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Samson » October 25th, 2022

Interior Minister: We arrested one of those “involved in stealing tax money” while trying to escape from Baghdad airport

24th October, 2022

Iraq is a trust in our necks and we will not allow the theft of its money or complacency in anything that affects its security, and accordingly we directed a special force of the heroes of the Ministry of Interior to arrest (Noor Zuhair Jassim) at Baghdad International Airport while he was trying to leave the country by a private plane, as I thank and appreciate the efforts of the just Iraqi judiciary, which issued the necessary approvals to accomplish this task. 

Othman Al-Ghanimi 
Minister of the Interior   LINK

The Minister of Interior confirms.. a security force prevents the owner of the “Al-Qant” company, who is involved in “theft of tax money”, from traveling

24th October, 2022


On Monday, a security force prevented one of the main suspects in the investigation for theft of tax insurance funds from traveling through Baghdad airport.

A security source told Shafak News Agency; A security force prevented Nour Zuhair, director of the “Al-Qant” company, which was involved in stealing tax department insurance funds, from boarding the plane at Baghdad Airport.

The source added; That the procedure was a travel ban only, and he was not arrested due to the lack of a judicial warrant for his arrest and summons.

Meanwhile; The Iraqi Minister of Interior, Othman Al-Ghanimi, confirmed the arrest of the director of the Al-Qant Company at Baghdad Airport.

Al-Ghanimi said in a statement received by Shafak News Agency; “We directed a special force of the Ministry of Interior’s heroes to arrest (Noor Zuhair Jassim) at Baghdad International Airport while he was trying to leave the country by a private plane.”

Al-Ghanimi thanked “the just Iraqi judiciary, which issued the necessary approvals to accomplish this task.”   LINK

The Ministry of the Interior arrests (7) wanted persons in Baghdad


25th October, 2022

The Ministry of Interior announced today, Tuesday, the arrest of (7) suspects in Baghdad, according to various legal articles.

A statement by the Ministry of Interior, received by Shafaq News Agency, said that “the detachments of the Al-Wahda Police Station in the Al-Madayn Police Department of the Baghdad Police Command arrested seven suspects, during a morning security exercise supervised by the Baghdad Police Commander, according to various legal articles.”

The statement added that “the arrested suspects were escorted to the aforementioned police station to take fundamental legal measures against them in accordance with the law.”   LINK

Mustafa Al-Kazemi confirms that the Iraqi government will continue to fight corruption

25th October, 2022

The Iraqi caretaker prime minister, Mustafa Al-Kazemi, confirmed, on Tuesday, the government’s continuation in the fight against corruption and the arrest of criminals.

Al-Kazemi said – in a tweet to him, according to Al-Iraqiya News Channel – that from the first day until the last moment, we affirm our government’s continuation in the fight against corruption, exposing the corrupt and arresting the criminals

He added, “The pursuit of public money looters and bringing them to justice is an issue that has received our direct attention and close follow-up in accordance with the legal contexts in force in the implementation of judicial orders, without regard to the owners of bids, political extortion, and forgers of facts who were the basis of corruption and its defenders, and they will remain if they are not confronted politically and publicly exposed

The Iraqi Prime Minister thanked the heroes of the Ministry of Interior for their efforts and all the security services and the judiciary and its agencies, saying, “We are all working for the country and the state   LINK


Mr. Al-Hakim praises the arrest of those accused of stealing tax deposits and strongly supports anti-corruption efforts

10/25/2022 11:33:56

The head of the National State Forces Alliance, Mr. Al-Hakim, valued “the position of the responsible judiciary, the Ministry of the Interior, the security forces and the parliamentarians who contributed to revealing the details of the case of money stolen from tax insurances, and the follow-up and arrest of those accused of these major violations.”

Al-Hakim affirmed in a statement that Al-Furat News received a copy of it, “his strong support for any governmental or parliamentary effort that pursues and follows up corruption files, apprehends criminals without exception, and returns the looted funds to the public treasury.” He called on “all honorable, selfless and conscientious people to stand united in the face of corruption, deter corrupters and bring them to justice.”

Mr. Al-Hakim affirmed that “the people aspire only to a strong government capable of curbing corruption and the corrupt, and inflicting just punishment on all those whose sinful souls tempt them to prejudice the capabilities and rights of the people.”

