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Entry Submitted by Restive Sage at 8:57 PM ET on November 25, 2022

Global problems at scale require global solutions…at scale. The modern iteration of the OPTB has had control of the world’s money for 200 years. It financed the Industrial Revolution, the Electricity Revolution, the Automobile Revolution, and the Air & Space Flight Revolution. The 20th century fiat model (Keynesian) was able to aid in accelerating the advancement of human civilization at a truly impressive pace. It married well with the original central banks in London, Paris, Geneva, and Rome. Technology was progressing in ways never thought possible. Humanity was so, so, blessed, The “unfortunate” trade off was incredibly advanced war machinery, prolonged neo-colonialism, global debt slavery, centralized control of production, hundreds of mini-wars, world wars, regime changes and the emergence/disappearance of entire countries. Perhaps the worst of all was endemic poverty and civil strife that has persisted even to the present day for far too many countries. 

WWII and the Cold War/ Nuclear era starkly injected a near insurmountable “funding” requirement. New means of finding “dark pools” and “government” money that would fund a plethora of technology programs (deemed as “existential”) had to be found. 

Able to harness the minds of the greatest economists on the world, the elite had understood from the start that the central banking fiat system, and, its corollary debt/asset system would ultimately implode. There was near panic in the higher ranks as they feverishly devised more and more intricate wrinkles and work-arounds to obtain, decade by decade, the funding they needed. Enter, as a godsend to the golden-elite masters, whether serving dark or light, the incredible advances of the electronic computer age. Human ingenuity and a broad-based infusion of technological advancement had emerged at a pace that scared even THEM. Next, the Petro-Dollar arrangement with OPEC was sheer genius from a USA perspective and solidified the dollar as the reserve currency of the world. 

Advancing massive investments in new war machines, perpetual jet craft one-ups-man ship, new warships, space exploration, robotics, and other potentially disruptive modern technologies is not cheap. Political control mechanisms, in place for decades, had to be adapted to provide greater and greater sums, public or hidden. They had to scam the world to make it work, and disguise it all as investments. In effect, and at the best, they were borrowing from the world’s wealth pool and human energy pool. They rationalized this in order to bring about the brave new world of their idealistic dreams. The end, for them, justified the means. They after all were the best and brightest, and the New Atlantis was their vision. At the worst, they were creating a beastly domineering force that made a secretive invasive nightmare world for half the world’s people, and yet insured that the other half would be well endowed. 

Through the years, the severely tweaked economic system became incredibly more complex by degrees. The central banks proliferated, nation by nation, and eventually formed a loose conglomerate that controlled finance at a global level, and at a national level. Usury laws were abandoned, and the political power of the elites grew even greater. The power shift was propelled by existential thinking in the Cold War period and advanced into game-theory areas of mathematics and esoteric time-line explorations. Tiers of Power began to coalesce more and more via the use of corporate infiltration (or creation) models.

Was every human being in the nobility and elite financial tiers evil and corrupt? Or were some in hope that they could be instruments of positive global change by working from within. Does such a level of attained Power seed corruption, whether directly or obliquely? Whatever the case, in the modern era the entire wealth and productivity of an entire planet had been steadily and profoundly re-arranged. The technological gains moved the planet even closer into existential (war decisive) realms. There is always a need to marry such technologies to military coordination. Scientific advancement can both build up, or it can destroy. The need for strategic alliances, and the cooperation with the mega-wealthy elite became (or continued) an unholy modus operandi. Elections in democratic systems offered a way to give the illusion of democratic principles to appease country populations. Despite their power, the elite yet feared the age-old bane called internal revolution. Leaders who emerged to challenge the system were deposed, discredited, and sometimes eliminated. The end they think, again, justifies the means. Over time, perverted democracies, molded by mass media and campaign contributions, would see facts obscured and gain a poor sense of what group was really deciding matters behind the scenes.

This is not the direction that insightful inter-galactic councils have wished to see for Gaia, or, as some would say, Terra. 


Still, the elite were faced with that nagging knowledge that there had to be a successor model to their self-directed mirage. Or else, it all could come crashing down around them. The evolution of Gaia’s economic and banking systems, its stock and bond marketplaces, its insurance systems, and its derivatives sphere, had become a woeful mishmash, unwieldy and unpredictable. The house of cards that looked solid on the outside, was quite hollow on the inside. This fact was painfully illustrated by the 2008-2009 recession. This rather scary wake-up call reflected decades of banking adaptation after banking adaptation. To complicate matters, it forced many unenlightened and under-educated people of the world to question the underpinnings and failings of the system. What were the reasons why any great nation somehow needed to “borrow” its money supply from a private bank (owned by shareholders). Why did there have to be 3% inflation every year as a policy goal. Why were usury laws, in place for millennia, abandoned at great expense to the greater population. To those willing to gain further insights and facts, there was a sense that almost EVERYTHING was overshadowed by a secretive, saturnine elite that went essentially hidden and  unregulated. They remembered all the wars, how they had increased in scale and scope in the 20th century. They felt over-taxed and underrepresented. Some merely understood that something “just wasn’t right”. Those willing to think outside the box ultimately began to sense that there were chess moves at the highest echelons of power that collectively became an arbiter of their own prosperity. For the more unfortunate citizens of the world, they sensed an arbiter of victimization. 

