“USTNs in All US Banks” by Danlboon – 10.17.22


Entry Submitted by Danlboon at 9:29 AM ET on October 17, 2022

Word has been said “the new USN was present in all US banks,” but how can that be when we haven’t seen them? They are there for when the time comes.

Is it the United States Note or the United States Treasury Note? We will just have to wait and see. Maybe some clarification on this needs to come from the inside now or it will come forward with the EBS, Emergency Broadcast System, reportedly coming the last week of October when everything else comes out. We do not want someone coming out with the USN when it is to be the Lawful USTN or vice versa. You should be safe with these as the Deep State will be pushing the digital currency and ‘card’ and not any paper currency.

The only way to get all these USNs/USTNs into the banks is to move them in gradually on each day’s deliveries and not in mass the days before the announcement or else there will be planned thefts with the trucks along the routes or at the locations of the main distribution centers, and it is most likely the delivery personnel do not know what are in the bags except the amount of bills or just code numbers of the bags for the receipt to be signed.

It has been reported that the banks have been informed and planned on the Notes coming, but the employees most likely signed an NDA to keep it quiet till they are to be released. They should all sign one as for one employee not accidentally going into the vault and see some and getting the word out.

I presume the Notes will be held in the bank vaults at a 50/50 basis with the Federal Reserve Notes at the early stages for the people to get accustomed to receiving them, and the new Notes will be exchanged for the FRNs or just handed over when withdrawals or cashed checks are made. Then the new Notes will be coming in at a higher percentage of amounts and getting rid of the old FRNs. Once the announcement is made then the Notes will be placed into the ATMs. Maybe to see how the Notes are working is to have marked ATMs at major banks to have some with FRNs and others with USTNs to see which the people will use.

The banks are the mediary exchange points for the people’s businesses with the big shopping center, local store, restaurant and gas station as they will be handing out the new Notes for then the businesses to start using them, however the big shopping centers or major grocery stores may get the new Notes as they have many customers that can exchange the Notes on a daily basis as they do have the cash delivery trucks coming each day. When the businesses go to their banks for their daily exchanges then that’s when they will do their exchanges for the new Notes.

Hope you all can relate to the new Notes, but also keep some old Fed Notes with you when some small businesses may not accept the new Notes at that time or you give some to the homeless and they do not know what they are. This should be going on for a year to exchange and not just down to 30 days or less and then the FRNs are no good anymore. So just have patience in the coming days for the transition.




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