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Bruce’s Big Call Dinar Intel Thursday Night 11-10-22

Transcribed By WiserNow

Welcome, everybody the big call tonight. It is Thursday, November 10. And you’re listening to the big call. Thanks for tuning in.

This will probably not be a very long segment – What in the world is going on now regarding our currencies and the possibility of an exchange and a time? We had really good information we thought -that gave us the impression from several people that we would go either 24 hours or shortly after the elections completed, which the voting day as you guys know, was Tuesday the eighth – and we thought maybe yesterday, we would get some notification or today, we thought we’d get notified to start –

Now, since that time – obviously, as we look back in hindsight, we have information that makes it look like we’re not going to go this week, meaning through Saturday. We’re not going to go this week. And I think that the majority of the reason is that this is a political situation.

We’ve got the elections being gone back through from the midterms, because there’s been a lot of activity that’s being checked out to see what the level of corruption is and so on. To see if the Deep State has been involved in certain shenanigans with this election as they were in 2020. And the general feeling is yes, they were it was corrupted.

So I don’t know exactly what is going to happen tomorrow, which is Veterans Day or Armistice Day. The President Trump a few days ago, said that Veterans Day or 11-11- 2022 will be resurrection day. Now, how do we mean that term? What does that term resurrection day really refer to?

I don’t think it’s necessarily an individual, a person – but I think it could refer more to our government – because when we were founded, we were under a thing called the Republic. We’ve been calling it a democratic republic, and the Republic needs to be restored.- by that it means going back to the original Constitution. This is all part of NESARA


And I think there’s a good possibility that we could see tomorrow with an announcement about NESARA -I don’t know – you know, guys, I think that is possible that may not be yet – but I think that it’s, it would be a good thing to clarify what is happening with the elections, what we expect to see in terms of changes in our government. Returning to the original Constitution, which did not have a House of Representatives only had a Senate and we may end up going back to that at least we’re supposed to go back to that original Constitution, and see when that occurs.

Now, we also thought NESARA and GESARA would come out similarly – meaning in a similar timeframe. But as it is now, we’re not quite sure if we are ready to receive NESARA here.

We know that certain aspects of it have been done in a limited capacity, but we know that there’s a lot of good things in that legislation for us, a lot of good things.

Just GESARA is a global economic strategic and Recovery Act, you know, and that’s going to be happening all over. And Charlie Ward is working in international countries, whereas around the globe where he’s in charge of that, and his sidekick Simon Parks (don’t mean to belittle Simon – he’s a good guy) Simon Parks has jurisdiction over South America and Africa as far as GESARA is concerned.

So, when Simon Parks said on the fifth, the fourth, I believe it was fourth of November that we would not see the RV before election day. I took issue with but the appeal is correct. And now I’m my tendency is listened to a little more closely. And as I think that’s true of Charlie Ward, he also has a perspective that and he has his own words. your view is not going to happen this week.

I think we got to go through some political change before we see this. Let’s see what that looks like.

I’ve tried for 11 years, not to really be a political person on this call. You know, I’ve got opinions and I’ve got political ideas of my own, but the idea may is not I don’t want to alienate our listeners who may not share all the same political beliefs. Let’s face it, that’s okay. But I just think that things have got to things that have to happen from the perspective of this midterm election, to make it workable – so that the RV funds can be used for the right reasons and not to rehydrate the deep state.


So, I’m looking for hopefully we get some direction tomorrow on that.

Being Veterans Day a formerly Armistice Day.

I’m excited about that possibility. Now, the other thing is, we did learn something that I did not know until just today and that was that at the redemption center they have a published book or booklet – 55 pages long that will tell us who we cannot give money to after this goes.

I know that President Trump and the people in charge of getting this RV thing out were not interested in us funding politicians with those funds nor funding their lawyers with this money so they could against crimes against humanity.

So I’m gonna say this is really an important time where we are right now to realize if we did spend or donate some money to things that are in this booklet, that we would have our funds frozen, and quite possibly taken away from us.

I think the quantum financial system will catch a lot of that. I think it’ll catch maybe all of it but we should be aware of before we try to send out zells or bank wires or whatever, to certain organizations whether they’re listed in that book a 55 page booklet. So let’s keep an eye on that at the redemption center. They will probably be giving that to us and we’ll probably have to sign that we received it-

So – we’ve got these political issues – We gotta straighten out what happened in the Midterms on the 8th – only a few days ago. We got to see whether that brings about more political change, but I expect to see and what that looks like for us – We just don’t know.

Today was the quietest day on record for us to receive information from all of our sources. We received virtually nothing from our banking sources, from military sources, from our cyber hacker teams, from anybody – Okay, so that’s telling me that they’re quiet because they’re locked up. They got locked jaw, they’re locked up can’t say anything – under NDAs. We don’t even have anything about the bondholders getting forwarded funds which they should have had theoretically by just by a couple days ago

All we know is that redemption center staff is on call for today. They’re on call. Doesn’t even mean they went in – Okay, they weren’t gonna go in unless these toll free numbers through the emails were going to come out well – they haven’t come out today and I don’t look for them this week.

We’re gonna hope that next week looks differently for us. And I believe it will, meantime, tomorrow being Veterans Day, I am going to go out and be with a number of veterans –


So I’m gonna say there’s very little else we can do right now but pray this thing in. And pray that we get clarification on these political issues and situations.

This is an interesting time for me because usually I have a pretty good idea, or I have a heads up, come our sources as to what time we know is. We’re looking good but not for this week – I think we’re looking good but it may take some political change for this to happen

Okay. So thank you so much, everybody for listening tonight and coming in. And let’s pray the call out.

Good night everybody and we’ll talk to everybody Tuesday night – that’s probably when we will see everybody again – Good night

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