Awake-in-3D: The World is Preparing for a Massive Gold Revaluation and Fiat Debt Cancellation


Entry Submitted by Awake-in-3D at 10:02 PM ET on November 15, 2022

The World is Preparing for a Massive Gold Revaluation and Fiat Debt Cancellation 

Back on November 7th, I posted my position on why central banks are buying record amounts of gold. 

I specifically stated that they’re planning for a global “Gold Revaluation” and, as we should all be aware, physical gold was upgraded to a Class 1 asset under the banking industry’s Basel 3 Accords. 

Also consider that it is the central banks that hold most of the world’s national (government) debt. Consequently, it’s not financial rocket science to mathematically calculate a path to cancelling (or neutralizing) government debt worldwide under such a plan. Therein also lies the path to backing national currencies with newly revalued gold assets. 

Certainly, the details and structure of such a plan are mostly unknown moving forward. The role of central banks would change dramatically. Perhaps this sets the stage for central banks being merged with national government Treasury departments (such as the FED and UST), thus ending the era of Fiat Central banking altogether. 

It could also see an end to fractional reserve lending by commercial and retail banks. 

It certainly looks promising!


The next step for a global gold revaluation to become feasible would be for central banks worldwide to acquire enough gold to establish an equal gold per GDP ratio among countries/economies worldwide. 

This is already happening in Europe under their secretive, 10-year gold equity Agreement (it’s real). BRICS nations are doing something similar. Once gold/GDP is achieved, a massive gold revaluation would potentially put global currencies on a level playing field with exchange rates near 1:1 for international trade. 

Does all of this sound familiar? Yes, it’s a global RV/GCR. 

Another possibility is that once a gold revaluation occurs, it sets the stage for CBDCs to be gold-backed. But I don’t want to get too far ahead of myself at this point. 

Suffice it to say, a global gold revaluation could very well be “The Event” we’re waiting for. Yet, without a change/overhaul of our corrupt, political systems, we’d still be the Subjects to an Elite-driven power structure. And that’s were We come in. Humanity will have to take a stand and reject the Elitists with unbreakable unity. 

I think we will!



Many Blessings,



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