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Bruce’s Big Call Intel Thursday Night 10-13-22

Transcribed By WiserNow

Welcome everybody to the Big Call tonight. It is Thursday, October, the 13th and you’re listening to the big call. Thanks for tuning in everybody once again, it’s our pleasure to have you from wherever you’re listening, whether you’re live or you’re listening on a replay link. Glad to have you in here from wherever you are all over the globe.

Let’s go into where we stand on this intel and let’s see if we can reach a conclusion from it.

First of all, we did get a lot of information out on last Tuesday night’s call, but hopefully everybody caught that on the replay or live last Tuesday but tonight what we did learn today was that Iraq has a situation where they’re expecting their president to what are we going to call it to say who their Prime Minister for their new republic form of government is –

Now we may have a situation where we still have a parliament in Iraq, but they’re constitutionally going to sort of a republic style of government like we are – back to a restored Republic. And they are supposed to announce that which I believe is going to be a Kashami – however you say it

It should be announced tomorrow. We have heard Saturday, but then later today, we have heard it was supposed to occur tomorrow either way it occurs – and the new Iraqi dinar rate should be made public – I would think by Sunday, maybe sooner but I would think by Sunday, which is their first business day of the week  – So that’s something to look forward to.

They have been celebrating and they’re about to celebrate their Prime Minister officially being in a position of being the head of the party and the head of the Republic  – so that is a positive step forward for Iraq and I believe this will complete what Iraq has to do for us to move forward.


Now there are other countries. Remember the goal of this Global Currency Reset, eventually not immediately like in the next few days but it will get to one on one parity with currencies all over the globe.

All currencies will be traded on an even keel on a level playing field, with parity meaning on par with one to one with our USN dollar and we believe that we have our USN digitally in place for our country. We have there the printing of our US D fiat currency, which was being printed illegally in some areas has been halted – and that was good – that happened about a week ago

We’re looking to step into the idea of NESARA – we’re already in the beginning of the final phase – phase 5 of NESARA that started almost a week ago on the 8th  of October in what’s called the payout phase of NESARA. I mentioned that I believe on Tuesday.

So where are we now in the great picture of – in the great picture and the scope of things? We’ve seen some major meetings take place. And we know that decisions have been made and talked about that on Tuesday night’s call – the decisions were being made when to release this for tier 4B  which is the internet group – and the bond holders which is tier 3 their liquidity – it appears that they reached a decision to release this sometime tomorrow evening or tomorrow night or both. Tier 3 bondholders  to receive their emails of notification of liquidity and for us to receive our notifications that we can get our toll free numbers, and our SafeLink website information to set our appointments.

Now as that happens if in the timeframes that I suggest – we could be exchanging over the weekend including  Saturday and Sunday and beyond – and we would get it done –

Now in the past a few people put out something about the 15th – well, the 15th is Saturday – and I believe that would be the first day that we could consider doing exchanges and zim redemption appointments –

So this is going to be a spectacular time for us to move forward if the information I’ve received holds up – Which I have good reason to think it will because of the high level of these meetings and the people that were involved with these meetings that this will come through for us.


We know that we have the intention for one of the key figures in GESARA to come to the United States and in about a week and we’ve got the plan I believe for the announcement about GESARA to be made prior to that

So the next week could be a really important time for announcements, possibly the beginning of the 10 or 12 Days of Disclosure – We’ll have to see what’s the exact timing is on that. But the beauty of this is that we are looking forward to coming into our full humanitarian scale with this information with the advent of the toll free numbers and what the setting of our appointments and our subsequent exchanges and redemption of Zim

and when I mentioned redemption of Zim because of the high value of those bonds, which is what they are – they’re bearer bonds payable to the “bearer of” – that’s a major deal. And you guys know that you’ve known it for a long time.

So this is a great opportunity for us to do really beautiful things for other people on this earth. Yes, we’ll have the money to do things that we want. But it’s like Sue said earlier, you know, we don’t want to be hedonic with this wealth, this blessing, and it’s the idea of helping to level the playing field by doing our projects globally, starting with the United States, and then taking that same protocol around the globe. It’s going to be beautiful – and we’re gonna just have more fun doing that I think that anything else we can imagine.

And I’m glad so many in the big call universe are a part of it as Zim holders, they have they know what the value of what they’re holding is and they can take this thing and go really, really deep. If you don’t want to do projects, and you want to take all the money for yourself, you have that option.

