if we will all on Gaia will but seize the day. New economic system. New revelations. New perceptions. New scientific advancements. New understandings about ascension. New motivations to be the best that we can individually be. Let us move forward with courage that is not naive, and with a fortitude that is not bereft of wisdom. Let us examine closely those we know are seeking power; and ultimately gain a leadership committed to supporting a better world. New earthly laws must now reflect Universal Law; and the people who perverted the laws to our detriment will soon predictably fall away from power. In this great Transition, we must embrace the same Universal Law for the nations in our own lives and in our own souls. Let us demonstrate that we, with the ship finally righted. can be trusted to manifest a healing and healthful world…a peaceful world, a happier world.

And, above all, let us protect our immortal souls, as we advance beyond the past. We can peel away the old habits, the improper beliefs, the varied misdeeds, and the litany of past failures. Commit yourselves now to greater knowledge and learning, greater compassion, wiser decisions, kinder interactions, and seek the end of injustice. If you have it in you, be a contributor, and help to manifest the world you wish for in your heart.

Restive Sage


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