“No SSI Increase for November” by Danlboon – 11.1.22


Entry Submitted by Danlboon at 7:40 AM ET on November 1, 2022

As of the end of October the amount of Social Security benefits has not increased with NESARA/GESARA or QFS, as mine is for November, so the increase will have to wait for December or later.

As of January 2022 my Social Security benefits have been changed from the 3rd of the month to within 3 days of the next month, while a friend of mine has his coming in on the 2nd Wednesday of the month. So mine came in on both January 3 and 31, and January 31 was a Monday but it doesn’t come in on the weekend, and no two payments are to come in for the same month as it just came in early for February, and the same for other months since then. Should some receive their SSI or SSDI benefits later this month yet people like me have to wait till the record month of December?

I have received the same amount every month this year along with October 31, 2022 with no increase specified for the year, so I will have to wait till November 28-30 to receive my next payment, or even wait for the year 2023. There has been a standard increase for each year, but with NESARA/GESARA my max is for the $5,000. Isn’t Social Security benefits considered as humanitarian funds, or has the higher ups considered them as fraudulent funds that must be removed from We The People, as that came from an Unconstitutional Agency, and those people must wait to receive their QFS cards to receive anything any more? Or will the Tier levels funding humanitarian projects have to have liquidity before we SSI and SSDI recipients are to receive anything? Or are my funds linked to a certain humanitarian project for which the Tier 4b person doesn’t exchange their currency for 4-6 months or misses it completely and I wait or get nothing?

I have direct deposit from the US Treasury so there is no other agency it has to go through to get approval, but what I see is that We The People that need it most should not have to wait for all the high up Bonds to be paid out and currency exchanges to be done along with the USTN to be publicly announced world wide for us SSI and SSDI recipients to receive one more dime. Their only way of survival is gone.

One other item is that when I went to my credit union on Monday the clerk did not know of the USTNs coming out, the Federal Reserve shutting down or that the USTNs are already in their vault, he looked surprised of what I said and he was a new clerk.

On the QFS Bank Account, info has come out on those that will exchange their currencies, but nothing about the rest of us We The People on how we get access to our Account. Many only have one form of ID as they do not travel with the need for a passport and some do not drive to have a license. Those people that live in small towns just go by who knows who to open a bank account at their local bank or do shopping. You are not required to have a photo ID to have IRS taxes withdrawn from your paycheck or have a Social Security card. Are they not allowed to have a QFS Bank Account? That needs to be resolved as well.




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