“We The People Start Our Own Bank” by Danlboon – 10.25.22


Entry Submitted by Danlboon at 12:07 PM ET on October 25, 2022

If you have the proper knowledge, the proper tools and the proper We The People then you can start your own Bank in the Republic, and you make the approval like we did with the Articles of Confederation, the Declaration of Independence and the US Constitution.

Like DJ Trump has said that he is giving the government back to We The People and that is not for the government to do all the work and we sit back waiting for it to come to us for things to happen, and it is not Trump’s job to do everything, but he may approve of this for us as we take control.

A friend of mine has found out that you can start a bank with almost nothing, but that is in another country and without all the red tape of having a proper corporation, high credit score, much capital or approval from the US Treasury, Federal Reserve System and/or any other agency or government.

Some of you know how things can be done and can set up the guidelines of how it can be done then pass this on to all of us others of We The People. The primary thing I believe is to NOT have it as a US CORP corporation and following all the rules and regulations of the present banking system, but write up a document that specifies directly to follow the Articles of Confederation, the Declaration of Independence, the US Constitution and the individual State’s Constitution where you are located.

So come out and make your claim in your town for one bank and then spread to claim all the other banks in your town to transfer to the We The People Bank of your town. Make sure it is with you signing for your real name and NOT as in all capital letters for the STRAWMAN of the US CORP as it is John Doe Smith not JOHN DOE SMITH.

The backing of this is ourselves the individual people, not a person, with the assets of our lives and the STRAWMAN Treasury Direct Account that was set up for us at our birth, and that should be the capital for just even ten of you to have a bank. Thus if you have a legitimate Certificate of Live Birth or Birth Certificate then you start with that. Possibly you start with 50 people for that bank in your community and get it going, but the guidelines will be there for you to do it all. You can include the NESARA plans for the Debt to be Paid Back to each of us at $100,000 per month for 11 years, and that is for anyone 21 years of age and older, so $13,200,000 total for one people and $660 million for 50 people, and that is now backed by the new UST and with the new USTNs.

This bank is owned by the American National Sovereigns of the Republic of the USA, thus no US CORP citizens or citizens from a foreign country are the owners. Others can use this for normal business, but they cannot own it and that is where the separation of the True We The People and the foreigners come in as it will be that illegals cannot get any funds from this bank such as a loan or any free funding. This is just an idea that We The People can take control and not have the US Treasury as our bank as we would then have our own bank in our own community as they did prior to 1861.




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