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Bruce’s Big Call Intel Thursday Night 10-20-22

Transcribed By WiserNow

Welcome, everybody to the big call tonight is Tuesday, October 20. And you’re listening to the big call. I’m glad you’re listening wherever you’re located all over the globe, in some cases and countries that were finally getting to with the message, sometimes in their own language, which is, which is wonderful. And we thank everybody that’s tuning in. We’re in our 11th year. And let’s hope we don’t go any further than that. You know what I mean? So we’re excited to be on the call tonight.

Now let’s talk about kind of what’s been going on and where we stand. This is an interesting time because, you know, whereas we thought certain things would happen for us this week – It looks more like what’s happening right now – today, tomorrow and Saturday, they’re taking care of the bondholders accounts.

We know firsthand from people that are that are bond sellers, that their accounts are being attended to – today, tomorrow and Saturday, with access to funds for them, most likely on Monday.

Now, you say well, they’ve been doing that for a while. Yeah, they have been and they’ve been emailing these bondholders and introducers – But they’re now at the point where they’re taking care of these guys getting the funds put into their accounts. They’re opening their quantum account, with they’re quantum access card or I call it quantum account access card. Qaac – that’s my name for it – and it’s not super thick credit card like titanium – with three chips in it – that has the biometric fingerprint in one of the chips – and it’s designed to make it accessible to the quantum financial account.

The Quantum financial system account, which I call the quantum account, I just call it quantum for short. Okay. So, as I mentioned on Tuesday – we’re gonna have these quantum accounts that don’t generate any interest but we’ll be able to move up to $4 billion for the first 60 days into – our I’m using LLCs for my projects – just because of the ease and that’s what my attorney was recommending that I use, and that’s what I did. And so I can move 4 billion per project LLC into place to be able to access those funds for the start of my project, and that’s only for the first 60 days.

Beyond that – I’m not sure what the ability is for us to move those funds. They don’t want to super overheat this economy. You guys. They want it to be smoothly heated and not overheated. And it’s gonna be a new game – Let’s face it, when people – we think next week – probably – it may not be next week but we think we are going next week. And it could be start NESARA / GESARA also kicks off in a bigger way for us next week.


So we’ll see how that will keep an eye on that, but in that there will be debt forgiveness. There will be refunding of tax monies – will be refunding of interest paid on loans with banks, credit card interest on mortgage interest. All of that is going to be refunded to us – because it was considered usury and under usury laws, they’re not supposed to do that stuff.

And as we come back to the restore of the Republic, you’re gonna find that stuff is going away and we’ll get back a lot of that money, not to mention the money that they traded on our birth certificates as a bond, or death certificates. our marriage licenses or divorce decrees, they treated with all four of those, as financial instruments or bonds

So we’re gonna have the opportunity to get refunded on that. It’s going to be going to be pretty cool.

The quantum accounts I’m referring to – the quantum financial system is slowly coming into play I mentioned Tuesday night and 60% of the world’s currencies are gold backed or asset back and we’re getting there. We’re getting there. I thought more than that was 60% gold back actually on Tuesday tonight. That’s pretty good 60% of the country’s currencies gold backed – so we’re getting there.

They’re still doing major cleanup, you guys. Major cleanup, high value, target cleanup, heavy duty now through the next week, and that’s going to continue on for I don’t know at least through the end of the month, if not well into November,

But we know that we are coming in after the bondholders get their emails, getting them access to funds. We should get notified – the best information we got today from Redemption center personnel was pushing us to early next week. That’s a Monday/ Tuesday start we think – I know we’ve heard about Monday, Tuesday forever. I get it, but we know that redemption center staff is on standby or on call to be called in – you know, today tomorrow, Saturday – Sunday is a big question whether they’re even going to be on call or not.

So that means they’re not going in yet. But if they if this is released to us, they will be called in to go in and take our appointments – so I’m not going to hold up too much hope for the rest of the week until we get to Monday, first part of next week. Monday, Tuesday, is looking very solid for us.


And I think that’s really, really our start should be in a Monday / Tuesday – so that’s the best information that we’re getting right now – it is coming from several sources but like I know a lot of the information that I have set out there in the past that has not come to fruition. I get it – I know –

This thing is much more than a moving target – Like we said – things change – New things come up that we’re not aware of – Then we find out about it. We don’t like it. Okay I see why it didn’t go – I see why we have been pushed – and we have been pushed – let’s face it – we have been pushed – but – I know that this is coming. I’m very confident in it. I’m confident in the release of new technologies, like the Med Bed – like free energy, all of that is part of GESARA – that should be announced here soon – And it might be next week, in conjunction with us starting.

There’s a lot going on. There’s a lot going on. And it’s all behind the scenes. We can’t see a lot of it – like I say for example that I heard a couple days ago – a certain farmer had received a letter in the mail. I think he owed $150,000 on a property just to be just to keep it going with the bank. The bank sent him a letter.

Your mortgage is forgiven on the property. And then he got a visit from USDA and the bank the next day after he received the letter. And I think that falls into farm claims. I believe that would be a farm claim – release of the mortgage – and I’m sure that’s happening – In many cases. It just hasn’t happened for the majority of us.

So GESARA in the United States has been going on for several months now – in small ways – like the letter I was telling you about just now the small ways, not in a huge all inclusive, you know, here’s the money type deal – that’s coming – but I don’t know how soon that’s going to be revealed to us. I think we could get a heads up on it as early as next week. But we’ll find out when we get that.

What’s mainly important is for us is to get these bondholders emails out to them giving them access to funds, which should be around Monday – and we could get notified around the same time that they get access to funds – we should be notified by Wells Fargo to set our appointments – and go set our appointments for our currencies and to redeem our Zim bonds.

Alright – So that’s what’s happening right now. We’re getting awfully close to the end of the month

Do we get this started on the 24th / 25th like I’m hearing before the end of the month – let’s hope so because that’s what I’m getting right now – And it would occur for us in October so let’s just continue to pray for that and believe for that – We will we’ll take it one day at a time literally – one day at a time and we’ll go from there.

This could be it – this is Thursday and we start the weekend after the Big Call tonight  – I want to thank everybody for listening – we’re excited that this is coming soon and I’ve heard it coming very very soon – so = let’s see what that looks like = especially between the weekend and early next week – ok – first part of next week  – have a great night and a wonderful weekend

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