But to me, the kind of numbers we’re talking about on this would really be kind of a waste to use it on just yourself and your family. Yes, you can set up trust Yes, you can set up stuff that will go generational wealth over and over and over Yes. You can earn interest on the money that’s in your primary bank account – for example, with Wells. Yes. But here’s the thing. When you look back on your life, and you see an opportunity to do something major for humanity you know – this is the shot – this is it

We’ve got 30 currencies, as I mentioned last Tuesday night, that appear to be revaluing up upward – and some are really moving upward as you guys know – There are some that will move down slightly and some that will stay the same.   That’s fine.

But what we’re looking at is eventually, all world currencies actually being traded on par – one to one. Now initially, there’s an increase obviously on dinar and Dong Rupiah – On Afghani, obviously the Zim that’s a different animal. That’s a bearer bond. And, you know, Bolivar all of these are part of it.

Okay, so I’m excited because this is an opportunity like none we’ve ever seen, and yes, we waited a long time for it. Yes, it’s been a roller coaster ride – I get it – I’ve been on the ride for 18 years and on the Big Call for 11 and another call the year before  the Big Call – so I’m pretty much aware of what’s been going on.

And I think that we’re at a great point to finally see this come to fruition and we should be I mean, the new life that we’ve experienced and with the idea of what is coming with GESARA which is new technologies that have been suppressed to us – being revealed to us – like free energy – the Med Beds – And who knows, replicators are coming too.


So there’s quite a bit that we will witness as we see the world for what it is and learn what really is our true history – and what really what we’ve been told, hasn’t really been true in many, many, many cases.

What’s going to blow my mind is how people respond to 12 Days of Disclosure, not darkness, disclosure.

And how that comes out to us – how it’s actually brought out – and how people receive that. It’s going to be wild –

Now, I don’t tend to go for the doom and gloom aspect that other people are seeing I’m not fear based. I’m not a fear monger. I try to be prepared. But I’m not looking for traumatic things like power outages, cell phone outages – You know, internet outages, yes, there’ll be some intermittent internet. I’ve heard the eight minutes of disruption, some cell phone, we’ve had it already. We’ve had some cell phone disruption. I don’t know if you’ve noticed or not

But it’s only been so that the cleanup on aisle 345678 can take place in certain areas.  That’s why it took place. And that’s what’s going to continue to take place.  There’s a lot going on. We can’t see there’s a lot happening behind the scenes, but it is for our benefit and so you have to trust the system. And I hate to say trust the PLAN – but that is what we’re doing –

And the idea of getting our new money which theoretically came out last Saturday the 8th – I haven’t seen it -I haven’t gone to the bank to try to get it. I don’t know if it’s truly out – meaning available at the banks yet. But I know the banks have it –They certainly have it in their vaults – The Redemption centers have it.

We can take a little bit of cash and we go in to redeem our zim – .and do our currencies I don’t think they want us to try to go out with more than $3,500 in cash and you know you’re going to credit / debit card – you’ll have a what I call the quantum account access card to access your actual master motherlode account, which is your quantum account – a non interest bearing account that’s held in the quantum computer system and that is going to be something and yes, at some point you can get they don’t want us to take more than 2.5 billion for our projects in the first 90 days. So hopefully you can live with that – I think I can

You’re going to have the ability to take money beyond the three months as you need it for your projects. I think the bank is going to try to help you with that. But remember whose money it is because it’s right it’s God’s money and you’re the caretaker of it. You’re the trustee of it so you get to make those decisions.

So that’s about what I wanted to bring to you guys tonight. We’re really looking forward to the notifications and the bondholders for receiving their emails sometime after 5 probably tomorrow night.

We could get something that happens overnight to us. Maybe we start on Saturday, but it’s a really good time I think for us if everything I’m hearing is going to happen we’re going to be very, very pleased and celebratory. There’s no need to do a cover up going into or out of the redemption center Like we had heard, you know months and months ago, that does not appear to be an issue anymore.


So don’t worry about that and facial recognition and it’s all good. You guys are going to have a wonderful time – This should in all inintent and purposes this should be our final Big Call.

And as such I want to thank everybody that has helped to bring us to this point. I’m excited that we’re coming to this point so what everybody needs to lean in and continue to pray this blessing through to come through for us.

Bruce’s Big Call REPLAY LINK Intel Begins: 1:09:09

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