The Ministry of the Interior and the Integrity Commission announced yesterday the arrest of Nour Al-Mudhaffar, one of the accused in the case of tax deposits deposited in the branches of the Rafidain Bank at Baghdad International Airport while he was trying to leave the country by a private plane.  LINK

After the arrest of the main accused, a legal expert clarifies the expected penalties for tax thieves

10/25/2022 15:13:12

Legal expert Ali Al-Tamimi explained, on Tuesday, the expected penalties for tax thieves, pointing out that the confession of the arrested suspects will inevitably lead to the arrest of important figures, and these figures may deny the charges against them.

Al-Tamimi said in a statement received by {Euphrates News} that “the arrest warrants were issued in accordance with Article 444/11 of the Iraqi Penal Code, theft of state funds, a felony punishable by up to 10 years in prison with the aggravating circumstances contained therein. Emphasis is provided in this article…where the arrest warrant was followed by a ban on travel and investigation or search to seize all his money in connection with the crime. 


He continued: “I think this will be followed by placing a sign not to dispose of the movable and immovable funds of those interested, and to open the general traffic, real estate and government banks to prevent the disposal of the money until the case is resolved,” noting that “the accused who were arrested, important confessions necessitate that the investigation be confidential in these cases.”

And by a decision of the investigation court, so that information does not leak to wanted persons, they will be recognized by those arrested, and this leads to their escape or the scattering of evidence.” 

He added, “Even those who fled abroad can prepare files to retrieve them as wanted persons, whether in the public prosecution or integrity, and retrieve them with the smuggled money, especially with the existence of the 2005 money laundering agreement ratified by Iraq in 2007, and that the confession of the arrested suspects will inevitably lead to the arrest of important figures and these figures may deny.”

The charges brought against her, but the Code of Criminal Procedure resolved this, so it obliged the investigation court to file independent cases against them, and the accused who were recognized as a witness against them in this case .. according to Article 125 of fundamentalism, and no one is above the law. 

And he indicated, “Popular pressure was great in this case, and its important results came. In fact, the people are the source of the authorities. I think that this case will be a gateway to eliminating financial and administrative corruption in Iraq…whether internally or what is smuggled and recovering.”  LINK

Source: Dinar Recaps

Samson » October 25th, 2022

Central Bank : There are no intentions to change the exchange rate

24th October, 2022

The Central Bank of Iraq reiterated Monday, that there are no intentions to change the exchange rate.

An official source in the Central Bank told the Iraqi News Agency (INA), that “there are no intentions to change the exchange rate.”

The source called on citizens and all stakeholders to preserve the value of their money and to stay away from what is rumored in the media. LINK


DoTalktome » October 25th, 2022

Think I have to call ca ca on this 1. 
Kuwait had a full-page article saying they would not add value to their currency.
They did it the very next day.
I think it is a ploy to throw off speculators.
Not saying they will do it tomorrow!
But expectations are alive.

Source: Dinar Recaps

Samson » October 25th, 2022

With 14 bags .. Al-Sudani intends to enter Parliament next Sunday to obtain confidence

25th October, 2022

The State of Law coalition confirmed, on Tuesday, the intention of the Prime Minister-designate, Muhammad Shiaa Al-Sudani, to go to the House of Representatives next Sunday to obtain confidence, noting that Al-Sudani has completed 14 ministries so far.

The leader of the coalition, Jassim Muhammad Jaafar, said in a statement to “Al-Maalouma”, that “the Prime Minister-designate, Muhammad Shia’ al-Sudani, tried to avoid the October demonstrations and did not specify the session during the past days, in conjunction with calls for protests.” Jaafar added, “Al-Sudani has settled 14 ministries and they will be announced in the coming days and then voted on in Parliament to give the government confidence.”  

He pointed out that “next Sunday will be a date for the parliament session, and after voting on 14 ministries, it will be completed comfortably during the next week.” 

Independent MP Hussein Arab had confirmed in a previous statement to “Al-Maalouma”, that the official announcement on the new cabinet will be next Thursday, noting that the independent representatives will not have any representation in the next Sudanese government.   LINK



At Al-Abadi’s house… an “important” meeting of the leaders of the coordination framework for sharing the cabinet

25th October, 2022

An informed political source said, on Tuesday, that the leaders of the comprehensive coordination framework of the Shiite forces, with the exception of the Sadrist movement, are now holding a meeting at the house of the leader in the framework Haider al-Abadi to complete the government formation.

