The Office of POOFness Weekly Report: Update from POOF, Susan, DJ 11-20-22


” The Office of Poofness “


Greetings and Salutations,

The after burners are going whole hog; there are those who think that all stops should be throttled back and the curtains opened, the rugs swept and the walls debugged, yes, debugged.

Almost none of you have a clean environment to work in and the ambiance is less than it has been in years. You are uncertain of what people think and what they really will stand for. It is unnerving of course but the dark has to come to the surface before the Light can win.

Be observant and await for the next shoe to drop; one will very soon now. It is truly much closer. I know many of you doubt this but, you can be assured that the show will come to an end. Step back, be objective, steer a straight line toward your goal and stay out of petty politics.

Just know that you are all being sent much love.

I hope that one day you all will realize this is an exciting time to be on the planet and stay the course. It will be worth it !!!!


Love and Kisses,



Afterlife…… “Surprises Probably Await”

Jesus gave us some hints about life continuing.

If you’ve read or heard the “last words” of people who were breathing their last breaths, you know that they seem to be so awed by what they see that amazement blocks description.

So, what might they see as their environment for their continuing life’s adventure?


We shouldn’t discount them seeing a surprising welcoming committee consisting of beloved family members, friends, companions, teachers, co- workers, churchgoers, neighbors, schoolmates, lovers, and notables from the past whose contributions have inspired them.

It might be surprising to see that the Afterlife involves more living. Even more surprising might be the enthusiastic presence of Earth enemies as well as all the other sinners we never expected to see there!

I suspect “Heaven” as we like to call it, is full of surprises. I don’t think we’ll find any religion or religious groups or politics. No economic issues.

No gender, race, or age distinctions. Spiritual bodies won’t experience stressful sensations, and minds will be clear and unclouded. It will be a realm of freedom–free choice and opportunity– to follow any creative interest to any length.

It will be a realm of Spirit in which Mind will continue to be the medium of life. We will have ex- changed the hypnotic passage of Time for enthrallment and fascination with producing Joy. Relationships will flourish because it seems we’ve known everyone forever.

What’s not to enjoy? There is no envy, no jealousy, no competition. Everything we think and do strengthens and enriches all. Our vision includes all dimensions, and our love and blessings for our Earth Circle “family” is constantly expanding. Everyone is as helpful to us as we are to them, and life works…works smoothly.

We never have to search for God because Spirit is everywhere… is everything–the whole thing with us included. Truth makes everything day-bright and clear.

This is what we dreamed life could be. Life here is what it would have been on Earth if we had understood and practiced the love-activated

Oneness that Jesus taught and exemplifies.

Bernard Dozier


PP Update:

Waiting for the Final Signal “Delivery”





Did you know, you can’t teach someone if they don’t want to learn? I recently watched a documentary on YouTube about “The most dangerous ways to school”. There are kids in Bolivia that live, literally, on the top of a mountain. It is a 3 hour journey, one way, to get to school. They have to zip-line a gorge to and from on that journey. They are eight and nine years old and do it five days a week. Those kids are motivated to learn. There are kids in Siberia that travel for hours in the most dangerous weather on the planet. Where school is only called off when its 54% below zero. 50% below they still have to go. Those kids are motivated to learn.

Yet in a world where the obvious hits people directly in the face they refuse to learn. It appears that facts are ignored so as not to disrupt a personal perception of reality. We see what we want to see and hear what we want to hear, kind of thing. The most confused you will ever get is when you try to convince your heart and spirit of something your mind knows is a lie. While it’s a good rule not to lie to others it’s even more important not to lie to yourself. Ignoring the street signs that tell you where to go will get you lost. Being lost without grasping the rather obvious fact that you’re lost is the best guarantee that you’re going to stay lost.

The right thing isn’t always really obvious. Sometimes what’s right for one person is wrong for another and everything, in retrospect, is obvious. But to ignore lessons learned, or refuse to learn, is dangerous. To yourself and those around you. Listening to Intel providers full of speculation and exaggerations that never manifest is like seeing those signs on the road and ignoring them. Dig into the reality of what they say. Learn the truth. Be motivated to learn like those kids above and don’t ignore the obvious when it’s in your face. Your life decisions will change for the better.

So a girl I know finds the best apple in the tree and hands it to me. She says “ take a bite of this apple, it tastes like blue sky”. I asked her “how do you know it tastes like blue sky?” She asked “ have you ever ate blue sky ?” I say “I have to admit I never have”. “Try it sometime “she says “it’s apple- flavored”




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