Awake-in-3D: Our GCR, the Reset, Janet Yellen, and the UST/Federal Reserve



There is no doubt that Our GCR (not the ‘other’ Reset) is real and coming into full public view… watch this entire video if you can. At least the first 20 minutes.

Stansberry Research is not some amateur conspiracy theory YouTuber channel. Neither is Frank Giustra.


A Global Monetary Reset Is Here; Countries No Longer Want to Be Held Hostage, Warns Frank Giustra

In an exclusive interview with Daniela Cambone, billionaire philanthropist, Frank Giustra lays out his thesis for the global monetary reset already underway.

We’re at the beginning of a currency war, “and I’m absolutely certain we’re heading into a global monetary system reset,” warns Frank Giustra, CEO of the Fiore Group.

He tells Daniela Cambone, Russian President Vladimir Putin and Chinese President Xi Jinping, “have made it very clear they want an alternative to the U.S. dollar,” after being held hostage by the currency for so long.


Predicting that the dollar will lose its status as the world’s reserve currency, Giustra says China will be victorious in its efforts to solidify a new central bank currency backed by gold.

“Everybody, and I mean everybody, should own physical gold,” he says when asked about the increasing privacy issues posed by technology.

“I think the pivot is around the corner, the [Fed’s] math doesn’t make any sense,” claims Giustra when asked about the rate-hike cycle currently underway for the central bank. “The Fed is trying to talk inflation and something is going to break, they’ve ruined the American dollar,” he concludes.

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Say What? – UST to Absorb Primary Role of the FED?!!


Can it be true? Is Janet Yellen a secret, undercover GCR White Hat double agent? 

Hold on there Haus! I’m not quite ready to go down that rabbit hole… 

A long-respected tenet of Our GCR architecture has been for the UST to absorb, or take over, the role of the US Federal Reserve Bank, which is primarily to issue commercial banking reserves or to buy US Treasuries in order to increase, or decrease, USD liquidity in the economy. 

But now, Janet Yellen, the UST Secretary has floated the prospect of the UST buying back its own Treasury Bonds – the very Bonds the UST sells to the markets. In essence, this means Janet is proposing to take over the FED’s key role in the global monetary system. Remember, Yellen was also the FED Chairman for several years before taking over the UST under Biden. 

The question is, she’s either stupid crazy, or… something else. Yet, for the UST to absorb the role of selling, and buying, US Treasury Bonds is a clear challenge to the very heart of the global central banking system. It’s a total game-changer. 

I’m going to error on the side of “stupid-crazy” for now. Still, these are very interesting times indeed. 

What’s next? The Treasury absorbing the IRS??? 

Oh wait, the IRS has always been a branch of the UST since Abraham Lincoln first created it (called the Department of Revenue back then) to fund the Civil War effort. 




Article excerpts: 

What’s causing the problem? 

A year of steep losses for bonds caused by rising inflation and Fed interest-rate increases has led many of the traditional big participants, like US commercial banks, foreign governments and life insurers, to shy away from the debt market.

What is Treasury thinking of doing?

It’s deciding whether it will buy back older securities and replace them with larger current issues in either Treasury bills, or notes and bonds, depending on the government’s objective.


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