The Office of POOFness Weekly Report: Update from POOF, Susan, DJ 10-23-22


” The Office of Poofness “


Greetings and Salutations,

So this is the update that prevails. It isn’t that much different from many others. All are awaiting the changing of the guard, the clinking of metal and the saber rattling that goes with threatening war and threatening bullies. All are being bullies as of these days in the times you are experiencing. Let it go. Let it be.

Do not get yourselves caught up in drama and psychodrama.. Make the best of it all, lay low, pay your dues, do your gigs wherever you have to do them and pay attention — pay attention every hour of every day.

Things are changing quite rapidly and you must be awake to hold to the truth through all of the machinations that are unfolding.

The currency rates are coming up but again be ever watchful but do not count on us to make this known any more so than any other; we can confirm but you need to keep eyes and ears open for it all.

There will be no monies from the Trust this week. But we can say nicely and diplomatically that we know you are going to be pleasantly surprised at how well this will go down.


We are awaiting more news as these days bring to the forefront all the changing issues that have yet to be addressed. There are some real scumbags around; so steer clear of getting caught up in the dramas of the folk that would want to pull you in and pull you down.

Just be with the cause; find a way to speak where you can; do not hold back; people need to know the truth and the truth is Trump is the man for the job for now; he has a strong base of knowing who did what and where and how to bring a lot of this to fruition. Trust him; he has as good a hold as any one and all forces are reporting even as we speak. Just hold your horses and be with the program.

Love and Kisses,



Dear Community



From Kryon Book Eleven – Lifting the Veil – Page 75

Pleasing God,

The perceptions of humanity are that you must somehow please God with your goodness. I want to tell you, angels, you’ve already pleased God because you’re here!

It’s the reason there are going to be healed —because you are waking up to who you are and you are finding the divinity inside.

You’ve already pleased God! You don’t have to think about being fearful or worry about what you might do to displeased God because of some kind of a super reward and punishment system on the other side of the veil. There isn’t one.

It’s hard enough while you’re here, isn’t it? If you ever knew how much you were loved, you would never think for a moment there’d be punishment on the other side of the veil, even for the darkest among you.

Yet your major religions are all based around this feature. A billion of you feel that you arrived “dirty,” already broken and carrying the burden of humanity’s darkest deeds.

Then, if you join and perform certain rituals and beliefs, you can overcome this horrible fate. In the process, those who never find out about how it works go to Hell! Does this make any spiritual sense to you?

It’s time to understand how Human this concept is.



through Lee Carroll, the Original Kryon Channel (via

P.S. To explore this topic more fully, you can download From Kryon Book Eleven – Lifting the Veil through Kindle.

PP Update:

I’ve been told to be on alert, they are ready to go. I sure hope so….





One of the best indicators of how the economy is doing is the “Cost of Living Adjustment” or COLA. Generally used by the Social Security Administration to make adjustments to Social Security Income or SSI benefits. There are approximately 70 million Americans that are Social Security beneficiaries. That’s roughly 21% of the U.S population. To give you an idea how drastic it is , in 2015 there were 0 adjustments. (2016 -.30) (2017- 2.0 ) (2018 – 2.8) (2019 -1.6) (2020-1.3) (2021-5.9) and for 2022 , never in history have we seen this increase, 8.7%.

While this is good news for 21% of the population one has to consider what it actually means. For that much of an increase to occur the economy, as a whole, had to take a severe beating. This is another example of using the population as a political football. A classic example of creating the problem then being the hero who shows up with the solution.


Anyone with a logical mind can see what is happening with gas prices and why. Creator the fuel industry, make prices so high it makes sense to go to electric vehicles and other alternatives sources of energy. But the cost is the suffering of the population to facilitate the agenda of an administration.

The U.S. doesn’t have a monopoly on this behavior, it is rampant throughout the world. The masses are always the target of manipulation. Various countries use various methods but it’s always similar in scope. Create fear and be the savior. The bigger question for any global event should be “who is doing it and why”? It can pretty much be assumed that whatever the masses are being told there is an alternative agenda behind it. It may seem cliche but all you have to do is “follow the money”. Politicians and governments chase the votes and approval of the masses. The votes and approval of the masses, controls the money.

The jest of this conversation is to point out, to those reading, to be aware. Nothing is ever as it is presented. One should not allow themselves to be manipulated by unfounded claims and speculations to the point it affects their life and well-being. All benefits, not earned, come with a price.

When looking for the enactment of a GCR/RV, if the behavior manipulation of the masses (as in the couple examples above) is to follow the pattern, you have to ask yourself how much fear must be generated to manipulate the entire financial system of the planet?

Be present in all things and thankful for all things. Awareness requires living in the here and now, not in the elsewhere, the past or the future. It’s all a matter of paying attention, being awake in the present moment, and not expecting a huge payoff will help you manage expectations and sleep a lot better.



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