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Bruce’s Big Call Intel Tuesday Night 10-4-22

Transcribed by WiserNow

Welcome everybody to the Big Call tonight – It’s Tuesday, October the fourth, and you’re listening to the Big Call. Thanks, everybody for tuning in, again tonight, from all over the globe, wherever you’re listening from live or whether you’re on the replay. Thank you for tuning in. You’re welcome to be here.

We’re happy to have Bob back from his exile from the hurricane – Hurricane Ian – he is back safe and sound and just gave us a report before we turned on the recording. So if you were here for the live show, you heard it – otherwise it’s just too much to go into right now – But we still need to pray for the recovery, search and recovery of people that may still be alive in Florida that haven’t been accounted for.

So, guys, Sue was kind of alluding to earlier we talked earlier today and I was faked out today in a big way because I did get some very early in the day information about how close we actually were and what to possibly expected a which was in the way of the numbers. And then the day progressed, it looked more and the information was coming in that changed that perspective somewhat but not dramatically so

So overall, let’s just kind of review what has been going on. Let’s talk first about the Iraqi dinar. Now we knew yesterday, directly from Iraq, that they were celebrating all day with fireworks that our contract in Iraq hoped would end at 11 o’clock pm Iraq time yesterday, so that they could all go to sleep. (chuckle) and not have this Go on any longer.

So I imagined it probably they probably did – end around one o’clock last night Iraq time. Now why is that important for what’s the connection? What were they celebrating? And if we found a couple of other pieces of the puzzle, and we figured out oh, I can see why they were celebrating – because the Iraqi dinar was the rate was out. And it was out for Iraqi Americans in this country in four states and to exchange their dinar here in four – in four states redemption centers that were opened specifically to exchange them yesterday.

Okay, and that was in Michigan, and Indiana -Texas and Florida. Okay, so that was cool – in addition to that, and that was through Wells Fargo. In addition to that there were 19 countries with HSBC banks, exchanging Iraqi dual citizens in those countries and 19 countries yesterday.


Now, that was really a very positive thing to hear about. And we know roughly what rate they exchanged that I’m not at liberty to discuss that but it was a very positive experience for those and I believe that is why the celebration was taking place in Iraq. Big time fireworks. Okay, so that’s Iraq, that’s cool. It’s not tier 4B yet, but I believe that we’re next.

Now, we did hear about the bondholders. We know the bondholders are receiving correspondence, which should give them access to funds tomorrow.

Okay, and they receive some correspondence already from their paymasters, and they’re moving forward with it tomorrow. So that’s a very positive thing.

Now we are supposed to be on a quote unquote shot gun start with Tier 3 bondholders, which puts us pretty much in a position where we “should” – there’s our operative word “should” be applied to tomorrow. And I think if we get notified early enough in the day, we would exchange tomorrow, set our appointments, and go in tomorrow

Now this is based on information that I’ve received, some of which I can share and some I can’t, But I feel pretty good – and you know me – I’m not calling it – but I’m very close to it right now. I don’t want to call it but I do feel like everything is coming to fruition finally for us to set our appointments and go

Now here’s the thing –

Wells Fargo servers, have approximately 2 million emails that on them loaded for those of us who purchase currencies and zim. They will send those out. Could they happen overnight tonight. Wake up to them in the morning? It’s possible – could this go sometime before lunch tomorrow. That’s also possible.


So we know that when those emails come out, they will contain a toll free number, which we call the 800 number – So that you can call and get one of four regional call centers to book your appointment for your exchange and redemption of zim. If you’re a Zim holder and you call you’re supposed to get another number, which would be a direct number to the redemption Center, which is indicated by the zip code that you enter when you call.

I’m thinking you’re doing that electronically with the phone initially on your keypad to let them know whether the zip code is your home zip code or one where you work. It doesn’t matter – it’s whatever zip code applies to you and then you can go ahead and book your appointment

Now – this is something I didn’t really get the full grasp of until today –

I’ve been talking about the toll free numbers using the call centers and getting rerouted to the final redemption center which is going to take your appointment if you are a zim holder and you speak to somebody at that at that end at the redemption center. Probably somebody that will be working with you as you set your appointment up or if not, it’s just something at that same redemption center –

But this new little piece that came to me today is supposedly there’s also a SafeLink website in the emails that will allow certain people if you wish to book your appointment online through the SafeLink website. Now I haven’t really learned anything about that and don’t plan with it.

