Dinarland Highlights for October 7, 2022


Dinarland Highlights – 10.7.22

Mountain Goat

The UN said they would give Iraq until Oct 4th to form their government and if not they would step in. So now they have stepped in and gave what I call the first of stern warnings to Iraq. The next warning will not be so gentle. Could Iraq go back into TrusteeshipThey are now totally out of Chapter 7, as we know, and so this would be a step backwards for them and out [our?] investment too.



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[Multiple reports from diverse sources say that IQD is trading at THE NEW RATE overseas and on forex.  What is that rate and why has it not made it here yet?]

In Kuwait it took 10 days before the RV traded here in the US at a changed value…Buckle up…we are watching it play out….this is a time to find our extra patience…

I’m hoping it is the “Golden Goose Weekend”.  A lot of conjecture about this 3 day weekend. Everyone is where they need to be right now and they are being leaned on to…stay quiet.  Iraq is absolutely predictable right now…you have one article comes out saying it will happen today and then another article comes out saying it won’t happen for 3 years…. It is totally expected what we are seeing out of Iraq right now.

There is still open conversations on the street of Iraq about the new rate…and how close it is…this is what we should focus on because they will continue to put out conflicting stories just to keep us confused… This is on purpose.  Actually it’s not us they want to confuse but the big whales on forex trading they want to keep confused. Everyone is waiting at the edge of their seats…waiting for that shoe to drop and somebody to flip the switch…what that timing is…I do not know. 


Frank26 (KTFA)

The governor of the Central Bank of Iraq took out over 20 years ago the coins due to a rate change that would make these coins worthless.  Now the CBI brings back/reintroduces coins/fils…?  Why Because a rate change is occurring.  The 1, 5,10, 20, 50, 100 – we told you about these…So did the CBI…  The monetary reform education marches on…with coin education to the citizens of Iraq…it is important that the citizens of Iraq be educated on the power of ‘less than a dinar’…


MilitiaMan (KTFA)

A deputy calls on the Sudanese to implement his economic reform program

one of the steps of economic reforms in Iraq is to restore the exchange rate of the Iraqi dinar against the US dollar from 1450 dinars to 1180 dinars for 1 dollar.”

There is no evidence that going back to 1180 is part of any plan let alone from someone who is not in charge yet nor may ever be.  The CBI has stated there is a need in the future for coins. They have already in 2018 have had new currency issuance noted in their financials. The rate of 1180  will never work to have a need for coins.. lol EVER…




There’s always a possibility that they change the rate contrary to what needs to be done before a rate change should happen…


Sandy Ingram

Urgent and disturbing news coming out of the U.N. briefing session on Iraq...U.N. representative Jeanine Plasschaert warned on Tuesday that government spending in Iraq will stop in 2023 if a budget for the country is not approved…Plasschaert went on to say all anti-corruption efforts have failed.  This is serious.  If Iraq cannot for a government by the year’s end we are not sure what will happen.  I personally have hope Iraq will pull through and work it all out…



Currencies are treated differently.  We know our exotic currency the IQD is going to be treated as ordinary income.  It’s calculated on your personal income tax bracket and your filing status…If you’re investing in the Forex…currencies…they’re treated with a special tax application…cryptocurrencies are treated as a capital asset, meaning if you hold it for more than a year it’s going o have a long term capital gain…


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