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Bruce’s Big Call Dinar Intel Thursday Night 10-27-22

Transcribed By WiserNow

Welcome everybody to the Big CALL night is Thursday, October 27th and you’re listening to the big call. Thanks everybody for tuning in again, catching us live or catching us on the replay link or replay numbers, whichever it is for you. Thanks for listening. We appreciate it. And we are ready to rock it all back. We did rock and roll

Let’s talk about the intel and see where we are.  I think we’re in a pretty good place right now. I know we’ve been close. We thought we would be here sometime this week. Even our own Jeanne said she’ll do what happened before the end of the month. I think she’s gonna get her wish. That’s what I’m getting, at least today.

And last night, we picked up some information from five of the very highest of the high sources that are involved in the direct decision making of when the notifications emails will go out – toll free numbers when they’re going to go out –

These people – I’m not going to tell you who they are, but they’re the very top of the food chain in terms of orchestrating this RV ok – so let’s go back first and talk about where Iraq is putting us. Is there one thing that we need to see happen that needed to happen, supposedly yes, but we’ve narrowed down what we think that is.

Alright, first, let’s talk about what it isn’t – the 24 septillion dollars which has been coming from Dubai 2 to our accounts for dollar banks, for us in tier 4B has been there for like four days now. So those funds are in place. That’s good to go.

The USN as a digital version, trading now for about three and a half weeks. Trading globally for three half weeks. Now are we completely totally on the gold standard? Or is our currency fully asset backed? We’re about to find out Saturday or Sunday, I believe is when we could see. I don’t know if we’re gonna get an announcement about it. But we know that it should be there by then.


Okay, so it seems odd to me that you can have a digital USN and be trading it globally. But that’s what has happened for the last three an half weeks. In terms of what’s happening internationally – we know from some of the pricing that we’ve seen, that the USN is on par with meaning as the same value as on par with the euro. Remember, the euro was always higher than the dollar hanging around a buck 25 Buck 30 But I’ve been to Europe playing with $1.40 and it was horrible.

Okay, but when it gets down to around 133 or 130 it was better – well guess what? It’s one to one now. The Euro is one to one with our USN dollar and I believe you can also say the what used to be the British pound there now calling it the British Sterling.

The British Sterling was always above – even the Euro – remember, like a 1.51 1.50 to the dollar. Now it’s on par also with the dollar. So much has happened Queen died all that good stuff. And now we’re at the point where we’re looking on par.

Now – all the currencies of the world eventually will be on par with each other – and for trading that’s going to make it really, really easy, really good. So that’s what we have to look forward to. In the meantime, we’re looking forward to certain currencies that we know about – that are going to go up in value to bring us a greater value than on par. Right, a lot greater.

That’s why Dr Shabibi, of theCBI was talking about the actual value that he saw for the Iraqi dinar – so the dinar is – okay let’s back up – the Iraqi government and Prime Minister were to be seated today.

That announcement of the seating of the government and the prime minister Hashemi – I believe – I’m sorry if I butchered the name – is to be announced either Saturday or Sunday – this weekend, and also Saturday or Sunday – we should have a new internationally known Iraqi dinar rate.

Now probably the international rate is going to be the same as the so called in country rate. We know what it is. It’s very good. And we also know that the rate that we are going to see on the screens in the redemption centers that will be the best rates. We know that will be good. And we’re looking forward to that.


Now Iraq should be completed and done and announced – not tomorrow because it’s the holy day there. All right, but Saturday or Sunday and It should be the dinar should be trading Sunday night when they go to trade against China, Far Eastern countries around nine 9:30pm Eastern Time Sunday night.

So in the meantime, our – let’s talk a minute about bonds – the bondholders we know that completed yellow dragon bonds, Golden Dragon bonds. Today they were doing the German bonds in New York that’s through Bank of America. That was good also in Atlanta through BofA and so there’s a lot of that going on – doesn’t mean all the bonds are done – some of the more the higher denomination type bonds if you will, with greater value will be continuing to be exchanged or a process is used that are processed all the way probably through to Thanksgiving, and maybe beyond that, but I think they’re trying to get it done before Thanksgiving – that gives them what a little less than a month to do it.

So today is the 27th that’s happening to where does that put us? Now the bondholders are told that they should start getting access to their liquidity. I believe it’s going to end up being Monday or Tuesday. It could be could be sooner, could be over the weekend. But when I hear has happened, with yellow dragon bond holders is that they got travel money to travel from Geneva back to where they’re going. So they got a piece of it. They got a little bit of it.

They didn’t get the full blown 1% that they’re going to get for the first 60 days. They got some travel money – to walk around money we used to call it right. So that’s a good thing. But where that puts us -This is from the people that are making the decisions about when to go.

We’re getting that we’re going to be notified either Saturday or Sunday with our notifications – our emails with the toll free numbers – and then we’ll be setting appointments for Sunday – Monday or Tuesday.

What do you think I’m thinking?

I’m thinking that the 31st last day of the month and it happens to be on Monday. It’s Halloween. I don’t know that they’re going to start us on exchanges on that day.

We can get notified Sunday Monday, which is the 31st. But what about the idea of Tuesday as the start date? What about starting on the first of November for our exchanges?

I don’t know – it could be – it could be we get started this month – with notifications. But I think we are getting started with notifications this month and exchanges probably on the first. Now I’m projecting that. I don’t absolutely have it but I know we’re supposed to get notified over the weekend, Saturday or Sunday and set appointments for our exchanges to start Sunday, Monday or Tuesday.

Hmm, Okay that’s what I got. I like it – I’ll take it – we’ve waited a long time – 18 years for me and 11 years on the Big Call – we are finishing up on our 11th year


So we’re pretty much ready for this to go. Are you ready for this to go?

Guys, when I first saw this 18 years ago, a bit more like 19 years ago, and they’ve got into it and 18 years ago, I said the wealth of the wicked laid up for the just, that’s what this is going to be. And at that time we’re only talking about dinar and Dong.

And the Zim came along and that was a game changer, major game changer.  And you know you guys are just gonna, it’s gonna blow your mind.  I don’t have to tell you what on par is – you know what it means.  So you know, the value of those zim notes or zim – They’re actually bearer bonds even when we have this payable to the bearer. That’s a bond.

All right, so we’re not gonna go any further. I think you get the message. We know that we’re looking very strongly this weekend. We think that we’re trying to confirm it, when we think Iraq did what they were going to do today. And we’ll get more confirmation of that in the next day or so.

But this is our last call for the week, maybe or last forever. But don’t worry. We will do some podcasts. We will do an occasional update, they call update, podcast, whatever. And we will send it to you in the email. So you can click on it and listen to it on your phone – on your tablet, or PC. All right, so that’ll be the deal.

Listen, guys, this has been a lot of fun. I’m saying I’m hoping this is it – I can’t call it but the Intel is working very strong. Okay for the timeframe I just gave you so let’s do this. Let’s get a call out. Let’s have a great weekend. Let’s keep an eye on your emails over the weekend. Especially Saturday, Sunday. We believe that’s where we’re going. And then we could exchange as early as Sunday Monday or Tuesday.

All right, let’s see if that’s right and I love you guys. I appreciate you guys have enjoyed doing this call twice a week for the last 11 years. It’s really been revelatory. So it’s been a collaborative experience for me, and I hope you guys can understand. This is a special time for us. Alright, so let’s do this. Let’s pray the call out and then we’ll shut it down.

Bruce’s Big Call REPLAY LINK Intel Begins 1:13:45

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