My intention is not to use it. I’m gonna set it up using the phone and set my exchange up that way. But some of you might want to use the SafeLink so called SafeLink website to book your appointments, its cool – whatever works, whichever works best for you. That’s fine. There may be people that are hearing impaired you know would feel better using SafeLink instead of getting on the phone – you know that could be possible.

But that’s a very positive thing for us. We are moving forward. We know information is going out. And we’re looking strong, I think for the possibility of getting notified by certainly before lunchtime tomorrow.

It could be delayed but I feel good about that. Looks pretty good about what I’m saying. And I liked the fact that we have not a whole lot more time I don’t think I think like Sue said I agree with her. I think this should be our last call is to be it. I know we’re gonna have one today I really wasn’t sure if we would. But we are and we did

As far as anything else – the Federal Reserve had a meeting yesterday and today but they were administrative meetings and you know why? Because the 12 Federal Reserve Banks that we have in the United States have been informed that the Federal Reserve is being rolled up into the US Treasury – it is not going to be the same – and it’s certainly not going to be in control of the USN currency – our new USN currency gold backed and asset backed currency. So the Fed is dead kind of – it certainly is being minimized –

And let’s see what else was I going to say about it today. The Fed banks in Kansas City in Atlanta and Miami had meetings with Stephen Mnuchin, the Treasury Secretary – about what’s happening in this country now, as a result of these foreign currencies, and about what we’re all about – about this happening – They were brought up to speed on what’s actually going down now – and realize this, Italy a couple of days ago announced that they were gold backed lira.


The euro as a currency has dropped in value to where it’s on par with the US dollar and that was the Fiat dollar by the way and the British pound is now known as the gold backed Sterling.   The gold backed sterling is now on par also with the dollar –

So got the Euro which was higher – the Pound which was a little higher than the Euro and now all three of those are on par in value with the US dollar

Now – what about the stock market – we seen decline last week, we saw it go up today. And I think yesterday 600 or 700 points or so today. So the decline took place but the buyback might have exceeded the total number over them last week. Believe it did. But it I’m not watching it all the time. I see bits and pieces of it. So did the stock market crash. I wouldn’t call it a crash.

I think it had an adjustment – a realignment – will it crash after this. I don’t know guys I really don’t. I don’t know I never really mind’s eye to be something that would be would cause a crash. But you know, we know that what happened with Vanguard and BlackRock was a major deal there. – they’re restructuring bankruptcy and being sold off to white hat investors – it’s a very good thing And I feel like we’re moving in that direction.

I mentioned Italy as a gold backed currency also Turkey, went gold back over the weekend. And I’m sure are more aligned now with the BRICS countries.

I think we’re up to 130 to 150 countries aligned with the BRICS nations – NESARA and GESARA, getting ready to be announced – we should see that possibly this week, could be over the weekend or early next week, but it’s out there and it’s happening – obviously the biggest step for us is to get this these currencies exchanged and the zim redeemed and move on into the future with our project planning and so on for rebuild America.

I’m excited you guys I was excited all day because I had information suggesting that we could possibly start today so we didn’t get started on our part but we know the bondholders are in good shape tomorrow. And we know that you know that the Iraqi Americans had the opportunity to exchange yesterday in four states and so did others in 19 countries with HSBC globally – internationally in 19 different countries – that’s pretty good. So we’re moving in the right direction – we are there.

Some of you always say, Have we ever been here before? No, we’ve never been here before. This is new ground. New ground we’re crossing and I believe we are in really good shape to get this done this week

And I feel like we’re at that edge right now – the tip of the ice berg We’re just about ready to make something happen here. So that’s what I wanted to say tonight

I really hope you guys understand where I’m coming from tonight and look forward to getting our rebuild America starting with Florida.


Okay, so that’s really what I wanted to say tonight. And thank you everybody, Sue. And Bob, for such a beautiful job over the last 7 ½ years – and everybody behind the scenes. And everybody out there throughout the globe – We’re just excited that you’ve been able to hear the call been translated simultaneously. You’ve been able to do languages we’ve done that and that’s where the real blessing thanks for those that have done that. Anybody taking call notes or the actual writing of the call that has been a blessing to have that so thank you for that .

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