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Bruce’s Big Call Intel Tuesday Night 10-11-22

Transcribed By WiserNow

Welcome, everybody, the big call tonight – it’s Tuesday, October 11th and you’re listening to the big call. Thanks, everybody for coming back – for tuning in again, to hear the latest that we have to report to you.. So thanks so much.

All right, you guys here we go again. I do have a very good piece of information and I’m going to save it for the last – save the best for last – All right. so what’s been going on in the last weekend – this past weekend- is in Reno specifically – we have paymasters that have been getting their bondholders accounts, all paid into –

We know too – specifically – that did they did this Saturday starting at 9:30 in the morning and then went on from there –  and these bondholders are getting their accounts hydrated.

Now they are looking for an email to give them access to funds or access to the liquidity – just like we’re looking to get emails to get us the toll free numbers and access to setting appointments –  That’s gonna be what it looks like, as far as our shotgun start.

We also believe that the public may which I call tier five, the public may go when we go but they’re going to go to banks, and we’re going to redemption centers especially if you’re Zim holders, you have to go to Wells Fargo operated redemption center, even if it’s tied next to chase bank, or another tier one bank. We’ll have a Wells Fargo representative there to oversee everything.  That’s a good thing.

So beyond that, we did hear in terms of the Admiral and what he was doing and getting his paymasters all of the accounts that the paymaster of the admirals accounts in a admirals group, or groups – because there are multiple groups – have been from what we understand, but boots on the ground there have also hydrated all of those accounts and in most cases, with the Admiral’s group, the individuals don’t even have their account information. But they will be getting emails to confirm that they have accounts that they can get access to.


And usually there’s going to be involved codes and access codes, account codes to be able to get into those accounts. And then of course, we’ve got the credit /debit card which is designed – as a what I call it – is a quantum account access card. And I know that spells “qaac” – But this is the card that is three times thickness of a normal credit card, got three chips in it, one for a biometric fingerprint that you give when you get this card that is put into this chip that’s on the in the quantum access card.

And then you also have two other chips in there which I think contain balance information or Entry information and exit and whatever. It’s got all the stuff on.

Okay, now, my understanding is that quantum access account access card is to do just that – is to get into that quantum account and then it allows you to move funds from your quantum account into a primary or secondary Wells Fargo account.

Or if you’ve had other accounts that you’ve set up, subsequent to the exchange, you can move funds when you’re indicated that you can move them from the quantum account, which is a non interest bearing account in the quantum computer world.

When you move those into a primary or secondary bank account, and in most cases they will be interest bearing accounts.  Now that’s going to be really really interesting and very different from anything we’ve ever really known.

And that’s why most of the banks are still around after this goes because Chase is reducing approximately 42 to 40% their bank branches and I think a lot of the other banks are doing similar things.

But what’s happening is the banks that remain, yeah, there’ll be some normal banking procedures done at some branches, but most of the branches like 60% of the branches that are left over are going to deal with high net worth individuals. Oh, by the way, that’s you and me.


High Net Worth, they use the term – Wells does – it prepare bankers working with us, formerly known as wealth management, wherever they you call it – These are people that are there to assist us in our financial transitions , financial transactions. So that’s gonna be a change – to live in that world. We may never have to hit a normal retail bank branch again –

We just it’s not going to be – you know – that necessary.

So that’s going to be a different world for us to get into.

And a lot of the banks that are essentially — see the banks have lost their, normal modus operandi – they’ve lost their way to create income – because like for example, a bank wire might run you $35 to send the domestic wire in the United States and then 50 bucks to send to someone internationally.

Well guess what that income streams gone – If you use Zell there’s no charge to move funds anywhere in the world

So there’s a loss of income there for the banks. And there’s other you know that interest rates are going to be far lower. If they do loans and being one maybe 2% loans – far lower than the rule of 78 mortgage rates and everything that we’ve had, and still have until that changes.

And then so what we’re looking at is NESARA which we’ve been in, even though none of us can really see it. It’s there. And we just entered Phase Five which was the last day NESARA this past Saturday, the 8th of October – that’s the last phase of NESARA it is the “payout phase” – payout.

We’re looking for the bondholders to be paid out – Admirals group to be paid out – tier 4B to be paid out – All of us and then this will morph into at some point, this will morph into the return of funds from income taxes – Don’t get me started on that – federal income taxes. The return of interest paid on loans, credit cards, mortgages, and also the trading of your birth certificate – marriage licenses, death certificate, all that stuff.

That’s all included and that’s going to be a nice chunk of change really, for people and I don’t know how soon that’s coming out. We had thought would come out in October. Maybe it will and I am not holding my breath for it. Neither should you. It’s going to come when it comes. Don’t worry about it.

And if you’re in the currencies, you’ve got zim – It’ll be dwarfed by whatever you exchange or whatever you redeem will be in the way of zim.


Now, there are 406 different classes of bonds. And several of those classes already been exchanged or have been transacted. Let’s use that word – processed / transacted –

And those will continue to go on for a while because some of the bonds that are at the end of the line are just humongus in value

Now, there’s been a certain amount of the hard assets that have been retrieved from certain places that are in safe storage – that is there and it’s a big number, a big number.

It’s a huge number, and it’s enough to back all the Zim transactions that we are going to take and transact  – Now – Beyond that we’re in a position right now as tier 4B to do our exchanges – We’ve had some bond transactions to take place –

We’re going to transact and our currencies and our zim – get those redeemed and then after that what we do helps to set the rates for the zim platform trades so the Zim platform trade, after we start our transactions, it gives them an idea of what the actual values will be their transactions – And then you’ve also got private or private groups. Will go after we get started – And we’re right where we need to be to get started with what is that we are going to do

we’ve got plans for NESARA and GESARA-  GESARA  is supposed to be we’re in Phase Five, which is the last phase, the payout phase of NESARA. That’s a good sign for us

GESARA  – G E S A R A is to be announced within the next two weeks, it kind of takes us all the way up to Saturday the 22nd I believe, would be in that timeframe.