Quite a few decades before the masses of people gained this sense, other well-informed and actually involved leaders, had themselves realized the same things. They had long wondered where all the misappropriated power would lead. They did not like what they saw. They understood that they MUST be loyal to their nation. Some were inextricably lodged in hierarchical power sectors. Perhaps, they initially felt impotent to act. Surely, any serious rebellion would be met with instant retribution. Who would risk a long-established career? Should they not just work as best they could, within the system, to be influencers and proponents of a higher order of morality, and try to keep better balance in the system. In the power shifts of the 20th century, empires had fallen, and many millions had died in warfare and in disruption. Oil was the new wealth and surpassed gold and coal. Any thinking man or woman had to face the reality that Power in this world had long been preempted. Our best leaders knew this. What was available as a viable course of action, in light of their conscience, and, what could they do by themselves? 

The universe always provides an answer if you earnestly ask the right question. The echelons of power in fact were never all evil, never all corrupt, never devoid of conscience. In fact, there was an actual majority of heroes. And, there were those who could be “convinced”. They also had their own best and brightest. They had witnessed in disgust the corruption and disdain for humanity that had become dominant aspects of the system. And so there emerged a new consensus in the highest halls of power. Carefully in internecine fashion, the courageous and enlightened leaders aligned to the Light, developed a masterful plan of transition. The shift to alternative Power must be so overwhelming as to counter the darkest of the entrenched secret groups. It had also to be as limited in its disruptive aspect as possible, for the great sake of the national populations. There was the inevitable push back by the OPTB. While darkness is an ever present evolutionary temptation that pervades All-Life itself, in this Universe the Light always wins in the end, even to physical Death and the Ever-Life beyond the corporeal state. 

The monumental efforts have been successful. To raise the bar of what forms a fair and equitable standard of living for half the world’s families now living in abject poverty takes a great deal more than just lottery-size settlement proceeds. It should be obvious by now that what our benevolent intervention has been carefully designed to do. Its end result has offered up a New Way for Gaia. There HAD to be a necessary successor economic system that wrested power away from a deeply entrenched elite. True heroes each took up a dangerous path that had to happen to guide the transition and set in firm place a cogent effective expression via banking. Since the successor system had to embody the fundamentals of Universal Law, this was done. Victory prevented the planet from entering an even more dangerous time-line, a timeline that led to a potential explosive end. A time-line marked by the re-introduction of human slavery. A time-line where centralized governments eliminated basic yet sacred human rights.  

It is time for even greater numbers of human leaders of impeccable integrity and knowledge to emerge. As we know, the galactic councils cannot directly act; for it is humanity, the people of earth, who ultimately must support a better direction, a better way of governance, and a more balanced economic system. All good people seek a more just world where all nations may avoid intimidation by larger, more powerful nations. To achieve the best result, the people must also commit to advance their own individual knowledge base, expand their spiritual education, and demonstrate a willingness to live a moral and productive life. Each human must move away from anti-social and hateful mind sets. Trust in government and leadership is essential to this process. When people lose faith in government and leadership, they are more inclined to abandon their ideals and their goals.

The final-digitization phase of a new monetary system, backed by massive amounts of in-ground wealth, forms a counter weight to the money-control-system long in place. The snowball-earth Starlink satellite system was a necessity. Advanced Q-chips of a grade as yet undisclosed now back a carefully-designed AI technology. This system links 98% of the world in both a communications sense and a financial sense. Having the names and data for every human on earth (5 billion adults and 3 billion children) is no challenge. It is designed to “know them” and track their financial dealings at every banking and digital-use level. It can be used to help them, educate them, bank them, uphold their dignity as human beings. Reasonable privacy laws are still in place, but obviously differ from what most have known in the old system. In any event, privacy as an ideal has already been breached for some time. Better to have it properly administered by those who can be trusted with it.

Large money can diminish the power of small money. The small money, soon to be superseded, is what we now see as big money. Since the small money has gained, in a turbulent past, an immoral and ultimately unbearable level of power, we look forward to the impending day when Universal Law is inculcated into, not only the financial system, but to national and international governance as well. Thus is protected the birthright of humanity and a path for all good people to assist in developing a planet that is not an embarrassment to the galaxy.  


Restive Sage


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