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Iraq participates in an economic conference to discuss investment in three main sectors

Next month, Iraq will participate in an economic conference to be held in Dubai (the annual fall conference) organized by the Iraqi-British Business Council, whose activities will start on November 10 and will last for two days.

The Governor of the Central Bank, Mustafa Ghaleb Mokhif, is scheduled to participate, along with the Second Vice President of the National Oil Company Laith Shaher, the Director General of the Trade Bank of Iraq  TBI Salem Chalabi, and Baroness Emma Nicholson, President of the Iraq British Business Council in this event to discuss investment and commercial opportunities, especially in Basra Governorate. , as well as environmental, agricultural, food distribution and processing issues.

The participating delegation will discuss with Emirati and British officials and businessmen the main offers submitted by the International Monetary Fund.

There will be sessions on finance, oil and gas, energy transmission, as well as industry, trade, private sector promotion and technology   link

The interactions of the hour.. Iraqis are waiting for Thursday’s decisive session..the end of a crisis or the beginning of an escalation?

The Obelisk publishes the most prominent interactions of television dialogues, Tuesday 10/11/2022.


Former MP Hassan Fadam during a televised dialogue:
– Thursday’s session will be held and the quorum will be completed
– Thursday’s session will witness the assignment of the Prime Minister
– Barham Salih is more fortunate than others for the position of president
– The first voting round will not decide the winner of the presidency
– the Kurds will not enter Parliament with a single presidential candidate
– The voting round The second will be decisive by choosing the president of the republic
– the Kurds asked for a deadline for understanding over the presidency
– the framework was forced to intervene himself to resolve the presidential candidate

Deputy Head of the National Union Organizations in Kirkuk, Hedayat Taher, during a televised interview:

– There is no final agreement regarding the presidential candidate
– The failure to reach an agreement between the National and the Democratic Party is the result of the latter’s intransigence in his positions
– The Democratic Party’s attempt to seize all positions is rejected
– The Democrat is putting pressure on the National Union for the latter to relinquish the presidency
– The Democratic Party insists on The acquisition of the position of the President of the Republic in addition to other positions
– Barham Salih, the only candidate for the National Union for the position of the Presidency of the Republic
– surprisingly, the insistence of the Democratic Party not to return to the scenario of 2018, and it prevents solutions
The Democratic Party is vacillating about taking solutions towards the file of the Presidency of the Republic

Former MP Rizan Sheikh Dler during a televised interview:

– There is no problem in repeating the scenario of the year 2018
– We have complete confidence in Barham Salih winning the presidency
– Barham Salih is desired by most political parties
– Barham Salih was officially nominated by the National
Union – The National Union will bless the victory of any candidate for the position of President

Kurdistan Democratic Party member Subhi Al-Mandalawi during a televised interview:

– The Democratic Party is not afraid of any situation at the
moment – We support the formation of the government and the end of outstanding issues
– The position of the President of the Republic has become weak in the past years
– The framework today is before the test of choosing the President of the Republic
– We do not want to enter Parliament with two candidates
– We asked the delegation of the State Administration Coalition for more time to resolve Problems
– The Democrat does not accept entry to Parliament with more than one candidate
– We do not fear the election of the President of the Republic in Parliament
– Everyone’s participation in Thursday’s session is not settled
– We do not wait for the green light from any party to enter Parliament
– Forming the government is an important matter for Iraqis and the Kurdistan Region
– The formation of the government must proceed And not to wait any longer
– the Sudanese is keen on the success of the next government
– we will be part of the next government if it is formed


Independent MP Mustafa Sanad during a televised interview:

– The Minister of Oil did not abide by the court’s decision regarding the National Oil Company
– The Minister of Oil refuses to return a number of oil companies
– The Minister of Planning refused to receive the Ministry of Finance as an agency
– The Minister of Oil upon receiving the Ministry of Finance refused to disburse the financial dues of the governorates
– Al-Kazemi will either be in prison or will flee outside Iraq
– Justice must take its course with Al-Kazemi
– Al-Kazemi will be held accountable for the issue of the martyrdom of the leader Abu Mahdi Al-Muhandis
– We filed a complaint against Al-Kazemi regarding the disbursement of 70 billion for furniture link 

The inauguration session without consensus and without a president.. the Kurdish forces demand a deadline of 12 o’clock

The political forces are hours away from the inauguration session of the President of the Republic amid political confusion. Who is the most fortunate to sit on the chair after conflicting Kurdish statements regarding consensus on the position, but the most clear coordination framework confirmed by its leaders on more than one occasion to support the candidate of the National Union Kurdistan’s Barham Salih, at a time when divisions are expanding within the same union to support another candidate, Abdul Latif Rashid.

According to a source close to Abdul Latif Rashid, in a statement to “Al-Maalouma”, he “has been in Baghdad for several days and has been conducting negotiations with the political forces independently of the Union in order to pass him as President of the Republic of Iraq in cooperation with the Kurdistan Democratic Party, which is determined to replace Barham Salih.”

The source added, “Rasheed’s chances are the strongest among the candidates, as he is a consensual candidate, and he was put forward by the leaders of the State Administration Alliance during their visit to the Kurdistan Democratic Party’s leader, Massoud Barzani, in exchange for support for a leadership in the Union to take over the administration of Kirkuk Governorate.”

And the deadline for the coordination framework of the Kurdish forces ends with the entry of a unified candidate or the going with candidates at midnight.

The deputy of the State of Law coalition, Muhannad Al-Khazraji, said in a statement to Al-Maalouma that “tomorrow’s session will go ahead, whether the Kurdish forces enter with one or more candidates and will witness the election of a new president of the republic.”

He added that “the democratic option through competition is the solution in order to proceed with the formation of the government and start implementing the government program and passing important laws.

For his part, the leader in the coordination framework, Hassan, confirmed the impossibility of the Kurdish forces entering a unified candidate for the presidency during Thursday’s session, indicating that the competition will be in two rounds to determine who is the winner of the position.


And he said in a televised statement that “the problems of the two Kurdish parties are not limited to the presidency, and that the Kurdish negotiations touched upon the administration of Kirkuk and its current governor.”

He added, “The Kurds will not enter parliament with one presidential candidate, and Thursday’s session will be held, the quorum will be completed, and the president will be elected in it, and then Muhammad Shia’a Al-Sudani will be assigned to head the next government.”

He continued, “The candidate of the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan, Barham Salih, is more fortunate than others for the position of president, and that the first round of voting will not decide the winner of the presidency, and the second round of voting will be decisive in choosing the president of the republic.”

The Presidency of the House of Representatives has set next Thursday an official date for the election of the President of the Republic after a political obstruction that lasted for more than a year since the early parliamentary elections, amid these statements, all circles are awaiting the position of the Sadrist movement, which is dominated by calm character until the moment, at a time when fears are being raised that its supporters will stage demonstrations that may It ends the hopes of the State Administration Alliance in passing the presidential candidate and assigning Al-Sudani. link

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