“What are they Going to Need?” – Coffee with MarkZ Intel Stream Highlights 11-10-22


Thursday Morning Chat with MarkZ

Some highlights by PDK-Not verbatim

MarkZ Disclaimer: Please consider everything on this call as my opinion. People who take notes do not catch everything and its best to watch the video so that you get everything in context.  Be sure to consult a professional for any financial decisions

Member: Good morning Mark. Hope your feeling a bit better.

Member: Tomorrow is 11-11. I believe The Chinese people like numerology….hope the elders like this date.

Member: Well since tomorrow is the 11th….guess we will see if anything happens besides can kicking

Member: What if anything do we expect 11/11?

Member: 11/11 is always Veterans Day and is officially a U.S.A. Federal Holiday


MZ: I am feeling a bit better….Andy Schectman is coming on today to help me out.

MZ: We are finally starting to get some news out of Iraq. “Advisor to the Prime Minister : The government plans to adopt international standards for banking reform”  this is the biggest piece coming out of Iraq this week. 

MZ: For them to be on international standards…what are they going to need? They are going to need an internationally recognized currency that has some value.

MZ: Iraq is due to vote on their full blown budget on the 20th. It is expected they will have a new rate . then they have about 12-14 days for the new president to ratify the budget and to fully be in effect with that new rate. I believe they would not be broadcasting that date which appears to be in stone unless they are going to Revalue sooner…..imo. This would allow to many to take advantage of it…so I don’t believe we will be waiting that long. You will probably be hearing and seeing this on the dinar boards a lot.

Member: Frank said 1 to 1 before new rate then float with 2023 budget

Member:  I don’t care if Iraq goes 1 to 1 first I’ll take it.

Member: so would I…….they just need to do it.


MZ: Bond people are still seeing table top deals closing and happening….but not the level that I want to see. I was hoping for more of a shotgun like a mad, flurry of activity with everybody getting paid. It still appears to be constant and consistant though.

MZ: No updates on CMKX. The last time I spoke with a DHS contact he said that about once a month they are updating fines and penalties and getting prepared…and they are simply waiting for permission to release it….

Member: Every time you are wrong Mark, you are one day closer to the right Time!

MZ: that is definitely one way to look at it.

Member: So why hasn’t the RV happened already? Who is holding this up???

Member: I wish that Nesara would be announced and the military take charge of things.

Member: Everything is apparently done. Just waiting for the button. Event related only.

Members: How many events do they need…..we are up to our necks in events….

Member: If we have to wait until every rat is arrested we will never see this.

Member: Are the good guys going to do anything, anytime soon???


Member: Are there any good guys? ……I don’t believe it anymore.

MZ: I think the white hats….if they are truly out there and in charge….…have about a week in which to pull the trigger …if you are out there….its time to S*** or get off the pot. You need to run and admit that you can’t handle it and are not going to do it…..and  let us all put on our shoes and make it happen or… is time for you to pony up. All your excuses are done.

MZ: We have seen so much shenanagins and crap going on this week…..enough for you to prosecute and move….THIS IS IT….we don’t want to hear any more about your damn chess game. It is hit, shift or pull….MAKE IT HAPPEN. BOOM. It is pony up time or we will do it…..not with violence…we will do it with a calm, rational thoughtful way….We are warriors…..digitally and with truth.  SO PONY UP

Member: The whole world is tired of it.  They need to do something……

Member: Agree about the white hat’s 100% put up or shut up, all the news I’ve used to try and wake people up ends up an empty burger. I’m being made to look an idiot, time and time again! Staring to doubt it

Member: Lots of misinfo being put out to keep enemy confused

Member: I am stating Checkmate to all those playing their silly games while humanity suffers.

Member: Talked to bank why my transfer was taking so long when I asked why they were not on QFS she said that’s up to the Treasury to turn on.

Member: you can’t put Gods money in the cabals world. we are watching it self destruct under it’s own evil….fiat needs to go.

Member: QQQ- Do you think they are intentionally kicking the can down the road on the RV waiting for this dollar crash since most of them hate us so much????????


Member: question if the military calls marshal law and the big event happens will we RV right then?

Member; IMO It means the Federal reserve is done and we are going to the Quantum Financial System that is backed by Gold and precious metals.

Member: Holy Crap… Dow is UP 835

Member: Every market metal, stocks, crypto is going up…crazy

Member: markets mostly every week down first of week, then they make sure its up on Friday before weekend, just a game to them.

Member: how much more bounce does that dead cat have?

MZ: This is to be expected.

Member: Tomorrow has so many meanings .. Nov. 11 .. George Patton was born on this Day!

Member: Still praying we have a Christmas to remember

Member: Mark- do you think it will go before Christmas?


MZ: I am an eternal optimist and think it will go before Christmas.

Member: If they don’t release a stimulus and the RV doesn’t happen, it is going to be a very dismal holiday season for the majority of Americans.

Member: let’s manifest this rv with faith and positive intentions

Member: Life is as big as our dreams. I let go of the past and believe that my dreams will come true. Jeremiah 29:11

GOD Bless Everyone in this Group Watch over and Protect them and their families. Surround them with your Peace and Comfort … In Your Name We Pray

Member: God Bless our veterans tomorrow on Veterans day….

Andy Schectman from Miles Franklin joins the stream about minute 30:00. Please listen to the replay for his information.


Note from PDK: Please listen to the replay for all the details and entire stream….I do not transcribe political opinions, medical opinions or many guests on this stream……just RV/currency related topics.




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