“Exchanging Bonds and Notes” by Danlboon – 10.29.22


Entry Submitted by Danlboon at 12:22 PM ET on October 29, 2022

This is how to catch the criminals from getting richer with them selling their old US Treasury Bonds and massive amounts of Federal Reserve Notes to then purchase gold backed USTNs.

There should be the QFS set in place for recording the exchange of the old US Treasury Bonds and bundles of cash from drug deals, money laundering, illegals or just blatant thefts. Do we want to catch the bad guys? YES! This is where those that want to continue with using the Federal Reserve Notes here and in foreign countries to continue in their crimes it will be no more. Yeah, suitcases full of FRNs will be no more.

There will be high security in finding out who has the old UST bonds and FRNs and make sure they will not be able to trade them in for the new UST bonds and USTNs, as on the other side there will be prison bars waiting for them. There will be no more stash houses for them to hold pallets full of cash as if they were to have the USTNs the US Treasury will know where it is. It should be known already by the White Hats and the US Military of who the big names are like the; Clintons, Obamas, Bushs and Rothschilds, yet the lower level scums will just have to find regular paying jobs as their cash is no longer any good for them to exchange lawfully.

Criminal; “Yes, I have $100,000 in FRNs that I want to exchange for USTNs.” Bank clerk; “May I see your QFS card?” Criminal; “My what?” Clerk; “If you do not know then I will be calling security, or else you can have $1,000 in USTNs on the going exchange.” The criminal agrees and now is tracked with the USTNs. Yes, the clerk knew who that was as they did not want to expose themself with the QFS card, but for the rest of us it will be no big deal. Bank accounts will be verified and no exchanges will be made with higher amounts than maybe $200 just for an exchange, so no criminal or illegal can walk in and make large exchanges.

This also goes for the Civil Asset Forfeiture Law that it will most likely be eliminating the seizure of USTNs as those belong to We The People, but seizing the old FRNs may stay in place for a while to catch the bad guys. So try to exchange your FRNs with the USTNs ASAP, and do not carry much around as you will have the ability to use your QFS card for major fund exchanges. And the DEA will not be able to profit off of this any more as the verification of your USTNs has been confirmed as lawful.

Bill, Hillary, Barrack, George and people like them may want to exchange their old US Treasury Bonds for new bonds or just for gold bars, but they will have to be checked out as to how they got them, yet they may have already gone to GITMO, so anyone trying to exchange those bonds cannot cash them out without being checked out. Those people that try to exchange them unlawfully will be arrested and those bonds seized.

If the exchanges of old US Treasury Bonds and FRNs to the new bonds and notes come quicker than of the one year limit then maybe at 6 months when 90-95% of the confirmed old ones are received the new Republic Congress may vote in to halt any more exchanges with the old bonds and notes as the criminals had their chance to cash them in. There should be verification that the only bonds and notes left out there are not in the hands of the good Americans or others and it will be time to cut off the exchanges. The sooner to get our Republic in place the better things become for all of us Sovereigns.


Too bad for you bad guys as you had your chance, and the cash used for drug deals, money laundering, illegals or just blatant thefts will no longer be available for long as rumors are out there that the USTNs will be traceable and the thieves get caught ASAP. 5 Kilos of meth worth 500 USTNs and the criminals won’t know they are caught, but they will be, or they cannot do business any more. After that when the FRNs have expired it is like trying to sell drugs with toilet paper.

I hope this clears up a few things, but the QFS card is not the Deep State Digital Currency, and it may take time for you all to receive these QFS cards, but continue with your normal banking and upcoming exchanges from the FRNs to the USTNs as that will be made public hopefully this weekend and you will see them maybe by November 1, 2022. The USTNs are not Counterfeit and the cops should know that, but any dirty cops wanting to make arrests for you having them may be fired as they will have to use them as well.

It is still unsure as of how we will receive these QFS cards, but it will not be by mail thru the internet or phone order or sent out by the US Treasury as it should be in person at a bank or financial institution to make sure you are the one to receive it.

Just a tad note is that in the close city near me with 25,000 people and one Wells Fargo ATM and no bank they replaced it with a new ATM last week, hopefully using the USTNs.



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