“The Voice says Silver will be Called to Warehouses” by TIGER – 10.18.22


Entry Submitted by TIGER at 11:13 AM ET on October 18, 2022

In this video Jim Willie quotes one of his sources who he refers to as “The Voice” as saying”

“They are going to call all the silver to the warehouses and it’s all going to be managed in a very honest manner” ..

“but it will not be advisable or practical to hold the silver because it will be too necessary for economic and energy development, it’s going to be a big part of free energy globally.”

This is contradictory therefore illogical. 

1) IF silver is handled in an HONEST manner then it WON’T be subject to mandates forcing people to sell at some arbitrary fixed price, such as a price unlike what is on which currently shows $981 per ounce. 

2) They HAVE PLENTY of silver confiscated from the tunnels, the bad banks, and the war criminal oligarchs. They don’t NEED also the silver they would steal from patriot citizens.

3) They can also get PLENTY of silver by refusing to cash it in if the person acquired it under nefarious circumstances, or place a limit on how much silver a person may keep (which might be reasonable at 25,000 ounces).


4) They have MORE silver right now than they need for industrial purposes; they MAY need more in the future ref NUT they can meet demand by increasing price because the miners will increase production.

5) The “right to have free energy” is NOT in the Constitution but the right to use silver as money IS in the Constitution. Energy does NOT have to be free and if it were free it would be mispriced and wasted and probably used in evil ways. (In any case I think the phrase “free energy” means you get more energy back than you paid to harvest it, it does NOT mean it will be cost-free.) Paying a correct and rightful price for the necessary Silver as part of one’s energy bill will NOT make much difference in price anyway.

6) After what FDR did in calling in the gold in 1933 and then immediately raising the price, rooking the gold owners out of 50%, a mandate to  “bring your silver to our warehouse” would convince most patriots they had traded in one Cabal for another, AND it would make criminals of honest silver owners who do NOT trust government, which is why they also own guns. It is a good question to ask, if the government “calls in” the silver, whether they will get lead instead. It is NOT a good start for a new government to alienate 50% of its adherents by trying to confiscate what the Constitution identifies as their real MONEY.

7) To get the silver of Patriots they would have to send STORM TROOPERS to people’s homes. If anyone thinks Silver will be given to the government at some artificially-fixed price, after patriots  have held it for 5, 10, or even 20 years preparing for all the crashing of the unbelievably corrupt fiat money system, they are sadly and mistakenly misinformed, and no speech or mandate or even draconian hit squad is going to change that. Americans are NOT armed to the teeth because they will willingly submit to the confiscation of their wealth by their own “friendly” government. And anyone who believes that force will make a difference in whether patriots knuckle under to an unfair and unjust rule of law needs to reread their history of The Alamo. This LINE IN THE SAND has been drawn LONG AGO and NO ONE is going to be saying the government has the right to the wealth of citizens without just compensation just because this whole corrupt system held back progress.



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