We know of plans for those to be announced in this country by a certain well known individual.

And there could be some other things that are done either right before or in conjunction with that. So we’re sitting in an exciting time, exciting things.

I want you guys to be careful about what you’re reading In the blogs. There are some things that have been said about you need to have your budget for your projects – you need to have this and that.


Oh, that’s not true. That’s somebody’s idea of what might be likely interesting.

They don’t expect that to come in to the redemption centers in five to eight minutes days and do anything more than an outline of the project or projects that we intend to start.

They don’t need budgets – I mean look, if you have spreadsheets, you know things are going to cost and you got it all planned out. Great. They don’t need to see that. They don’t want to see that.

They don’t need for us to have that before we go – look guys we’ve been I’ve been in this 18 years – 11 years on the big call.  There’s been nothing official to us officially that has come down to tell us anything – everything we’ve learned has been by process of questions with the right people in the right positions – In banking and treasury – bond holders and in facilitators , fiduciaries, all of these people but nobody said Oh yeah you’ve got to have budgets.

All right now let’s get down into where we are

Talked about everything being completed from a from a paymaster point of view. For bondholders or Admiral’s group members. Here we are in bigger than life tier 4B. When do we get to start?

They had a meeting this afternoon. Reno time. Probably started around three I don’t know how long the meeting went. But we heard it was a knockdown drag out.

What they were doing was deciding on what time to release our notifications tomorrow.

They were deciding on what time to release our notifications for tier 4B tomorrow.

That’s what they were deciding on – what we’re going to make the assumption that they reached an agreement in this knock down drag out and got it done. Where we should be – operative word “should” be notified tomorrow which is Wednesday the same day that Kuwait revalued 20 some odd years ago – Do you realize that when Kuwait did their re evaluation of their dinar – the day before it revalued –


Does anybody in my age group know what a double truck load add is? this is back in a newspaper. we did both pages that it was a truck load sale – It was a big tire sale –  it was the big deal for 2 full pages and opened it up and you saw that – that is called a double truck load sale –

Now that is what Kuwait said – they put in the paper – they are never going to revalue the Kuwait dinar – this was like never going to happen. Forget about it. Guess what happened Just the next day.

Right. They revalued the Kuwait dinar – I think there is great irony in that and that tells you – don’t a;lways believe what you read – unless it’s my call of course – You know, I’m kidding.

Realistically you’ve got to use the discernment, with what you’re reading out there  – really – there’s a lot of stuff out there that I’m hear because I can’t see but I hear it – people read it to me and I just shake my ahead because I know a lot of is not true. Sorry.

Some of it is cabal based. Some of it is just false info to throw you off – and if you withstood this storm, like Ian and yes your palm trees are blown over and this and that but you know, if you are strong enough to withstand this as long as we have you’re going to be better for it and I think everybody is better for it  – yes I wish this would have gone six or seven eight years ago. Yes. Not really though  not Fair – look at the relationship as a result of the last seven and half years on the big call Not to mention all the listeners over the phone – This has to go to the very end – and in God’s time. I think that’s where it should be.

Now, we’re at a very crucial point with what’s going to take place with what’s going to happen. We are in the midst of many many arrests globally – talk about clean up on aisle 3-4-5-6-7 – Man, there’s incredible stuff happening.

And you wouldn’t believe me if I told you so I’m not going to tell you but I can tell you this.

There are things happening behind the scenes that will be really good for us and look, don’t fall for this 12 days of darkness stuff – the only darkness stuff is gonna be intermittent outages internet and cell service in areas where the Martial Law will take place in about 98 counties in certain states – and we’re gonna get a total of 12 days of disclosure – Yeah, we’re gonna get – probably will use the Emergency Alert System to get that started.

There could be broadcasts on to go to television believe it or or not. Guess what channel they think they’re gonna go to. CNN – and why?  Because there is a new owner that is aligned with President Trump is the new owner of CNN They have cleaned house to an extent – maybe not totally but to an extent I believe that is one of the and it may happen on all channels but I know they’re planning to put it out on CNN

Now, I don’t know when it’s going to start. But I believe it may start when we start our exchanges which I gave you the time frame when we were supposed to be notified so shortly after that for that – maybe the next day we would start with our exchanges and Redemption of our Zim.


Don’t sweat the rate – the rates are going to be great  – and by the way there are 30 countries in the first quote unquote “basket of” currencies that are all going up in value – all 30

There are some that will stay the same and some that will go down but we know the ones that are going up and that’s what we’re looking forward to – being a part of –

When the public does their exchanges rates that they’re going to get are going to be the rates that are obviously on the bank screens but are also on the Forex trading –

Whatever the Forex rates will be when they come out that is what the public will get  – We on the other hand We are that have zim are going to redemption centers and will have higher rates based on doing projects – we are really going to have strong rates on dinar and on dong  – and of course on the zim – so don’t worry about the rates – they are going to be fine.

Remember, you’ve got five eight minutes to do a presentation in outlined form not in a huge gross detail – Just an overview of what’s in your project. Make sure you print it out that you can leave one with the redemption center – So I’m excited guys – I’m ready for this to go. Let’s just hope and pray that the information – that we are getting late this afternoon / evening holds true and they have got it settled for us in Reno – Okay.

All right and thanks everybody that has been a contributor and supporter of the Big Call – Appreciate it

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