The Office of POOFness Weekly Report: Update from POOF and Susan 10-16-22


” The Office of Poofness “


Greetings and Salutations

So here you are in the crosshairs of a train wreck; who knows what is going to happen leaving room for accidents, biases, unfortunate decisions, all of that and more. You can be assured that the banks are taking a hit and they are not liking what they are seeing. You are all fortunate that you are willing to be lackey’s and pick up the debris as these things happen.

There are things afoot that are complicated and are not making lives very comfortable. Just be assured that every domino has to be considered and the load of derivatives has begun to take a toll on the many banks who are caught in a crosshairs with them.

So there will be no money coming this week; not at this juncture. The bank honchos are busy hedging their bets and working through much of the paperwork they can relate to in the unfortunate trail of broken promises.

So be it; let it be and do not get caught up in this. Be aware that many are buying gold and silver which is always a good thing; be assure that buyers can’t go wrong with this these days.

You are nearing a juncture whereby the powers that be will either let go, go down and allow more interactions or they will freeze accounts.


It will be hard as hell for the bankers to try to freeze your accounts, it won’t be an easy thing to do. It isn’t going to go so smoothly for then.

This too shall pass, be patience and watch the show.

Love and Kisses,



Dear Community



A Farmer and His Sons

Once a farmer had three grown-up sons. They always quarreled among themselves. Their father advised them to live in peace but it had no effect on them. He was worried about their future.

One day the farmer fell seriously ill. He sent for his sons. He asked them to collect a handful of sticks which they did at once. He tied the sticks into a bundle.Now, he asked them to break the bundle one by one. They tried hard to break it but none could. At last, the farmer untied the bundle and asked each of them to break each stick.

They did so quite easily. Their father said, “My dear sons, you could not break the sticks as long as they remained tied together but you broke each single stick quite easily.

They were strong in a bundle but became weak when separated from one another. Never forget that united we stand and divided we fall.”

This had a deep effect on the farmer’s sons. They gave up quarreling and began to live in peace.

Moral: United we stand and divided we fall.

PP Update: I have said it previously the anticipation for the release of the PP’s continues…

I have had many question regarding deliveries this week… if you would like a consultation on the state of affairs regarding the PP’s, please send a request for a consultation to





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