Dinarland Highlights for October 3, 2022


Dinarland Highlights – 10.3.22


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…at the end they say they aren’t going to rv for months…well we saw this in Kuwait and China and in every modern day revaluation of currency over the last 50 years…where they lay it all out there and tell us its coming… then they say there are no plans to do it soon… (They wont tell us the timing…they want to cloud it) …then they have covered their bases…

Iraq is the largest buyer of gold for the second quarter of this year

They are stockpiling… They know whats coming. They need to be able to support their currency whether the oil markets are up or down. They are clearly positioning themselves for an “asset backed world”. Iraq is positioning themselves to be a juggernaut in the region for many decades.

…today is a holiday in Iraq “National Iraq Day” or something like that…it would be the perfect time for them to move forward. I am told they are competing in Iraq as to who gets to take credit for the revaluation of their currency. It is exciting to watch what is going on right now.


Samson (KTFA)

Deputy: Reducing the price of the dollar will be a top priority for the new government

The deputy of the coordination framework, Ali Al-Bandawi, revealed, on Monday, the existence of a study on the possibility of returning the dollar exchange rate to its previous era, stressing that returning the exchange rate to what it was before has become a popular demand.”


MilitiaMan (KTFA)

At present there is no positive step to the issuance of a 20k note. In what world would that make any sense at all at present? Unless, the 20,000 note value is not from a 20k note but from a 20 denomination note with an international acceptable exchange rate attached to it..?


Sandy Ingram

Warning…When I traveled back to the mainland – Costa Rica gave me chills when it comes to finances.  At the international airport in San Jose Costa Rica they consistently announced if you were traveling with over $10,000 U.S. dollars or the equivalent you must report the monies.  If you do not report the funds and customs find the funds the entire amount will be confiscated with no possibility of the money being returned.  The Costa Rican government repeated the gist of this message over and over…If you must travel with cash, or IQD, travel with $9,000 USD or IQD equal to $9,000…



Frank26 (KTFA)

Community Comment:
Iraq is doing the same-old-same-old.”

No.  I beg to differ with you in a polite manner…they have announced to the Iraqi citizens that they are going to float their currency at 1 to 1 pegged to the American dollar so they can go out international …they’ve basically announced that they’re Article VIII… 

They’ve already announced they’re going to be giving them a new currency and new exchange rate.  There’s security and stability in their country like there’s never been before and Iran is so scared they won’t even pick up a rock to throw it anymore.  Obviously sir you do not know what you’re talking about…



“Is Warka back on board?  Can we connect with them?”

The bank itself has one main branch which is still open in Baghdad…structure wise they still are there, they’re just not functioning at the moment.  When they get through going through what they’re going to go through then I suspect we’ll hear something then. Right now there’s no communicating with them via email like we used to be able to?  No.  I tried contacting CBI and a few other routes to see if I could get access to them and I can’t get anybody…



Last night Nick [Fleming] was asked to sign a NDA…This was in keeping with the protocol long ago…it is the first step necessary for the RV launch…the precursor to the RV/GCR…get happy friends…the party is just getting started…


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