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Bruce’s Big Call Dinar Intel Thursday Night 11-3-22

Transcribed By WiserNow

Welcome everybody to the Big Call tonight – it is Thursday, November 3rd and as if you didn’t know you’re listening to the big call. Thanks for tuning in live, wherever you are, and those of you who are listening on the replay link or replay numbers. Thank you for tuning in as well.  We’re back. It’s Thursday. It’s the last day of our broadcast week, and we hope to bring you guys some really good information tonight.

I do have a few things I’d like to say and bring everybody up to speed. You know, we tend to judge where we are by what bond holders are in terms of getting access to their funds. They’re continuing to process bonds, buyers and sellers, buyers and sellers, but they did reach a point where they did – the golden dragon bonds and yellow dragon bonds – they’ve done German bonds.

There are so many different types of bonds – but a lot of them have been done – and a lot of the people that are bond sellers, let’s call them – are in a position to receive their liquidity very soon.

Now, we’ve had some terms talking about shortly, which is one of those hard to define words. Does that mean a few hours a few days?  But what does shortly mean? I don’t like I don’t like the word and yet that’s a word that some of our intel sources have brought when it comes to our timing.

I don’t like riddles. I don’t like code. We do get some of that. But it’s a lot easier when you know the specific timetable that is going on. And so what I’m going to tell you tonight is what we’re going to create our own timetable based on the Intel coming from, let’s say three different sources.

Now, the bondholders are looking to gain access to funds, more or less when we get our numbers and start setting our appointments.


Now, the latest thing we’ve heard from people that are involved directly with the bond holders is that they should start getting access to their funds through their emails and give them the codes to enter into their account so they can see them – activate their accounts. Those emails should come out sometime after 4pm tomorrow, which is Friday, the fourth of November.

So they’re looking very close for that to happen. That brings the weekend in to play again for us. Alright. HSBC is telling us to keep a close eye on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. That’s tomorrow, Saturday and Sunday.

Keep an eye on that as when they believe we will be getting notified with our emails because the term terminology has been that everything releases over the next three days.

All right, that’s HSBC, then you take another source that’s over redemption centers – and that source is saying anywhere from the sixth which is Sunday, through the next week, Sunday through the next week.

Another source said that they really want this to be done before the eighth which is Tuesday for the election.

Now we’ve also heard from several of our sources that they’re trying and not planning to have the elections.

A few sources are saying they are planning to have the elections. Certain banks are saying they’re going to have the elections on Tuesday – Guys – I’ll tell you what, I think we have to wait and see what happens. I can’t tell you definitively – Absolutely -That we’re not having Tuesday elections.


But we’ll see let them come to us. Let us find that out as this weekend unfolds, and we get into Monday and Tuesday.

So it looks like we are they are wanting us to go before the eighth. We know the Chinese love the number 8 – And the Chinese are telling us they think this will go prior to the eight that we’ll get you know the release of everything we’re looking for to start before then which puts weekend into play.

Possibly we get notified by Sunday and we exchange starting Monday or Tuesday. It’s hard to say – It’s not absolute. We’ve got a little window here. We’ve learned to work with windows the best we could on timing.

Beyond that, that’s what we’re focused on right now is the start of all this. When is it going to show up for us and where are we going to get set appointments and go – I’d love to go with what HSBC is telling us and go with the fourth, fifth or sixth. I would like to stay with that

Wells Fargo is talking more like sixth through the twelfth and let’s just take and create our own time line and it starts tomorrow and goes through next week, and we’ll see how that manifests for us.

Sooner is better than later. We all know that. Maybe no elections. Maybe we have elections – I don’t know when the Emergency Alert System not called emergency broadcast system anymore. It’s called emergency alert system. And yes, it’s been tested and triggered and it should reveal a lot of information as disclosure of certain events and things that we might have learned one way that we might relearn another way so we’re gonna have to unlearn, learn and relearn. Or unlearn, relearn and learn.

And it’s going to be something that we have to stay in touch with and watch for and this is something that might in fact, give us the disclosure that we’re looking forward to. I know that, you know, we’re looking for the possibility of martial law in about 70 different cities.

I’ve heard 98 counties and I think they’re ready for that to start – and maybe that starts in conjunction with our start – and we have some, essentially we have cover for our exchanges – it’s hard to say – there’s still quite a lot cleanup going on And I think we’re making headway.   

But I know that for some reason, they do want to get this done by or before the eighth. And so I’m looking forward to that.

Beyond that. It’s hard to get real specific on anything else that’s happening globally. Obviously, there’s a lot happening behind the scenes, and that’s about all I can say about it, and you guys know what I’m referring to.


So, let’s do this. Let’s stay in touch – you know, sometimes guys, we’ve been pushed out and we just push week to week to week was something else that needed to happen.

So we’re going to believe that that’s not to say now that we do have everything ready to go I can tell you this much. Another source told us that the Treasury will be notifying the banks that the USN and USTN will be gold / slash / asset backed – later this week –

Well later this week is tomorrow or Saturday.  So that could happen right away – and that could be the trigger for us to move forward – just that alone. Because when we have that asset backed then I’m gonna say primarily at least 90% Gold backed dollar or USN we’ve had that we also have a trigger for us to get started. That may be the trigger.

We believe Iraq has done what they said they would do – their holding back the Iraqi dinar rate here in this country until we start – to see they’re not going to release it to us here until we’re ready to exchange it – then it will be known not with some big fanfare type announcement, but it’ll be known –

And we understand now at this point when the public finds out about it on their own they’ll be going to banks will be notified and setting appointments for redemption centers. And to let you know, yes, you will do a dog and pony show or I don’t know that’s not the right term – a presentation to the staff at the redemption center in five to eight minutes if you’re Zim holder – and you if want to do something for humanity, that’s where you need a project – that’s where you need something you can present in a short period of time, whether it’s one project or two or three or five or six, or eight, whatever it is you have to do it quickly, in sort of a, an outline type form

We’re all set. We’re ready to start. We just want this trigger to come forward for us. So let’s take the information that we have tonight – Let’s realize that they do want this thing to be done in the timeframe I gave you. I would like for it to happen sooner or later just like you all – Let’s just pray and believe and believe it comes in in that timeframe. So that’s what I like to do.

I’d like to thank everybody that’s involved with our intel behind the scenes. Thank you for your help and participation in getting this to me to get out to the big call and to get out to big call universe – All right. So thanks everybody again, appreciate it.. Let’s see what happens this weekend starting tomorrow. And we look forward to it all coming together for us. So let’s pray it out together. Good night everybody –

Bruce’s Big Call REPLAY LINK Intel Begins: 1:21:21

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