Dinarland Highlights for November 10, 2022


Dinarland Highlights – 11.10.22

MilitiaMan (KTFA)

Economist : Reducing the dollar exchange rate is not / impossible / and the current time is suitable for monetary change

I like this one…it fits with the Finance in Ministry and Central Banks motivation and what they have done already.  This man is suggesting the current time frame is not out of the question… they appear to have the calculations done and with the potentiality of being a radical change to improve the purchase power for the currency


Frank26 (KTFA)

[Iraq boots-on-the-ground report]

FIREFLY: All we hear and see is now about changing the exchange rate and heck even the World Bank representative is in an interview on television talking to us and saying Iraq needs to address the rate change

[There’s an article…it says they’re never ever going to change the exchange rate]

Who’s it from?  Is it from the governor of the CBI No.  Then flush it…do you believe everything you google?  Do you believe everything you read in print? 


Samson (KTFA)

Article 1:
Central Bank Governor: The current dollar price will be established for years and there is no intention to change it in any way

Article 2:
Parliamentary Finance rules out a change in the value of the dinar against the dollar in the budget



[via PDK]

We are finally starting to get some news out of Iraq.

Advisor to the Prime Minister: The government plans to adopt international standards for banking reform

This is the biggest piece coming out of Iraq this week. For them to be on international standards…what are they going to need? They are going to need an internationally recognized currency that has some value.

Iraq’s foreign cash reserves reach historic levels”

They are in an excellent position. They are prepared and ready. They have done what they need to do. Now we wait for them to pull that trigger.  We just need to stay calm and keep our eyes on the goal. They have told us this is going to happen. They have told us the “what”…now we need the “when”.




The Central Bank: Our reserves have reached $90 billion and there is no change in the exchange rate in the 2023 budget

Due to insider trading laws the Central Bank  cannot and will not ever tell you they plans of increasing the exchange rate.  They can’t.  They won’t.

there’s no way in hell Iraq will tell you they have plans to increase the exchange rate…You have to put this entire investment under a microscope and look at it very closely to see what their actions are and what they are doing because there’s no way in hell they’re going to tell you that they plan to adjust that exchange rate…Due to insider trading laws they will never tell you that they plan to increase the exchange rate.



My inbox is being flooded with people asking me questions about the latest chit-chat about the budget including a new rate for the Iraq dinar…I’ll repeat myself, when it comes to the Iraqi dinar exchange rate if it is in the budget just wait and see. Don’t assume…that the rate is going to change for sure…we don’t know what’s going to happen.  Let’s wait till they make the announcement…


Sandy Ingram

The IQD rate only has to increase to .15 cents…for a $150,000 profit on one million dinars.  The wealthy never ever spend…the foundation of their wealth.  In your case this would be the profits from your Iraqi dinars…Wealthy people invest their initial profits.  The [first] person they hire is a financial advisor.  The second person they hire is a tax professional (that’s me) to make sure Uncle Sam doesn’t get large sums of their money.  If you do anything else you are in the fast lane to going broke.




the fact is only with the success and growth of Iraq’s economy can the dinar ever go up in value.   And if the dinar ever does rise in value it will be gradually over time based on the success and growth of Iraq’s economy via a float/market forces. That is how exchange rates are set,

Iraqi Dinar Revaluation and Global Currency Reset News | Dinar Chronicles

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