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The Central Bank of Iraq participates in the annual meetings of the International Monetary Fund and the World Bank (CBI)

A high-level delegation from the Central Bank of Iraq, headed by Deputy Governor Dr. Ammar Hamad Khalaf, participated in the annual meetings held by the International Monetary Fund and the World Bank in Washington, DC.

During the meetings, several meetings were held with some officials of the International Monetary Fund and the World Bank to discuss ways of cooperation with Iraq, and to provide the necessary support for the development of various economic sectors, especially the banking sector due to its importance in economic development.

The delegation discussed with the American Chamber of Commerce and a number of American companies, the electronic payment file in Iraq, and the efforts of the Central Bank to develop it, which contributes to increasing the rate of financial inclusion. 

International institutions praised the efforts of the Central Bank, which contributed to achieving growth in the national economy, which is more than 9% during the current year. 

Central Bank of Iraq 
Media Office 
16 – October – 2022   link

Kazimi was the best thing that happen for the Iraqi people. He got things aligned as they should be so the next government cant stray from the set up short of the rest of the world coming to their borders. They are internationally connected.


Based on Tony’s statements since Oct 2021, having the president in place is considered a formed government, I’m expecting it any moment now

Once the currency is Reissued, the world now has some flexibility….Remember the 87 billion in reserves? Thats foreign money reserves. The dinar increases, the countries holding dinar get a boast in their dinar reserve accounts and that cause the foreign reserves in Iraq to go up for them.

Do you think France will try to reenter their agreement with Iraq with the Total contract they lost?

LOL,,,France is like us exchanges, of course we will run to the banks for the perks of greater exchanges and higher interest investment, especially with the prime so high, the banks will drool over our deposits and pay us well to keep them there. So France will do the same thing,,,,go in and take advantage of the oil they pump that will go to the world as well as Europe and France.

Report: The names of the Sudanese booth will be ready in two days

A press report stated, on Saturday, that the names of the ministerial cabinet for the government of Prime Minister-designate Muhammad Shia Al-Sudani will be ready within two days.  

And the “Arabi 21” website stated in its report, which was reviewed by “The Information”, that “the road ahead of the Sudanese is paved to form the government, especially since it represents the largest bloc, which was able to resume holding parliament sessions and elect a president of the republic.”


He added, “The final agreement on the names of the Sudanese ministerial cabinet will be ready within two days, and the information available is that an agreement occurred between the political blocs that Thursday will be a date for voting on the government in Parliament.”
The report indicated that “

The report quoted the Iraqi researcher Wahid Abbas as saying, “Before the Sadrist movement’s supporters stormed Al-Khadra, we used to say that the Sudanese government would not be long, and would do nothing but prepare for the upcoming elections, while today the evidence, the general atmosphere and international support all point to the opposite.”   link

Al-Sudani to the British Ambassador : My program will focus on the economy and services

On Sunday, October 16, 2022, the person in charge of forming the government, Muhammad Shia Al-Sudani, confirmed that the government program will focus on service and economic aspects

And the media office of the Prime Minister-designate stated in a statement that “Ultra Iraq” received a copy of it, that “Al-Sudani received the British ambassador to Iraq, Mark Bryson Richardson, and during the meeting, they discussed the future of bilateral relations and ways of joint cooperation between Iraq and Britain, as well as a review of the overall political situation.” economics at the national and regional levels

The statement indicated that “Al-Sudani stressed during the meeting that the political and democratic process must proceed under the umbrella of the constitution,” noting that “his government program will focus on the service and economic aspects that affect the lives of citizens, and he also stressed the rejection of the exclusion of any national active party in this path

The Prime Minister-designate stressed the “importance of constructive partnership with the United Kingdom, and work to make Iraq an effective anchor in a stable regional order

For his part, the British ambassador expressed his country’s government’s support for the efforts made to form a new Iraqi government that meets the aspirations of the Iraqi people for progress and prosperity, according to the statement

The presidency of the Iraqi parliament vows to hold accountable those involved in the theft of two and a half billion dollars

Mohsen Al-Mandalawi, the first deputy speaker of the Iraqi parliament, vowed on Sunday to hold accountable those involved in stealing two and a half billion dollars in tax funds in Al-Rafidain Bank.


Al-Mandalawi said in a tweet on the social networking sites “Twitter” today, that what happened from the “looting” of the funds of the General Tax Authority, and the withdrawal of (2.5) billion dollars from the Rafidain Bank, will not pass easily. He pointed out that there is an upcoming account for all those involved in the process that is intended to demolish the state, destroy its economy and spread chaos, stressing that the House of Representatives will have a strict stance in the coming days.

For its part, the Parliamentary Integrity Committee announced that it had followed up the reports received about the process of losing an amount of 3.7 trillion Iraqi dinars from the General Tax Authority’s trust account in the Rafidain Bank.

Committee member Vian Dakhil said in a statement today, that the committee will hold an extraordinary and urgent meeting, in which it will summon the Acting Minister of Finance, exempted Ihsan Abdul-Jabbar, Deputy Minister of Finance and General Director of the Tax Authority, the former and current, and the general manager of Rafidain Bank, as well as hosting the head of the Integrity Commission and the authorities. All concerned and responsible, in order to verify the reasons for the loss of this huge amount. She noted that the committee will announce the results of summoning and hosting to public opinion immediately after the meeting, and will continue to monitor all investigation procedures.

On Saturday, Acting Finance Minister Ihsan Abdul-Jabbar announced the theft of an estimated two and a half billion dollars in tax funds from the Rafidain State Bank. Abdul-Jabbar, who is currently the Minister of Oil, tweeted on his Twitter account, “The Prime Minister graciously agreed to our request regarding exemption from the duties of the acting Ministry of Finance.” He pointed out, “The results of the investigation that we directed after we were assigned to the ministry, and the official evidence of the theft of an amount of 3.7 trillion Iraqi dinars (2.5 billion dollars) in tax funds / Rafidain Bank by a specific group.”

Abdul-Jabbar added that “it was handed over by the Ministry of Finance to the competent authorities, including the Parliamentary Finance Committee, which asked us to do so officially and in the media.” The Minister of Oil said, “We did not submit to any pressure or bargaining to prevent us from performing our role in protecting public money.”

Last Tuesday, the House of Representatives voted to terminate the assignment of Ihsan Abdul-Jabbar, Minister of Oil, from the position of Minister of Finance/Agency.

In mid-August, the Iraqi Prime Minister, Mustafa Al-Kazemi, assigned Oil Minister Ihsan Abdul-Jabbar with the tasks of managing the Ministry of Finance as an agency. The decision to assign came after the approval of the resignation of Finance Minister Aslah Ali Abdul Amir Allawi.

Yesterday, the head of the Turkmen Front, Hassan Turan, announced the assignment of a woman to the component as the acting Iraqi Minister of Finance, instead of Ihsan Abdul-Jabbar, who occupies this position as acting in addition to being the original Minister of Oil. “We congratulate Tasnam, the first Turkmen woman of a sovereign ministry,” Turan said in a brief statement. He added, “Ms. Hiyam Neama Koberlo is the Acting Minister of Finance.”

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