“It’s been Very Fun” – MarkZ Weekend Intel Stream Highlights 10-29-22


Weekend News with MarkZ 10/29/2022

Some highlights by PDK-Not verbatim

MarkZ Disclaimer: Please consider everything on this call as my opinion. People who take notes do not catch everything and its best to watch the video so that you get everything in context.  Be sure to consult a professional for any financial decisions

Member: Happy Saturday, Everyone!

Member: It’s amazing they have kick the can down the road so many times is there even a can left to kick?

MZ: It’s been very fun on the news side. Iraq has a government seated and the ministers in place…finance minister ect…..

MZ: Of course we have also seen a number of bond deals confirmed. I feel very comfortable saying they have full funding and spendable money. Now we need the other shoe to drop….we are watching and waiting…..

MZ: No Prosperity Package deliveries or settlements yet. I am waiting for one of my farm claim contacts , CMKX and PP contacts to let me know when they receive their settlements…or a knock on my door or email with my delivery. (Mark is a CMKX share holder)


Member: Will you post notification info when it comes out?  Will Dinar Recaps send out information?

MZ: Yes absolutely. I will post anything I am allowed to post…..I am told I will be allowed to post the 800 numbers and a link. I am told they hope most people will use the link. The system was designed for this and phones will be more time consuming then the links. I have been told by banker contacts that absolutely Recaps will post the information. They will send it to them and they will share it….along with other sites as well.

Member:  Heard that they would be announcing the Dinar rate by midnight Sunday ! From Bruce

Member: When all we hear about is Iraq- What makes you think the other currencies will go too?

MZ: The only reason we hear so much about Iraq is they are the canary in the coal mine….It’s the easiest one to track. But there is a lot of pressure for the dong and others to go at the same time.

MZ: in Iraq we are seeing exactly what we saw in Kuwait. Crazy information and articles being recycled from 2 years ago……we are being inundated with BS right now… are going to have to stay calm and let it filter through.

Member: I heard a rumor that Iraq set a rate but not announced yet!!


Member: What about the Chinese railroad bonds?

MZ: I hear they started processing and they were part of the first ones to process.

MZ: Some other news: “London’s hold on global currency markets weakens according to Bank of international Settlements”  I told you guys to expect this. Britain has been throwing everything they can…plus the kitchen sink…at their imploding bond market…but, they have lost their grip on it…it is running away from them.

Member: So we don’t need a trust to exchange into?

MZ: I have been told repeatedly that you do not need a trust in order to exchange. They highly suggest getting one to protect yourself and your assets afterwards… to professionals about it….they will help.

Member: if you really want one – you can set one up online for a reasonable cost……just google it…

Member: I’m with Mark on the Trust..everyone i’ve heard says the same, no need to have a Trust to exchange, but it’s advantageous for legal reasons. You can get one after, they’ll have professional contacts

Member: I heard the US only has 25 days worth of diesel fuel left.

MZ: Finally they are telling the truth that we have a limited amount of diesel left

Member: No diesel-no school.


MZ: It’s not just the big trucks delivering your goods and your food….Its the school buses that run on diesel. ….and the city buses…the impact of this will be enormous…almost your entire supply chain runs on diesel. Ships at sea burn diesel…..even oil pipelines burn diesel to run their pumps to bring you your fuel…..

Member: And just before the elections….wow.

Member: Mark, in regards to Diesel running out. Think about it. Elections in 10 days, we run out of Diesel at the same time…good time for a lockdown and 10 days of darkness and EAS.

Member: Whoever is in charge of releasing the new system and the reset needs to get it done….the world is going to hell as we speak.

Member: Mark hearing we are going to be taxed now by 37 percent!!!!!

Member: I am praying Mark is right and this is a non taxable event. Be prepared either way.

Member: If federal income tax is abolished under Nesara why would we pay taxes on the exchange of our currency?

Member: Next 3 day weekend starts Nov 11. You know how they always talked about the RV being preferred to be on a holiday weekend.

Member:  have a great weekend, everyone! see everybody Monday morning.

Member: Really pray this is our last weekend broke.




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CBD Gurus join the stream at the end. Please listen to the replay for their information.

Note from PDK: Please listen to the replay for all the details and entire stream….I do not transcribe political opinions, medical opinions or many guests on this stream……just RV/currency related topics.


The next stream is Monday at 10Am est……..unless.

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