“Need People Currency Counters” by Danlboon – 11.20.22


Entry Submitted by Danlboon at 1:01 PM ET on November 20, 2022

Are there any machines to distinguish FRNs from USTNs or separate the dates on them, as then you Need People Currency Counters, so ask for that job at your bank or large business.

When the New United States Notes come into effect and need to replace the Federal Reserve Notes then we may need to have people actually counting the currency physically and not just have some machines doing it as they haven’t been manufactured for the specifics as they just count the Notes, like in the ATM, and we do it by hand like we should with voting to get it correct, so let’s help the US Treasury at the local levels.

This may be a time when the general public also goes to exchange their foreign currency at the banks as they have the smaller amount of Notes and the ATMs do not accept them for exchange and the clerks need some help with this working the windows, thus jobs opening up.

If you are interested for this position then here is some info that you need to give the bank, credit union, financial institution or large business when applying, as they may not know if they even need someone with this upcoming need as you are making this position for them, so inform them.

It may be best to print this all out along with your application to give the employer heads up for approval:

1. The New United States Notes are presently in your vault ready to be used for when the public announcement is made along with them in every bank and credit union across the country

2. The New United States Notes are gold backed and not another fiat currency


3. The six New United States Notes have; $1 Washington, $5 Lincoln, $10 Jefferson, $20 JFK, $50 Grant, $100 Franklin

4. The Federal Reserve System is bankrupt and really has been since 2018

5. The Federal Reserve System is now under the Lawful United States Treasury headquartered in Reno, NV and not its own agency/corporation

6. The same goes for the IRS is now under the Lawful United States Treasury and not its own agency/corporation in Puerto Rico

7. The Federal Reserve Notes have been fiat currency since 1913 and still is

8. The Federal Reserve Notes have not been bought and sold on the market for over a week in other countries except to physically exchange them for their own currency back

9. Once the public announcement is made, hopefully by the end of November, the Federal Reserve Notes will then be exchanged for the New United States Notes on a 1:1 basis as the FRNs are now just paper


10. Hopefully this coming week of Nov 21 foreign currencies can be exchanged for the Federal Reserve Notes and/or the New United States Notes so people may be coming into the bank for these exchanges

11. The Federal Reserve Notes will then be able to be exchanged for the New United States Notes on a 1:1 basis for up to one year then after that the Federal Reserve Notes will be unusable

12. Training of present employees should have already taken place for the upcoming release of this information

13. If you need verification and/or counting of different Notes then I have the experience as I have worked at […] doing […] and now just counting one hundred Notes would take about 90 seconds, with sorting and verifying them maybe 6 minutes including per the dates, older notes removed sooner, 1,000 Notes per hour, one stack of cash, 4,000 Notes just counting (this is my own counting so check for yourself and put in your correct numbers)

14. You may need a special person that can verify the Notes’ exchanges and prepare them for the Armored Vehicles to pick up

15. Getting rid of the older Federal Reserve Notes may be a higher priority so verification of the different dates and the sorting of them is critical as I can do that (being a quality control inspector is good for the position like for me.)

16. Speaking of the Treasury Direct Account is for a different matter

If you have the skills then go and apply at any business that deals with much currency even after the public announcement is made. Counting and sorting 8,000 – 30,000 Notes per day will be a required position real soon.




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