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Bruce’s Big Call Dinar Intel Tuesday Night 11-1-22

Transcribed By WiserNow

Welcome everybody to the big call tonight. It’s Tuesday, November 1st  and you’re listening to the Big Call. Here we are back again. Welcome everybody. Glad to hear you wherever you’re coming from glad to be here for you, wherever you’re listening to us from all over this country all over the world, globally, the globe and call and we’re happy to be available for that. So, welcome.

Well guys, let’s get into the Intel and let’s figure out where we stand today.  What’s, what’s really cool is we got some information and we got it confirmed.  And we got more information that kind of puts us in the right place at the right time.

We were told by a military – very strong highest military source that  the first second and third, which is today tomorrow, and Thursday, are significant days for us for the possibility of notifications. And I’ll expand on that in a minute – that came in on Sunday – I believe we got that – and it was reiterated to us yesterday.

What did happen yesterday at 4am in the morning, is something that was called” the final cleanup effort.”  And that was heavily targeted in the DC area with well over 7000 people involved in the extrication and arrests up there.

And another contingent of people doing the arrest throughout the country during the same 36 hour period, which if you do the math that started at 4am yesterday, it would and that would have ended at 4pm today – and that was going to I’m sure give good results for those who pick up and drop off or clean up on aisle three I guess I could call it – so that’s huge.

So in order to dovetail with those arrests, which ended today – tomorrow is when they — this is when the reserve troops are being called up nationwide to be available in at least 70 cities for the possibility of martial law  – which would come probably anytime between tomorrow or later in the week – Friday, Saturday, possibly.  At least that’s what we have heard as far as when the martial law would be implemented.


And — to have that occurring at that time, is also something that we could look at over the next couple of days as being cover for us because in addition to the idea of what we’re looking forward to tomorrow, and Thursday, we’re also hearing there’s a good possibility because of what’s happened with the USD – the dollar – the Fiat dollar has not been sold internationally since last Wednesday. But tomorrow would be a full week – plus that the USD is not being traded or sold internationally.

And what is supposed to happen tomorrow, Wednesday, is that the USN which is our up and coming gold back currency is to be brought out as an asset and gold primarily gold backed – over 90% of the USN is gold backed right now. And we’re working our way to 100% gold backed. There’s several many countries out there at least 60 I believe, maybe more that are already gold backed.

And these for us to become that is part of our NESARA and GESARA and the fact that we’re going on the quantum financial system fully as an asset backed or I’m gonna say a gold backed currency is supposed to occur tomorrow.

Now what else is supposed to occur tomorrow is that Iraq is supposed to bring out an international rate along with the announcement of their seated government and reappointed Prime Minister.

And it may be that that’s brought out nationally, but not traded on forex, at least to the point where it might be traded on forex, the new dinar but it’s not going to be known in the United States yet. Until the public starts which could start with us in tier 4B in terms of exchanges of the Iraqi dinar  –

We know that since the 15th of October, Iraqis have exchanged older high value dinars or low denomination new Iraqi dinar. So they’re lower denominations are the same as ours, with you know, 5 ‘s 10s 20s 50s and hundreds. – And so that’s been happening in Iraq since 15th of October.

Yesterday, we saw where the Iraqis could exchange in Rashid bank and possibly other banks their high dinar notes 25k. And that 10k dinar notes for the equivalent in US dollars, which yesterday was on a one to one exchange rate, or on par with the US dollar in Iraq one to one – $1 For one dinar.


Now, our rates on our screens in the redemption centers are going to show us much more favorably than that. And we talked about what Dr Shabibi projected way back in 2012 at the International Chamber of Commerce meeting in Washington DC –  almost 10 years in December –  since he projected that rate as you guys remember, and we could have that are very or even higher than that, that the redemption centers for dinar so don’t worry about that.

The fact that they’re they’re doing one to one exchange as of yesterday in Iraq is a very positive thing. And I feel good about that. I feel good that we do expect Iraq to bring that out tomorrow, along with their seated government, the prime minister, and as a result, I think we are also going to be chiming in with our USN which has been digital and digitally traded, but rather as an asset backed, in fact, gold backed currency.

That news should come out pretty soon. It may come out tomorrow, maybe Thursday, but I feel like we should get once Iraq does their thing tomorrow. We are supposed to be notified sometime tomorrow. it might be after 4 pm tomorrow.

It’s kind of what one of our sources is suggesting – maybe sooner, but whenever it is, we’re supposed to set our appointments, and then go possibly following day which would be Thursday,  for our actual appointments, to exchange currencies and to redeem our zim.

By the way there was some information put out that I was made aware of it said that we would not have time to do our dog and pony show our five to eight minutes presentation  for our projects.

Yes we will have time and Yes we will be doing that presentation of five to eight minutes during our initial redemption and exchange appointments, at the redemption center – so set that aside as bad information. We will be doing them.

Also – The timing on this what’s most interesting is we’ve got Daylight Savings coming off on the sixth.

I’m hearing that the elections on the eighth are not going to happen. We have three or four sources that are telling us that the elections will not happen. But we’ll see what actually does occur.

I think this week is a huge week for the explanation for that and the reasons for that not taking place on Tuesday the eighth. We will see what actually is brought out  and what is said about it. I cannot absolutely definitively say there won’t be any elections but our sources are saying  primarily  they’re saying you will not have them

Now – in Brazil  the man  I’m having trouble recalling Exactly. How to pronounce his name – that was supposedly defeated – In an election I believe  – was yesterday. They’re doing a forensic audit, which should show that even though that election was stolen, he will get his rightful place as prime minister. And then the people that stole the election will be arrested or possibly eliminated


I can only say the fact that the 2020 election was stolen from President Trump I think that the story on that is not yet over – By any means.

So we’ve got a lot of pick up and drop off if you will- clean up on all aisles throughout the country. Yesterday and today -until 4 probably is an approximate timeframe, but you never know – could have been absolutely.

We’ve got the National Guard coming into play tomorrow throughout the country. And I think that when they do decide to bring out the Emergency Alert System, EAS throughout the country, it will be in hotspots and it should come out for everybody if they’re in fact going to show video of tribunals and other things that we can we can pay attention to – and get some information from –

 So we’ve got martial law coming, but probably only in those 90 counties that we talked about before. Not totally throughout the US, but in certain hotspots where there might be resistance. we’ll see what that looks like. So we could have a 10 or 12 days of disclosure, not darkness – Disclosure – and that may tie in with the start of our exchanges – it could very well and that’s really what I wanted to bring to you guys tonight.

I think, you know, these, the timeframes that we’re hearing. We get this done this week. So let’s look forward to that. And let’s believe for that as we pray it in

So let’s do that. Let’s stay tuned for emails to come in.  Let’s have a really, really good night.  And let’s look forward to see what tomorrow brings and Thursday brings for us. And let’s just pray this call out, believing that,

Bruce’s Big Call REPLAY LINK Intel Begins 1:09:19

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