The source told Shafaq News Agency, “An important meeting is to complete the distribution of the twelve ministerial portfolios of the Shiite component, and their sharing between the framework blocs and parties.” And he indicated that “the distribution of ministries will be in coordination and consultation with the Prime Minister-designate, Muhammad Shiaa Al-Sudani.”

Earlier today, the State of Law coalition led by Nuri al-Maliki revealed the number of his ministerial portfolios in the upcoming government headed by Muhammad Shiaa al-Sudani.

The leader of the coalition, Fadel Mawat, told Shafak News Agency, “According to the electoral weight, the share of the State of Law coalition in the Sudanese government is four ministries, but we have always been (Umm Al-Walid) and all of our concern is to form the government and speed up resolving this file, as we will have only two portfolios in the government.” new”.

And he indicated that “the State of Law coalition will have the Ministry of Higher Education, and perhaps with it the Ministry of Transport or Labor and Social Affairs, and this is subject to the dialogues that are currently taking place between the blocs and parties and the Prime Minister-designate.”

While the other framework blocs got the rest of the twelve ministries,

And yesterday, Monday, the leader in the coordination framework, Fadi Al-Shammari, revealed to Shafaq News Agency, “The news that talks about the existence of a political agreement to pass half the government during a parliamentary session to be held this evening (yesterday), is incorrect and there is no such approach or agreement at all.” He added, “Next Wednesday is the semi-final date for a vote of confidence in the government of Muhammad Shia al-Sudani, and government consultations for the prime minister-designate are in their final touches.”  LINK



The central bank resolves the controversy over the dollar exchange rate plan

24th October, 2022

On Monday, the Central Bank of Iraq resolved the controversy over reducing the value of the dollar against the dinar, in response to a report by a member of the Parliamentary Finance Committee, Nermin Maarouf.

Nermin said in a statement she received (Al-Oula News) a copy of, “A few days ago, as the Finance Committee in the House of Representatives, we asked the Governor of the Central Bank about rumors of a depreciation of the dollar against the dinar, in response to a report we sent.”  

The deputy added, that the central bank replied, “that it does not intend to change the value of the dollar for several reasons, as the current exchange rate of the dollar achieved some positive results and reduced the government budget deficit to a good degree, although the government was able to pay off some of its internal and external debts.”  

The bank explained, according to Nermin, that “changes in the dollar exchange rate in the near future will create a state of instability in the currency market, cause distrust of the dinar, negatively affect economic activity and the investment situation, and increase speculative activity in the currency.”  

The bank’s answer also stated, “The devaluation of the dinar against the dollar will enhance the competitiveness of local products and reduce the demand for foreign imports.”  

The bank stated, “With regard to the negative impact of the current dollar exchange rate on people’s livelihoods, especially for the poor, the central bank believes that the government can provide aid and assistance to these groups and improve food stamps to mitigate the consequences of dollar appreciation instead of returning it to its old value.”   LINK



MilitiaMan » October 25th, 2022

They are clearly trying to keep everyone on the back foot for a purpose.. Just like the rehashed articles about not changing the exchange rate again (like the above), when they clearly have every intention of doing so.

There are at least 4-5 that counter the calls for not to change the exchange rate.

They printed new notes in 2018 to the tune of $500 million real close, it is the Governments program to new currency issuance and therefore, the date of the cabinet not disclosed consistently is used to keep those in expectation of that at bay until the final moment.. imo…

I like what I am seeing this week.. This month is coming to a close and the world is liking the progress. The calls for assurances have been many.

There are repercussions for not seating the government.. They all know it..  Far to costly not to get it done now.. imo ~ MM


Harvester » October 25th, 2022

All these news articles that come in all day long IMO are like a dust storm, which I am sure Iraq is familiar with lol. But then MM posts and it is like the dust clears and we find we are still moving on the right path in the right direction. So appreciate and look forward to your afternoon posts MM. Thank you

MilitiaMan » October 25th, 2022

Thank you too. I am glad to help. Lets see what the next couple of days bring us.. From the looks of it there is serious anticipation for the GOI to have a vote on the cabinet.. There are side bar things that are going on in the Middle easy starting tomorrow..  Of which has implications to Viet Nam imo as well.. The middle east and emerging markets are going to explode again into next year. Much is likely to hinge on what we see in the short term.. Follow the money… imo ~ MM

Source: Dinar Recaps


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