Awake-in-3D Update: The US Fed is Utterly Trapped, Two GCR Scenarios Possible


The US FED is Utterly Trapped – Two GCR Scenarios Possible

It’s only a matter of time now… if the FED continues raising the overnight, FedFunds interest rate to its stated target of 4.6% (to fight inflation), the USA government (UST) will pay over $1 Trillion in annual interest (up from $392 Billion) to maintain its 2021 debt. 

That’s a global financial system “game-over” scenario. 

And this calculation doesn’t include the newly achieved, 2022 US Treasury National debt of $31 Trillion as it now stands. 

Yet, if the FED backs down on its inflation fight, and lowers the FedFunds rate, or begins new Quantitative Easing (as The Bank of England just did), the $USD will crash hard from its current, meteoric level and throw the US economy into a depression (with a D). 

The FED is trapped in a spiral of its own creation. The only result will be one of two possible, monetary/currency resets. 

I call this coming scenario, The Lords of the Currency – The Two GCR Towers. 

More on my “Two GCR Towers” scenario coming soon…



The trick is to survive and then max it out when the Fed admits that they’re trapped. It’s going to be one of the great wealth transfers of all time. Who’s ready??

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The Fed is trapped in a box of their own creation. As a result, they may want to talk tough, but their ability to maneuver is severely restricted. The Fed claims that they’re targeting a terminal rate of 4.6% for Fed Funds, but if they did that for any period of time, they’d only succeed in blowing up the Treasury.

Our government has run obscene deficits over the past two decades. This was only made possible by the Fed suppressing interest rates. Despite a succession of Treasury Secretaries, the US debt was never termed out. The majority of the debt is actually quite short term. During 2021, the Federal government paid $392 billion in interest on $21.7 trillion of average debt outstanding—or an average interest rate of 1.8%.

Now imagine if Fed Funds actually got to the terminal rate and stayed there for any period of time. What would paying an average rate of 4.6% on year-end 2021 debt do to the interest expense? Well, it rises by $636 billion to $1.028 trillion or the more than the cost of our entire military spending of $801 billion in 2021. Ignoring the budget pressure, the interest cost would then be 4.5% of total GDP, up from 1.7% in 2021. That’s like tying a lead weight around the neck of our economy.

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