“The Elusive Can” by C.R. Dalton – 10.9.22


Entry Submitted by C.R. Dalton at 2:06 AM ET on October 9, 2022

Almost two years ago, I was terminated from my job for being out on disability for 6 months, and 1 day. Anything over 6 months is automatic. It was a pretty high paying job, above average, most would say. I loved the work I did, but to be honest, it was like being in a prison. There were many security fences, metal detectors, bomb sniffers, etc. 

Many people around the globe, know about the RV/GCR. Many do not. Many speak about the RV/GCR “can”, The elusive can, that has been kicked so many times, it has become dusty and dented. So many people have been waiting, for so long for it to happen, but it keeps getting pushed back.

I have been living off of my 401K for almost 2 years now. Many people have lost their jobs, homes, cars, and so much more over the last 2 years. I lost my Mom in April of 2020, and many of my kin folks are now getting sick, because they made a decision (of their own free will) to take the shot. All of my blood family thinks I am nuts. In many ways I have lost so much.

All, that have been waiting for so long, are frustrated about the can that keeps getting kicked down the road. It has certainly been stressful. Many that have been waiting have passed away. When one of the family dies, it is heart-breaking. We would have loved to see all of them make it to the finish line. We are so tired of losing our friends, and family. Whether it is from waiting and falling ill, or from the manmade effects of the plandemic.

Every week, many say “I think it will happen this month, at least”. Many times on a Monday, ” I look for notifications to go out Tuesday, or Wednesday, possibly Thursday. Those days pass, and we are told it could be over the weekend. Whether it is misinformation or not, it is still very disappointing for all that are waiting. 

On top of listening to trolls on every guru channel, we always have this let down that eats away at us little by little, causing more and more stress. Yet, we all know it has to be this way. The Alliance knows the dangers to all that are in this, and we cannot lose anymore. All, or mostly all, are waiting to help those that need it, and there are many. 

My parents never had a lot of money. Yet, they did everything they could to provide for us. I truly understand now how hard it was for them. If this thing would have gone when it was supposed to, in 2001, we would all have been in a better place. I love my parents, and understand they did everything they could. My Dad even worked 2 jobs, just to make ends-meat. I have the utmost respect for both of them for sacrificing everything, so my Sister and I could just have something.


No, we did not have the best of everything we wanted, but we did have clothes for school, food, and shelter. All that was necessary to survive. I am so grateful that we had parents that loved us. Now, here we are, waiting for the evil of this world to be eradicated, for the RV/GCR to happen, so we can finish it. So we can really help those in need. 

Whatever events that need to happen, we hope they happens soon. Hearts are breaking, and people are dying. Many of the people that took the vax have no clue as to what they did, but we could not stop them, it was their choice. 

When my Mom died, she was in a hospital. We could not see her, because it was the day restrictions were set for COVID. They wouldn’t even let us talk to her on the phone, so we never got the chance to say we loved her, or goodbye. The morning she passed, I knew it before I ever got the call. I was asleep, and I heard a loud crash somewhere in the house, that woke me up. The first thought, and word, that came out of my mouth was “Mama”. It was like her spirit had left her body and let me know as she was leaving.

We can’t control this thing. We can only pray that it happens soon. One life lost, is too much. All we can do is pray that this “plan” will be finished, before we lose another. Everybody pray. Pray like you have never done before. Pray that God will see it in his heart, that, we can soon help those who have been violated by our own government, elites, and entertainers. Pray for all of the children who are the most vulnerable, and violated. 

Tell your family you love them. Hug them. Let them know you are there for them. Keep your head(s) held high, and your vibrations higher. After all, we are in this thing together. Give service to others, and accept service from others. Don’t be too proud to let people show ,YOU, that they love and care for you. I have seen it so many times said: Where We Go One We Go All. I don’t think I have ever heard a truer statement. 

I pray for those men and women that have been working diligently to make this thing happen. I don’t think we could ever imagine what they have seen and been through. I thank them for everything they do!

C.R. Dalton



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