Dinarland Highlights for October 28, 2022


Dinarland Highlights – 10.28.22

Mountain Goat

I need to cover something that was told to me almost a year ago and that is about the timing of the RV. In this news from my CBI contact I was told that they were working on the project to delete the zeros followed up with the reinstatement of the IQD. They said they had concerns about the election and they were going to wait until they see how the elections turn out to get the stability they needed… Will the CBI then act upon its said goals of completing the currency reform?The timing could not be any better as they would have to conduct the project to delete the zeros in the next couple months to get ready for a January 2023 reinstatement back to FOREX…



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[What will the rate of the dong be?]

I was hearing $2.25 or so…Now I am hearing it could be in the $3 range. I hope that is accurate.



Parliament held a session in Iraq today [yesterday] and confirmed Al-Sudani’s new cabinet. So its official Iraq has a new government.



What happened today [yesterday] was amazing…today was Kazemi’s last day as the Prime Minister.  He finished his term and he gave a farewell speech saying goodbye and wishing them the best of luck and gave some advice…the formation of the government is done now.

…Here’s a tweet.  This is the main reason why Iraq has not been able to revalue their currency… “Khashan: Today’s session will end the term of corrupt government ‘from head to bottom’.”  That’s the reason the central bank straight up said we’re ready to revalue the currency and delete the zeros as soon as you show us political stability and get rid of that corruption…once they vote[ed] on the government they will have completed everything required by the central bank to revalue the currency…




People are still talking about the Iraqi dinar and the chitter chatter about their rate change.  We had another article come out saying that it’s caused a lot of problems.  That there’s no proof out there that the rate change is going to happen even though members of the House of Representatives have come out and spoke saying that that’s the goal

You’re seeing an increase in the purchase of Iraqi dinar (think supply and demand) and it’s causing the value to go up just a little bit.  Not a lot but just a little bit…if they were able to get onto Forex just on speculation alone that currency would jump up in value.  So all the talk about the Iraqi dinar, the rate change, everything else whether it’s an article or not is all speculation until they actually do it…as soon as…the government…starts getting down to business we’ll see how sincere they are about changing the rate…  


Frank26 (KTFA)

Question [reference to Frank’s Post 10-27-2022 below]:
How long at 1200 till $1.20?

That’s not the right question to ask.  This is a speculative investment.  That’s the twenty five thousand question…no body knows…

Don’t pay attention to anybody that tells you, ‘they’re not going to raise the value!  They’re not coming out with the new currency!  They’re not going to change the exchange rate!’  What’s…causing confusion?  It’s when they [the CBI] say there is no intention…to change the dollar exchange rate against the Iraqi dinar…That is 100% true.  The CBI cannot change the rate of the U.S. dollar against the dinar.  But it can change the dinar rate against the dollar.  People are just confused…Don’t be misled…


Bruce (The Big Call)

[via WiserNow]

I think we’re in a pretty good place right now… last night, we picked up some information from five of the very highest of the high sources…they’re the very top of the food chain in terms of orchestrating this RV ok… Saturday or Sunday – we should have a new internationally known Iraqi dinar rate. Now probably the international rate is going to be the same as the so called in country rate. We know what it is. It’s very good. And we also know that the rate that we are going to see on the screens in the redemption centers that will be the best rates. We know that will be good.

the dinar should be trading Sunday night when they go to trade against China, Far Eastern countries around nine 9:30pm Eastern Time Sunday night…I know we’re supposed to get notified over the weekend, Saturday or Sunday and set appointments for our exchanges to start Sunday, Monday or Tuesday…We know that we’re looking very strongly this weekend.



Samson (KTFA)

Washington congratulates Al-Sudani: The Iraqi people deserve an economic opportunity and an end to corruption”

US Ambassador: We look forward to working with the new Iraqi government during this pivotal stage


MilitiaMan (KTFA)

Will the price of the dinar change against the dollar?

We can all see that returning to the old price is the same as the past official exchange rate. They printed new money in 2018, they imo have distributed new money to where it will be needed internally and externally and the last part of the reforms is to seat the government cabinet… whereby, they can “issue” the new money on the books imo.. There is a difference between distribution and issuance. The latter part is where the exchange rate gets applied. imo.

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